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★ Thought for the Day - What's Your Bottom Line? ★


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Leadership is a challenging because good intentions tend to slip between the cracks as busyness increases. Working in a corporate environment myself, I have found this to be true of myself more times then I would like to admit, and have also had it happen to me from time to time. It is the desire of any person to have strong leadership and to genuinely feel like their manager or boss cares about their well being. Too often, if we are not careful, the bottom line can crush the very people who are the company's greatest asset! William Arthur Ward stated it perfectly when he said:

"Wise are those who learn that the bottom line doesn't always have to be their top priority."

All of us have to decide what will be most important in our lives. Whatever you value, will have the highest priority in your company, organization and personal life. You have to decide for yourself, will you be a boss or a leader? You may ask, aren't they the same? Not at all, there is a huge difference between being a "boss" and being a "leader!"

We have all had a boss in our career that believed "cracking the whip" on the "subordinates" is the only way to accomplish the goal. But a true leader gets in front, and helps "shoulder the load" with the rest of the team! If the latter could be the rule, instead of the exception, employees would stop feeling like they are in bondage, and instead feel valued, empowered and ready to work their heart out...Which ultimately will increase the bottom line!

So the question is, how does a company achieve success which keeps everyone employed, while also bringing fulfillment and satisfaction to those who are performing the work? John Maxwell has what I think is probably the best way to develop the people who you lead called the "The 101 Principle"...

"The 101 Principle - Finding the 1 percent you can affirm, and give 100 percent of your attention. Leadership rule #1 is this: Affirmation comes before confrontation. Good leaders look for the good in people and affirm it. Only then do they address the problems."

So the question is...when power comes your way, what approach will we take? Will you be a "boss," and drive those under you to perform or will you be a "leader," treating people with respect and making them feel as part of a team? Ultimately, you will either devalue or add value...That's the bottom line!

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