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  1. 1. Foreign studyMathematicsThe required courses from the Science and Mathematics Department enhance the ability to thinkquantitatively, critically, and logically and illustrate the manner in which problems of aquantitative nature are solved through the use of algorithms and logical thought. Students studyfundamental mathematical functions in Algebra and Trigonometry and explore the basicconcepts of analysis of these functions in Calculus I or Applied Calculus, depending on theirmajor. Then students select one additional mathematics course with a Calculus I or AppliedCalculus prerequisite. Thus, students learn to use mathematics, including calculus, in problemsolving, to use technology appropriately in this process, and to apply mathematics to problemsarising in other disciplines. In the required science courses students apply the scientific methodin a variety of classroom and laboratory settings so that they develop the ability to carefullycollect, organize, and analyze data for the purpose of synthesizing a model for betterunderstanding or problem solving. The basic concepts of matter are explored in Chemistry I inorder to reach a better understanding of technology, health and environmental issues. The laws ofnature are studied in either College Physics I or Engineering Physics I in order to developa method of reasoning that will enable students to interpret physical events in a rational manner.To add necessary depth to their study of natural science, students also select a sequentiallaboratory science course in either Chemistry or Physics.
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