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The best of my NotesToSelf, so far. Lemme know how you like. Goooood day! :~)

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  1. 1. ~NotesToSelfTop TenRonald Earl Wilsher
  2. 2. The following are miscellaneous ramblings from a (slightly) deranged mind. I hope you enjoy.Goooooooood day!(Watch closely for the book and iPhone app.)
  3. 3. “Security is merely an illusionblindly pursued by the ill-informed…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  4. 4. “Attract and engage is better than chase and convince…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  5. 5. “The higher your expertstatus, the less you have to negotiate…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  6. 6. “You’ll never learn to walk onwater if you’re afraid ofgetting wet…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  7. 7. “Never sacrifice your ownidentity at the altar of otherpeople’s opinion…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  8. 8. “Sometimes silence is thebest response for thecritically ill-informed…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  9. 9. “The most important battleyou’ll ever win is the battle for your own mind…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  10. 10. “Never let the voice of reason drown out the cry of your heart…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  11. 11. “You can be your own worstenemy or your very bestfriend but you can’t beboth…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  12. 12. “Mindset is your best assetor your worst…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  13. 13. “There are many things Idon’t understand but onething I do; love conquers all…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  14. 14. “And five more just forYOU…”
  15. 15. “Life is like the lottery.You can’t win if you don’tplay…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  16. 16. “Sometimes destiny is moreabout recovery thandiscovery…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  17. 17. “I’m in complete control ofthe consequences of mydecisions and so are you…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  18. 18. “Sometimes demolition is the best renovation…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  19. 19. “Forgiveness is the ultimateexpression of love andacceptance…” ~NoteToSelf© 2013 #BrandingForHumans™
  20. 20. © 2013 Wilsher Media Group | Branding For Humans™ | All Rights Reserved281.395.1000 (C)“The secret is you are the secret…” ~NoteToSelf