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Jeremy Lin Marketing & PR by 5WPR


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Ronn Torossian publicity guru and CEO of 5WPR on Jeremy Lin Endorsements & PR. The Marketing Potential.

5WPR services are based on raising our clients' image, sales and bottom-line results. We emphasize powerful, proactive and passionate public relations efforts. At the end of the day, our clients look to us for results, and we deliver. Each of our practice areas is made up of skilled marketing & public relations professionals who are creative, and use innovative methods to break new ground for our clients.

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Jeremy Lin Marketing & PR by 5WPR

  1. 1. In the News: Jeremy Lin’s Marketing and Public Relations Potential By 5W Public Relations 1
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  4. 4. About 5W Public Relations5W Public Relations is headquartered in New York, with an office in Los Angeles.Named to the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies, 5WPR is one of the 25largest Public Relations firms in the U.S. Founded in 2003 by RonnTorossian, and named the nations fastest growing PR agency three years in arow, we are an aggressive full-service communications firm with corecompetencies in all aspects of public relations. From media relations to corporatecommunications, technology marketing, consumer goods, Beauty PR, HealthCare, Crisis PR, Lifestyle PR, public affairs, social media and special events. "WEGET IT". 5WPR is described in a leading trade publication as "Aggressive in away that clearly resonates with clients looking for a firm staffed with type a-pluspersonalities, a BS-free approach, and results from day one."We pride ourselves on the diversity of our client roster, with experience includingWhole Foods, Cantor Fitzgerald, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Barnes & NobleOnline, EL AL Airlines, Evian Natural Spring Water, AnheuserBusch, IHOP, Harrahs Entertainment, Fortune 100 mainstayEDS, VeriSign, Phillips-Van Heusen, celebrities, Bad Boy WorldwideEntertainment Group, a plethora of publicly traded companies, and a variety ofother global interests, national corporations and consumer brands, high-profileindividuals, regional businesses, government agencies and academic institutions.For More Information visit or call us at 212.999.5585 4
  5. 5. Jeremy Lin, Knicks Star, Shouldnt Be Too Quick To Plug ProductThe Knicks have won five straight since Lin became a fixture. The beststrategy Lin and his personal team can employ is to let his breakout and theteams winning become long-term, while avoiding the temptation to over-groom his image. "Weve had clients where you just let them be them," saidRonn Torossian, whose 5WPR agency has represented ex-Knicks AllanHouston and Jalen Rose, and former boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. "I dontthink you need to do a ton with Lin. Hes authentic. Hes clearly hard working.―Lin has other factors going for him that will attract advertisers. He isntfreakishly tall (6-foot-3-inches) or imposing. "Hes relatable," Ronn Torossiansaid. "He looks like he would be playing pickup basketball anywhere.‖"If this guy keeps going, forget it," Ronn Torossian said. "Hes a marketersdream. Hes Tiger Woods pre-scandal -- and to top it all off hes playing in thebiggest media market in the world." 5
  6. 6. NBAs Linsanity offers marketing promiseJeremy Lin, the 23-year-old point guard of Taiwanese descent who hascome out of nowhere to guide the New York Knicks to seven straightwins, has left many wondering if he can also help his team gain groundamong Asian consumers."Jeremy Lin is a marketing dream come true," said RonnTorossian, chief executive of New York-based 5W Public Relations. "Ifsomebody had a checklist of what a brand should be, Jeremy Lin hitsevery one.―It has been only 10 days since the Harvard graduate was called off thebench, immediately becoming the Knicks unlikely savior. In his firstgame, he scored 25 points to help his team beat the New JerseyNets, and last Friday, his 38 points outscored Kobe Bryant of the LosAngeles Lakers for another Knicks win.New York media have dubbed the phenomenon "Linsanity," and thepreviously unknown economics major has exploded on socialmedia, reaching more than 300,000 followers on Twitter. 6
  7. 7. Linsanity: Suddenly, Everyone Wants a Piece of Jeremy Lin―For me, Jeremy Lin is the American dream, a marketer’s dream,‖ said RonnTorossian, a sports marketing expert and president and CEO of 5W Public Relations.Ronn Torossian said unabashedly that Lin could become as big an athletic sensationas Michael Jordan or David Beckham, simply because he plays in New York, themedia capital. Lin is receiving more attention than the New York Giants got afterwinning the Super Bowl on Feb. 5.Besides his ethnicity and his college background — Harvard is not a pipeline tothe National Basketball Association — Lin is appealing because he stands 6 feet, 3inches, no colossus, and is a devout Christian who wants to be a minister when he isdone playing ball. Fans wave signs at Knicks games with ―Linderella‖ and ―Marry me,Jeremy.‖How many professional athletes talk about sleeping on their brother’s couch? RonnTorossian said. 7
  8. 8. About Ronn Torossian Ronn Torossian is the Founder, President and CEO of 5W Public Relations, 1 of the 25 largest PR Firms in the US. New York based, Ronn Torossian has overseen the growth of 5WPR to the Inc. 500 list. His work spans global interests, corporate entities, high- profile individuals, regional business entities, government agencies and academic institutions – both on routine public relations matters and extremely sensitive issues.A born and bred New Yorker, Ronn Torossian has overseen PR initiatives for clientsincluding Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, Barnes & Noble, Cantor Fitzgerald,IHOP, McDonald’s, Evian, EDS, VeriSign, XM Radio, Seagram’s, The Loews Regency,Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment, Marriott Hotels, Vail Resorts, Pamela Anderson,Snoop Dogg, the Government of Israel, and others.In 2010 Ronn Torossian was named a semi-finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur ofthe Year. His book, ―For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and DeliverResults with Game-Changing Public Relations‖ was released in October 2011 and isan best selling Public Relations book.Email: 8