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Mission UID

  1. 1. FT Rockers<br />Mission-UID, Perspective-IMNU 2010 on 13th February ,2010<br />Prepared By : Ronak Thakkar (06ft340@adit.ac.in, +919879423300)<br /> Keval Shah (s.kevalkumar@gmail.com, +919924812355)<br />
  2. 2. ‘Health is a fundamental human right’Can Anybody leave without food?Introduction<br /> Right now citizens/residence may not obliged to get a number. So, No more rush for get UID unless and until some direct and instant benefits looks to them (except unprivileged people), at not much paying. So, we like to add one Business related to Healthcare and Food (Health Coverage as Pro-poor agenda) with it.<br />
  3. 3. Here, You are seeing a Real Picture; Haiti<br />In India, also at every six people one is Hungry–Report of PMO <br />
  4. 4. Objective<br />► To help Ministry Of Health and family welfare to generate health records of citizens. Which could be help for <br /> 1.National Rural Health Mission program. <br /> 2.In program of deficient mal-nutrition like veg. Protein, Iron. <br /> 3.Useful data generation for several futuristic plan related to Human health. etc.<br />► To Provides a Diet Plan for individuals.<br />► To make available a smart heath card*-A New feature in UID with new inputs.<br />
  5. 5. Operation<br /> 1.Get Physical & Health status in form of digital data through insurance company , small hospitals , laboratory (paper advertisement), Institutions , NGOs etc. & also direct from our website.<br /> 2.The software makes a diet plan through its artificial intelligence. <br /> 3.Now dietician verifying this plan and change it when necessary. <br /> 4.Forward to the member by email (preferably,) in Urban areas where it is feasible & also by fax & mail.<br />
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Contents of smart health card* (card based on UID Prepared by Private player)<br />UID number<br />Photo<br />Name <br />Date of Birth<br />Blood Group<br />Address<br />Emergency contact No.s<br />Diseases <br />Medicines for daily intake (if any)<br />Our Website & 24hr. Toll free no<br />A 2D barcode of the finger print minutiae<br />
  8. 8. Quality standards : WHO , ISOMembership :IDA , ICDA ,<br />Professional Team :<br />Dieticians / Nutritional experts :<br /> 20days fulltime training for fresher employs. <br /> (so we needs to make bond of 1yr.) <br />Software engineers <br />Marketing Team<br />For Critical case :<br /> 1.Microbiologist<br /> 2.Docters<br />
  9. 9. Website <br />Village people will able to interact with us from their village through Broad-band connectivity at Panchayat.<br />Available version of religion language also.<br />Registration form for new user & login for updates. (user id=UID)<br />Online selling of food products , Health insurance policy etc. <br />Information on various common disease & best food for them. (therapeutic recipes) @ free.<br />Also provides information on different nutrition @ free. <br />Directory of doctors , laboratory & medical stores with emergency contact numbers @ free.<br />
  10. 10. Silent Benefits<br />Emergencies happen all the time, No one expects them. If for some reason you are unable to speak for yourself because of unconsciousness, or another health issue, this card could help you or even save your life! When a medical professional sees this card they more efficiently can decide on what course of action to take to help you in your time of crisis with more knowledge on what course of action to take.(i.e.EMRI(108-ambulance), recently added medicine for snack bite) <br />Compare Biometrics on server against finger scan <br />At Disasters<br />At food fortification program by WHO , FAO .<br />
  11. 11. Financial feasibility<br />Private Player can get money from company, which wants to evolutes their New food and Pharmaceutical product. (R&D activity for test at man scale after testing from laboratory). As per legalistic of UIDAI, Health data sheet can excess without enter into main server of UIDAI. <br /><ul><li>also from advertisement by email, mail, fax.
  12. 12. also from selling food products on website.
  13. 13. So, Government do not require to pay funds for these Activity.
  14. 14. Even though it can help for extra revenue generation from Medical Tourism, Drug distribution etc at large.
  15. 15. For Card making Activity this revenue can use + more can get by giving Advertisement with quotes on it. </li></ul>2. Government can get extra funds from WHO , FAO , world bank.<br /><ul><li> (“HEALTH IS WEALTH” but our mission of helping health ministry may not become heavy on Finance ministry)
  16. 16. Government have to provide filled sheet of Health record (where feasible directly in digital form)</li></ul>3. Provides at no cost to Citizens.<br />
  17. 17. As an Social Entrepreneur<br />Private Player (who will working as a Registrants) will tie up with government and we will provides a diet plan & generate record at free of cost.<br />"While a business entrepreneur may thrive on competition and profit, a social entrepreneur has a different motivation: a commitment to leading through inclusiveness of all actors in society and a dedication to changing the systems and patterns of society." <br />TO Create Win-Win Situation for all.<br />
  18. 18. At Initial Stage<br />At initial stage( in first phase) we can encourage Students, which is a very huge number (over 400 million residents below age 18) to fill this form and submit through their institution/school/collage will very Easy because help and guidance by teacher. Quick & Quantities & Qualitative factual data because of support of all government as well as private school/collages. <br />"Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be key agents for development and peace". - Kofi AnnanFormer Secretary General – United Nations<br />
  19. 19. The following Current Challenges of government may solved by this plan<br />Over the next several years, the UIDAI expects to enroll close to the entire Indian population.<br />A challenge for full enrolment is registering the approximately 60,000 babies that are born in the country every day. <br />New Born baby will also be <br /> Health Conscious!!!!!<br />Students covered in first phase will help us to encourage more people by make them aware about Benefits. From Over 400 million Students, we can easily get good Number of Volunteers. (i.e. to Ninety Million tribals)<br />Due to this facility people will encourage to Update their Information at least in a year, which helps to access Duplication. <br />
  20. 20. Additionally, It can also help<br />HMIS – Health Management Information System<br /> The Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) has been envisaged to not only help the administrators to have better monitoring and control of the functioning of hospitals across the state using decision support indicators but also assist the doctors and medical staff to improve health services with readily reference patient data, work flow enabled less-paper process and parameterized alarms and triggers while patient treatment cycle. The HMIS monitors pre-defined health indicators and the embedded exception reporting enables decision making by the hospital management and state level administrators for policy and strategic decisions.<br />And So More Futuristic ADVANTAGES!!!<br />
  21. 21. Conclusion<br />The level of coordination with various government departments that will be required is beyond the capacity of the private sector. So, here data collection is by the government. <br />And equal fact is best talent is available in IT with private sector. So, here we invites private sector to participate.<br />And about National Security issue government will do some Non-Discloser bond, to take anything except Health data with the participating private one. And it should be always observe by governments.<br />Lower the enrolment risk, by attracting People.<br />And Help to defend INDIA from upcoming Hungriness. <br />
  22. 22. Now a days People are more Health conscious.So, lots of investment Opportunities!!!<br />Thank You for your Kind attention<br />Have a Great Day<br />