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The Spot Hype Pitch-deck 2018


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Spot Hype's 2018 Pitchdeck for the Spot Hype App, business model and marketing strategy.

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The Spot Hype Pitch-deck 2018

  1. 1. THE 2018 PITCHDECK
  2. 2. The Problem Space Fear of Missing Out It is hard to find popular places if you don’t know your city well. People need a way to know whats happening in REAL-TIME A Failure to Communicate Local businesses aren’t effectively reaching customers on social media. Owners and General Managers need a better way to advertise their businesses in REAL-TIME No Efficacy of Ads Businesses spend up to12% of their gross revenue on advertising. Local businesses need to know how effective their ads are at bringing customers to their establishment
  3. 3. The Spot Hype Solution A mobile app that uses social media activity to find the most popular spots in Real-Time! Venue Page Activity Feed Users Visited, Views & Spot Hypes Pulsation = Activity Color indicates Hype Status Live Map View 167 25 45 167 25 45 Trending Active HYPED Map View Venues Provided by Foursquare Now Closed | Opens today at 10:30am 4.2k Total Hypes 325 Followers Tacos? Check! Tequila?? Check!! Beer??? Check!!! 3 Floors + Rooftop Deck Don Tito 45 seconds ago 7 12 3 20 minutes ago 7 12 3 21 minutes ago 2 hours ago 1 day ago 2 days ago 7 12 3
  4. 4. Media Time Stamp Channel View Count 24-Hour Venue Activity Feed Categorized Media Channels Real-Time media activity from venues all over the city Know whats happening when its happening Activity Feed H Street Dupont Circle Adams MorganNational Mall FollowingDiscovery Chinatown Georgetown 18 29 Trending 18.5k Parks & Memorials Clubs 1.4k 8569681.1k 2.6k Clubs 2.6k Map View Venues Provided by Foursquare 5 seconds ago 10 mins ago 20 mins ago 7 12 3 10 19 1 49 92 15 5 seconds ago 7 12 3
  5. 5. Market Validation “Facebook generated $26.9 billion in advertising revenue last year, second only to Google.” - Forbes, Kathleen Chaykowski - CNN Money, PR Newswire - Prepare 1, Blair Evan Ball “Social Media Ad spending is likely to exceed $35 Billion in 2017.” In 2015 Yelp reported “111,000 local advertising accounts” which generated “$125.9 Million” in revenue.
  6. 6. Bar Hoppers Restaurant Goers Event Seekers The Spot Hype User Young adults who love discovering new places and sharing their experiences
  7. 7. Saint Deus-Ex Northside Social The Heist DC Franklin Hall Dacha Garden Nationals Stadium Don Tito Any privately owned venue or space that profits from public use or consumption Targeted Businesses
  8. 8. The 2016 ACS (American Community Survey) documented over 70 Million male & females that fall into Spot Hype’s target user demographic The NCIAA reports $26 Billion in revenue annually from the Bar & Club Industry alone Bars & Clubs in the US spend between $2-3 Billion dollars a year on marketing (8-12% Gross Revenue) Yelp’s database indicates that there are 8,148 restaurants, 1,433 Bars and 775 Arenas / Event Spaces in the DMV area Market Size
  9. 9. DC’s Service Industry $2 Billion $5.1 Billion 10,356 2017 Projected Restaurant Sales 2012 Gross Product & Service Sales Total Restaurants, Bars & Event Spaces (Source: National Restaurant Association) (Source: Yelp’s Search Database) (Source: United States Census Bureau)
  10. 10. Business Model One-time listing fee & monthly subscription model for Venue Accounts Membership Options Premium Venue Account Menu Real-Time Notification Ads New Account XX54S-679LLM Back 1-Time Listing Fee $299.99 Premium Account Subscription ($50 monthly) + 1-Time Listing Fee $349.99 Or 5 of 5 Free Listing *Requires Promotional Code Finish! SPOT HYPE National Air and Space Museum’s status changed from “Active” to “HYPED”! Ron Reed posted a video from Penn Social! In the mood for Tacos? Don Tito is offering all Tacos and Tequilas at half price until 12am! SPOT HYPE SPOT HYPE 4.2k Total Hypes 325 Followers Tacos? Check! Tequila?? Check!! Beer??? Check!!! 3 Floors + Rooftop Deck Best Regular Media Don Tito Notifications Edit Open Hours Post New Event Edit Contact Info Edit Directions Edit Web Address + Don Tito Business Account Edit Accounti Business Metrics Payment Info Link Accounts Push Notifications Terms & Conditions Get Help Logout Customer Rewards
  11. 11. Marketing Strategy Free access to Venue Accounts for early adopters Spot Hype venue marketing materials for partnered businesses Promotional events and special offers to incentivize app downloads and user engagement Door to door local business pitching and account acquisition
  12. 12. Spot Hype’s Market Potential (DMV) 10,356 (Food, Beverage & Entertainment Venues) 1,035 (Waived Venue Listing Fees) x$300 (Venue Listing Fee) (DC’s remaining Market) 9,321 $2,796,300 (Spot Hype’s Revenue Potential in the DMV)
  13. 13. Growth Strategy Launch in major city, build traction, monetize, expand & repeat until worldwide Early Stage Traction Stage Profit Stage Scaling Stage
  14. 14. The Competition Logo size reflects competitive threat
  15. 15. Spot Hype’s Competitive Advantage A social platform that specializes in connecting people to places Ability to target and provide real value to small businesses at scale The first Real-Time advertising platform for local businesses Spot Hype is not just an app, its a practical business A platform/business model that is difficult for major platforms to adopt or emulate. Efficacy of ads and data attribution for local businesses
  16. 16. The Spot Hype Team Ronald Reed Co-Founder, Creator & Designer of Spot Hype Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Product Management & Bartender Sean Winter Co-Founder & Chief of Business Development United States Air Force Captain & Founder of Winter Meyer Technologies Board of Advisors Rickey Zachary Software System Engineer at Northrop Grumman Corporation Ryan DeMagistris Co-Owner of Don Tito, Barley Mac, The G.O.A.T & Living Room DC Evan Rosenthal Former Director of Marketing at Tin Shop & Penn Social DC
  17. 17. Help Us Find Your Fun!