The Dark Knight Rises Batman Brand & Colorado Shooting by Ronn Torossian


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The Dark Knight Rises, Batman at the Box Office and the Colorado Shooting By Ronn Torossian - The effects on the brand, crisis public relations and whats next.

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The Dark Knight Rises Batman Brand & Colorado Shooting by Ronn Torossian

  1. 1. The Dark Knight Rises, Batman at the Box Officeand the Colorado Shooting By Ronn Torossian 1
  2. 2. Could Colorado theater massacre hurt The Dark Knight Rises at the box office?The tragedy also begs the question of whether it is likely to have alasting, negative impact on the entire Batman franchise.“While this is a tragic incident, Batman is eternal and its box officeperformance won‟t be affected by the shooting. While it is interestingthat marketers in Finland have temporarily suspended marketing themovie, I would venture in a few days all will be back to normal,” saidPR expert Ronn Torossian, CEO of New York PR firm 5WPR. “Longterm, people won‟t associate this shooting with Batman.”Warner Bros. released a statement Friday declaring that the studio“and the filmmakers are deeply saddened to learn about this shockingincident.” They went on to extend “sincere sympathies to the familiesand loved ones of the victims at this tragic time."Read more: 2
  3. 3. Q & A: The impact of the Colorado shootings on the marketing of BatmanGlobal News: What impact will this incident have on the Dark Knightfranchise?Ronn Torossian: I think that while it‟s a terrible tragedy, unfortunatelyviolence is a part of life in the world today. I think the Batman franchiseis one that will not be affected in the long-term by this tragedy. I thinkthat two years from now, people will remember a shooting; they will notnecessarily remember the shooting at a Batman movie.Global News:Do you think it will be „business as usual‟ for the publicrelations team?Ronn Torossian: It cannot be business as usual today. It cannot bebusiness as usual tomorrow. Will it be business as usual very shortterm? Yes. Over the course of a week or two? Yes. Millions have beeninvested in this, and obviously Batman didn‟t do anything wrong.Warner Brothers didn‟t do anything wrong. I think in the very near-termyou will see a return to marketing as business as usual. 3Read More:
  4. 4. Q & A: The impact of the Colorado shootings on the marketing of Batman (continued)Global News:Are there things they should not do i.e. is there a bad wayto handle this?Ronn Torossian: So they did the right thing by sending theircondolences. I think that this is not something that will be recalled of asa shooting at a Batman movie. I think it will be thought of as a shootingin Denver. And again, unfortunately, that‟s what life in the world is abouttoday. It has nothing to do with the Batman franchise, obviously. There‟sbeen plenty of violence in many different places and it‟s not associatedwith those places necessarily. I do not believe you will see this affect theBatman movie or the Batman franchise.Global News:The shooter was wearing a gas mask that some saybears similarity to The Dark Knight Rises villain, Bane. Do you think thatmeans the incident does have something to do with the Batmanfranchise?Ronn Torossian: No. Again this is a sick person. I‟m not a psychologist,but from a marketing standpoint, from somebody who builds brands fora living, the Batman franchise is one that is clearly established.Read More: 4
  5. 5. Q & A: The impact of the Colorado shootings on the marketing of Batman (continued)Global News: If you were the PR firm handling it, how would youhandle it?Ronn Torossian: If I was today in charge of marketing for this movie Iwould place a few day moratorium. I would follow the story, and Icertainly wouldn‟t do any advertising at least until mid next week. Iwould tone down any violence in advertising that exists. I would makesure that in any interviews that my talent is doing over the next fewdays, they start the interview by saying „we have condolences for thevictims.‟ They have to make sure that message is getting out there.Global News: Anything else you think is important to note?Ronn Torossian: I think that people worldwide today realize thattragedies like this are unfortunately a fact of life. You‟re still going tosee movie theatres packed, you‟ll still see people going out.Unfortunately there‟s how many shootings on a college campus everyyear? The families remember, but people don‟t remember long-term, and the same goes for this.Read More: 5
  6. 6. After Batman Shooting, Hollywood Looks WithinSummer is often the most violent of times at the movies, with bigblockbusters that feature elaborately choreographed gun fights andexplosions. This summer has been no different, and Hollywood hasstocked August with some of its more violent titles including the TotalRecall reboot, The Bourne Legacy, and The Expendables 2. Yetbecause of the tragedy in Aurora, the marketing campaigns for thesefilms may change.“I do think you will see other movies marketed differently,” says RonnTorossian, chief executive of 5WPR, which represents celebrities andfilms. “I would advise anybody with a violent movie to push back therelease date. I would say, get out of the summer. Push your releasedate back.”Read More: 6
  7. 7. Ronn Torossian on Insider Edition on the Crisis PR of Batman following the Colorado Massacre Watch More: 7
  8. 8. Colorado shooting keeps Dark Knight box office at low end of rangeAfter the shooting, theaters tightened security, and Warner Bros. scaledback promotional plans, canceling a Paris premiere and appearancesby the cast and crew in Mexico and Japan.Ronn Torossian, chief executive of New York-based 5W PublicRelations which is not involved with the movies release, said it wassmart for the studios to stay quiet in the early days after such a horrificevent and he expected the marketing for upcoming, violent films like"The Expendables" to tweak their advertising. But by September, if notearlier, that will change."This will affect marketing movies in the short term," he said. "(But) themedia has a very short memory, and its something that in the long runwill not affect" film promotion.Read More:,0,2974844.story 8
  9. 9. U.S. shooting quiets Hollywood, slows "Dark Knight" box officeHollywood studios will not release box-offices figures on Sunday after thefatal gun rampage at a midnight showing for the Batman movie "The DarkKnight Rises," which made less money than some industry insidersprojected.The film grossed $74 million on Friday in the United States and Canada andis seen generating $173 million by the end of the weekend, people withknowledge of industry figures said on Saturday.Official figures were not released by the distributor, Warner Bros. For thefirst time box office watchers could remember, Hollywoods other major filmstudios decided not to release weekend ticket sales figures on Saturday."Were joining our colleagues at Warner Bros and not reporting grossesduring this period of mourning," Sony Pictures said in a Box Office, which reports the weekend figures, said it wasnot sure if it would publish its list this week. A Warner Brothersspokeswoman did not return calls seeking comment on Friday nightnumbers.Read More on Ronn Torossian at 9
  10. 10. UPDATE 1-US shooting quiets Hollywood, slows Dark Knight box office* Dark Knight Rises appears headed to $173 million weekend* Hollywood studios decline to post official sales figures* Some sources say shooting hurt overall movie going FridayRonn Torossian, chief executive of New York-based 5WPR, which is notinvolved with the movies release, said it was smart for the studios tostay quiet in the days after such a horrific event. He said he expectedthe marketing for upcoming, violent films like "The Expendables" totweak their advertising. But by September, if not earlier, that willchange."This will affect marketing movies in the short-term," he said. "(But) themedia has a very short memory, and its something that in the long runwill not affect" film promotion.LONE KILLER, NO COPYCATRead More: 10idUSL2E8IL3T520120721
  11. 11. The Dark Knight Rises After Aurora: When Bad Things Happen Around MoviesIts difficult to conceive of a time when "The Dark Knight Rises" wontautomatically conjure mental images of the deadly shooting at a midnightscreening of the film that left 12 dead and 59 injured in Aurora, Colo. lastweek. That kind of stuff is supposed to happen on a Hollywood set -- andwhether that should even happen is certainly a hot topic in the wake ofAurora -- not in the theater seat next to you. But this isnt the first time that abad thing has happened to a good movie.So does a case of bad timing have the ability to permanently mar a film,making it a constant reminder of real-life tragedy rather thanentertainment?"After congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot last year, people spoke ofpolitics being more civil forever and now, only a year and a half later its backto normal," Ronn Torossian, CEO of top PR agency 5WPR, told TheHuffington Post. "Movies will be the same. Barack Obama and Mitt Romneyhave both temporarily pulled negative campaign ads in Colorado and as sureas I am that their negative ads will return, so too will regular marketing for[The Dark Knight Rises]."Read More: 11
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