Welcome Home | 4.14.2012


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A song I wrote for my Dad several years ago. I hope you enjoy. :~) | RonaldWilsher.com

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Welcome Home | 4.14.2012

  1. 1. Welcome  Home       Last  night  I  dreamed  I  stood  alone  on  the  edge  of  eternity   I  heard  my  Savior  whisper  softly  come  with  me   Right  then  I  knew  all  I’d  been  through  was  a  small  price  to  pay   To  finally  get  to  Heaven  and  hear  His  sweet  voice  say     CHORUS     Welcome  home  my  child  your  time  on  earth  is  through   I  know  your  Dad  will  be  so  glad  to  see  it’s  finally  you   What  I’ve  prepared  for  us  to  share  you’ll  simply  have  to  see   We’ll  be  forever  together  throughout  all  eternity     So  when  you’re  down  and  feeling  broken  and  you  have  no  place  to  go   Just  remember  the  Master  Healer  has  it  all  in  His  control   He  paid  the  price  with  His  life  to  give  you  everything   You’re  the  heir  to  a  mighty  fortune  you’re  a  child  of  the  King     BRIDGE     I  can  almost  hear  it  now  that  long  awaited  sound   When  Gabriel  steps  out  and  marks  that  final  day   We’ll  all  gather  on  that  shore  and  time  will  be  no  more   And  all  God’s  children  will  finally  hear  Him  say     Repeat  Chorus                       ©  2012  Wilsher  Media  Group  |  RonaldWilsher.com  |  All  Rights  Reserved