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amBX is an internationally patented technology designed to dramatically enhance the colour, excitement, visual impact and sense of immersion from audio/video sources. The technology also elevates the experience of LED lighting in the commercial, retail, events and public space sectors. Applications for amBX are extremely broad and the number of applications is constantly expanding.

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amBx Brochure

  1. 1. The most innovative, SIMPLE AND DYNAMIC way to intelligently CONTROL COLOURED LED LIGHTING to fit any environment and any budget.THE COOLEST CONTROLLER ON THE PLANET
  2. 2. Welcome to amBX – the unique way ofdynamically integrating entertainment with This is anintelligent lighting control inventive and different solution• Dramatically enhance for many the colour, excitement, applications from visual impact and sense of immersion from audio commercial - bars, & video sources restaurants, hotels, sports and health• Full ambient lighting clubs, designer control for large scale architectural installations retail, to home through to bars, clubs, entertainment shops, restaurants, and high-end AV cinemas and home systems. theatre • Cost effective integration and control to get the best experience out of colour LED PRODUCTS lighting • A “plug and play” DMX lighting LIGHTING controller that manages ambient lighting control with SOLUTIONS unique auto effects from Audio and Video easily and automatically without the need for programming LICENSING The revolutionary and patented amBX technology offers A fantastic sophisticated control yet is simple interface to set up and use and can also be easily integrated with other control for dynamic systems. lighting.
  3. 3. The amBIENT XC intelligent lighting controller delivers full ambient lighting control and creates amazing visual effects Breathe with RGB LED lighting in sync with music new life and and video to create an elevated entertainment excitement experience and high visual impact. Simply into any connect the amBIENT XC to an existing LED space with Ikki nightclub installation or combine with new coloured the amBX LEDs to upgrade or refresh any venue. experience!tels and Hospitality Architectural, Retail and Commercial Lu - Sophisticated light shows are delivered Clubs and Restaurants na Intelligent Lighting Controller conferences and exhibition Bars,om its simple installation and plug and play solution. rB easily and automatically without the need Get the most from amBX controlled lighting. Unique ar te branding can be easily modified at any time during the event with nod, saving time and money and enhancing any presentation or space. ambience, for an unforgettable experience - Transforms any for programming and with over 2000+ hours of Kara unparalleled experience where their hotel suite can be lit with ambient lighting venue, attracts new customers. their in-room entertainment. The amBIENT XC intelligent lighting controller creates preloaded lighting effects from the amBIENT XC amazing visual effects with RGB LED lighting in sync with oke B music and video to create an elevated entertainment experience. Simply connect the amBIENT XC to an existing LED ox, Smithfeld Are installation or combine with new coloured LEDs to upgrade or refresh any venue. - Simply create a fixed or changing ambience for • Sophisticated light shows are triggered easily and automatically without the need for programming. No need for live Light Jockeys with over 2000+ the venue and automatically schedule hours of preloaded lighting effects from the amBIENT XC. subtle or dynamic changes 24 x 7 • Backlight bars and optics with coloured light which can be constantly changed with the amBIENTXC without complex programming without additional programming required. na • All video will blend seamlessly into the venue when the lighting synchronises with content. games, play seamlessly with the lighting in the room. No entertainment venue is complete without an amBXan also continue into the public spaces with an amBIENT XC controlling the Karaoke Box, Smithfield experience!restaurants or even the Lobby. - Add impact to video by making environment will differentiate any hotel from their competition. the lights join in for enhanced promotion or an amazing immersive experience Live even Breathe new life and t at excitement into any space Wem with the amBX experience! Ikki Nightclub, Luxemburg bley Arena
  4. 4. For Home AV:Stunning automated dynamic lighting effects synchronised with movies, games and music provide the ultimate in home entertainment and a truly immersive experience.H Movies and video are brought into the room for a total surround experienceH Music creates dynamic mood lighting effectsH You get wrapped into the game when you play with amBX!H Turns 3D into “4D”H Simple yet powerful DMX setup and control The installation of theH Now available for Control 4 amBX XC lighting controller integrated with colour For Pro AV: changing LED lighting has added an exciting dimension to H Dramatically enhances the effect of any our Home Cinema experience AV presentation or video especially when playing PS3 or H Cost effective quick and simple watching movies. setup Our passion for creating unique H No programming required for environments through the use dynamic and fresh lighting of innovative lighting schemes effects every time led us to amBX. As well as providing the solution we H Manage ambient lighting needed, the amBX lighting and audio/video effects controller is also extremely simultaneously good value and reduces the time and cost we would This simple to install, plug and play typically have to spend on solution provides the ultimate AV programming. lighting solution. Dominic Harris, Cinimod Studio, Lighting Designer
  5. 5. Not just a lighting controller – an experience in a box! The amBIENT XC can be configured with amBX lightscapes from an extensive library available online including Entertainment, Hospitality, Retail etc. Control Video in Audio in Extension Installer tool DMX out Power Composite RCA Stereo RCA RS232 USB-B 5 pin XLR 100 - 240V AC, 50 - 60Hz, 20W amBIENT XC Model No:1737Key Features H Ambient Lightscapes: constant or H DMX 512 output changing mood lighting effects H In-built timetable – Schedule experiences H Video to Light Lightscapes: Automatic for anytime of the day, throughout the day dynamic surround lighting without for an ever-changing environment programming H Dynamic zoning to create different effects H Audio to Light Lightscapes: Impressive in a single space all within one DMX light shows synchronised with music; universe patented audio engine H Plug and play set up H Connectivity – R232 protocol for remote control and compatibility with other H Free Installer Tool software for fast setup automation controllers. (Crestron, Control and install 4, Lutron etc) H Download from the Lightscape Library on H Intuitive operation and touch-screen control
  6. 6. amBIENT XC Configuration amBIENT XC Customisation ToolsetConfigure the ambient XC to the DMX Select from 1000’s of combinations of layout with this simple to use software amBX Lightscapes to suit your install! tool that addresses any 3 dimensional The Installer Tool allows you to quickly space with installed lighting fixtures. select the right combination and upload Once it’s done the XC takes over and them to the XC controller. Choose your delivers stunning effects every time. Lightscapes at BEST PART IS THE SPEED AND EASE OF INSTALLATION, PLUG IN THE BOX AND YOU ARE GOOD TO GO amBX UK Ltd Showroom Showroom Technical Centre Boho One 14 Greville St 5 Wells Place Bridge St London Redhill Surrey Middlesbrough EC1N 8SB RH1 3DR UK TS2 1AE UK +44 (0)1737 649833