Gender trouble


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Gender trouble

  1. 1. Gender trouble Chap 1 – Subjects of sex/ gender and desire – Judith ButherPresentation made by: Ronald G Simoes Bestiarios en la Edad Media 1
  2. 2. Feminist TheoryPolitics and representationPolitics: Questionable relationship between political and linguistics representation. In this sense representation is extended only to what can be acknowledged as a subject.Is a monster a subject? Bestiarios en la Edad Media 2
  3. 3. Representation:Operative process to extend visibility and legitimacy ( political subject).It also serves as an instrument to maintain certain distornted concepts about what is assumed to be true about the category of women. Bestiarios en la Edad Media 3
  4. 4. Women subjectsNo stable and or abiding termsJuridical systems of power produces subjects they subsequently come to represent. It regulates political life in purely negative terms( limitation, prohibition, regulation, control and protectionExample: Transgenders( legally denied, but if it is a mental disorder, thet are accepted), women, blacks in the past in the USA. Bestiarios en la Edad Media 4
  5. 5. Women: Common identity Structure of power Law, language and politics.Women, feminism Bestiarios en la Edad Media 5
  6. 6. Gender racialRegional identities Gender class Sexual ethnic Bestiarios en la Edad Media 6
  7. 7. Feminism Universal patriarchy as a way to consolidate feminist theories.universal theory Grossuniversal women misrepresentationuniversal menTheory as an emancipatory strategy Bestiarios en la Edad Media 7
  8. 8. Sex and Gender Sex – natural? Anatomical? Chromosomal? Hormonal? Juridical concept? Sexed nature and natural sex as pre-discursive, prior to culture.MaleFemaleBoth - hermafroditeNone - castration - Eunuco GenderCulturally constructed , not directly connected to sex.Third sex cultures Bestiarios en la Edad Media 8Travestis
  9. 9. Is there a politics of sex?Foucault Bestiarios en la Edad Media 9
  10. 10. Linguitic aspects: unrepresentableLanguage is masculinist, phallogocentricLinguistic abesenceSubject and the other are masculine – IrigaraySartre framework – Concepts represented falsely in the entire structureSex is not ONE – Criticism on the hegemonic Western representation and of the methaphysics of substance that structures the notion of the subject. Bestiarios en la Edad Media 10
  11. 11. Women and male freedomWomen – Embodied existence, confined.Men – desembodied universalityGender asymmetry – Master-slave relationBeauvoir maintained the mind/body dualismPlato, Descartes, Husserl and Sartre – Soul( consciousness, mind) and bodyMind = masculinityBody = femininity Bestiarios en la Edad Media 11
  12. 12. Women and male freedom - contThe female body is marked within masculinist discourseMasculine Body is part of the universalHigh heels represents an attemp to reduce womans mobility in the male world.Chinese concubines and Turkish odalisques wore high shoes, prompting scholars to speculate if heels were used not only for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent women from escaping the harem (Kunzle 2004). Bestiarios en la Edad Media 12
  13. 13. Beauvoir and IrigarayBeauvoir – no reciprocity of an asymmentrical dialecticIrigaray – Dialectic itself is monologic/masculinistUniversals: Normative, reducionistic, controling.Is it necessary an unity in order to create a solidarity and identity Bestiarios en la Edad Media 13
  14. 14. IdentityCoherence and continuity are not analytic features of personhood – They are socially instituted.Identity is assured by stabilizing concepts of gender, sex, and sexuality.The emergence of “incoherent” or “discontinous” gendered being .Are they subjects? Persons who fail to conform to the gendered norms of cultural intelligibility by which persons are defined. Bestiarios en la Edad Media 14
  15. 15. Cultural Matrix of intelligibilityDefining Male - centerDefining Female – exist outside the maleDenying the other – cannot exist certain gender identities. Their persistence and proliferation expose the limits. Bestiarios en la Edad Media 15
  16. 16. The denial matrix Bestiarios en la Edad Media 16
  17. 17. Compulsary Sexuality - Adrienne Rich and beyond Power produces the discoursesThe binary regulation of sexuality supresses the subversive multiplicity of a sexuality that disrupts heteresexual reproductive, and medicojuridical hegemonies.Irigaray – there is only one sex – The masculineIt is impossible for women to be represented within this system.There is no essence, no difference. Women are masculine subjects.Language supports the binary relation. Grammar marks these difference.Foucault – Masculine and feminine – Produced by the regulatoryeconomy of sexualityGrammar sex impose an artifical binary relation between sexes and an Bestiarios en la Edad Media 17artificial internal coherence.
  18. 18. Wittig – Person has a pre-gendered presocial identityDestruction of men – there is no femenine writingSubsersive sexuality flourishes prior to the imposition of law.Freud, Lacan– bases his theory on the assumption of an essence, ID, Ego, Universals.Stoller – Gender CoreButher – Identity is performatively constituted by the very expressions that aew said to be its results. Bestiarios en la Edad Media 18You are not woman because you are born one. You are
  19. 19. Breanda/ David study caseWhat do you think about this case? In particular discuss the medical discourse in the movie.Simone de Beauvoir – The second sex “ one is not born a woman, but rather, becomes one. Gender. Is possible to compare this passage to this study case?There is an essence of being ( Sartre) . What kind of problems this statement la Edad Media Bestiarios en brings? 19
  20. 20. Thanks!Bestiarios en la Edad Media 20