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★ Thought for the Day – Keeping up with the Joneses? ★


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When I was in college, any class that I took that dealt with Marketing was always a favorite! It continually amazes me how a slogan, TV commercial or catchy jingle can move people from not even being aware of a product, to absolutely having to have it...But consumers need to be aware and understand the power that marketing has on our buying decisions. We need to be wise and not try to "Keep up with the Joneses."

Let me ask you…Are you content with your life?? Or what I really want to know, are you content with what God is doing in your life? Let that permeate your spirit for a moment and be honest with yourself. If you answered no, then you are not alone, I have struggled with this myself so many times; not being content with the speed of paying off debt or building up of my savings or that the process is so hard. This has lead me to get so focused and consumed that at times I lose sight of my peace and joy. I heard a great message from Dr. Tony Evans a while ago called "Reversing the Financial Curse", he said:

"The greatest truth I can give you is that God is your source. No man is my Source, on his best day, he is a resource. Don't treat the resource like it's the source."

We all want to be financially stable and have some margin between us and life. To be able to have more money at the end of the month then bills and to even be able to enjoy life a little but we need to learn contentment when things do not happen as quickly as we would wish. Speaking from experience, I want to encourage you that as you are working on achieving Financial Peace, by building some cushion in your finances, a.k.a. an emergency fund, DO NOT let that become your “source” of security. Remember that God is the source, and the emergency fund is just a resource. It is important that we build an emergency fund, as financial expert Dave Ramsey teaches, but do not treat God as a resource to get a larger emergency fund…understand that HE is the source. Trust in Him to be your provider and not on yourself, your bank account or your 401K.

In Charles Stanley’s “Handbook for Christian Living” he said these 3 truths about contentment:
1. Contentment hinges on what’s happening inside us not around us. When we become discontented, the first two things we lose are our peace and joy.
2. Contentment is need, not want oriented. God will meet our needs; He is going to take care of us. Much of our discontentment stems from not getting what we want.
3. Contentment is trusting God even when things seem out of control.

Dave Ramsey teaches in his Financial Peace University class that we need to develop the “power over purchase.”

“You can buy FUN but you cannot buy HAPPINESS. Happiness is contentment where you are right now.”

I love that. “Happiness is contentment where you are right now.” And James MacDonald made this point that,

"Contentment is a wall you build around your joy to protect it."

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★ Thought for the Day – Keeping up with the Joneses? ★

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