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Ronelle dick power point 20 nov 11


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Published in: Education, Business
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Ronelle dick power point 20 nov 11

  1. 1. By: Ronelle DickNovember 20, 2011 CID 5333
  2. 2. Misconception #1:
  3. 3. Equality Belonging Unity Pride
  4. 4. Misconception #2:
  5. 5. “Give me that name-“We feel safe at school.” brand hat!!”
  6. 6. Misconception #3:
  7. 7. Like my cool suspenders?? Accessorize!!Craft your own binder!
  8. 8. Misconception #4:
  9. 9. Football team prays. Free painting.Girl prays in class. Assembly in peace.
  10. 10. •Uniform policies have increased in the number of public schools in the U.S since 1990. •Schools that enforce uniforms have high academic scores. •More than half of parents in each school district vote in favor of school uniforms.•Violates the First •Violence and bullying decreasesAmendment of students’ and school safety increases.rights.•Infringes free expression.•Uniforms are costly.
  11. 11. To wear a uniform ornot to wear a uniform…THAT IS THE QUESTION!
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