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Tattoos a means of self expression


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Tattoos a means of self expression

  1. 1. Many people think that when you have a tattoo on your body, sometimes they think that you are a bad person or you have gone into a prison. I just wanted to show to all of you that having a tattoo is not bad. For me, it is how you express yourself or you have a tattoo because you just want to have one because that’s what you feel.
  2. 2. Miley Cyrus “Just Breathe Tattoo” -tattooed on the left side of her rib cage. - the tattoo is a tribute to her friend Vanessa who died of the lung disease cysytic fibrosis and to her grandparents who both died because of lung cancer.“It reminds me not to take things for granted. I meanbreathing – that was something none of them could do,the most basic thing. And I put it near my heart, becausethat is where they will always be.” - Miley Cyrus
  3. 3. Avril Lavigne-has a "FUCK"tattoo on herribcage.According to herits her favoriteword thats whyshe decided tohave it tattooedon her ribcage
  4. 4. Ke$ha-has an anchor tattoo she gotthe first tattoo when she wentto Cuba when she was 18.- She got the tattoo because aguy asked her that if she willgive him 5 dollars, he will givehim a tattoo. He gave Kesha ananchor tattoo because she wasa diver.
  5. 5. Demi Lovato-"You Make Me Beautiful"tattoo written oj the rightside of her ribs- The phrase comes from thesong "Beautiful" by BethanyDillon, a song which Demiclaims changed her life.- She said that the word wereso encouraging and liftedher through a really darktime in her life. For her itskind of a Christian tattoo, sofor her its religious.
  6. 6. David Beckham-the famous Britishfootball midfielder has atattoo on his back. Thisrepresents his threechildren (Brooklyn,Romeo, and Cruz).- "I like the feeling thatmy children are with meeven when Im awayfrom home ... my dadhad three tattoos of hisown and so the idea hasbeen with me since I wasa kid.“ – David Beckham
  7. 7. Johnny Depp- has tattooed a "Jack" onhis arm. He said that thetattoo honors his sonJack.
  8. 8. Orlando Bloom- has a tattoo on his rightwrist it based on the Elvishword for "The Nine", thewrist tattoo is a reference tothe nine actors who madeup the Fellowship of theRing in The Lord of theRings movies.
  9. 9. Filipino Famous Tattoo Artists P and P Tattoo is the #1 tattoo studio in the Philippines. They have tattoo artists with more than 20 years of tattooing experience. Their tattoo artists are Ron Poe, Joel Poniente, Myke Sambajon, Jake Cuerpo, Stephen Ku, Bingo Manahan, Pablo Tobias, Emao Clemen, and Ces Olondriz.
  10. 10. "Dragon Edong:" FamousPinoy tattoo artist in US-territoryFilipino tattoo artist EdwardElenzano, popularly knownin the US Commonwealth ofthe Northern Mariana Islands(CNMI) as "Dragon Edong,"won a major award at the 2ndWorld Tattoo Arts Festivaland Exhibition held inBangkok, Thailand.
  11. 11. His winning tattoo design is a portrait of his children AnneGelica, John Edward and John Mark
  12. 12. - Tattooing was rediscovered by Europeans when they came into contact with Polynesians and American Indians through their explorations. Because tattoos were considered so exotic in European and U.S. societies, tattooed Indians and Polynesians amazed crowds at circuses and fairs during the 18th and 19th centuries.- The practice of tattooing has different meanings to various cultures. Decoration was the most common motive for tattooing and that still holds true today.- In some cultures, tattoos served as identification of the wearers rank or status within a group. For instance, the early Romans tattooed slaves and criminals. Tahitian tattoos served as rites of passage, telling the history of the life.
  13. 13. - Ancient Samoans are famous for their tattoos, but ancient as the tattooing is, there is strong evidence that the art of tattooing goes back even further. A mummy found in 1991 in an Alpine glacier on the border between Italy and Austria gave proof to that contention.- Body art is such an old art form, there is no clear answer as to who started or made the first tattoos or body art.
  14. 14. - The word, tattoo originates from the Tahitian word tattau, which means "to mark" and was first mentioned in explorer James Cooks records from his 1769 expedition to the South Pacific.- Some scientists believe that the earliest known evidence of tattooing dates back to markings found on the skin of the Iceman, a mummified human body that dates as far back as 3300 B.C.- More widely recognized are tattoos found on Egyptian and Nubian mummies dating from about 2000 B.C. Classical authors mention the use of tattoos in connection with Greeks, ancient Germans, Gauls, Thracians and ancient Britons.
  15. 15. 1. For some, they dont like to have tattoos because they say thats its just a permanent dirt on you body. And for some, they say that they cant easily get a job because of the tattoo.2. There are health hazards when you have a tattoo. - Tattoo dyes — especially red, green, yellow and blue dyes — can cause allergic skin reactions, such as an itchy rash at the tattoo site. This can occur even years after you get the tattoo. - Skin infections - A skin infection — which might cause redness, swelling, pain and a pus-like drainage — is possible after tattooing.
  16. 16. 3. Blood borne diseases - If the equipment used to create your tattoo is contaminated with infected blood, you can contract various blood borne diseases — including tetanus, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.4. MRI complications. Rarely, tattoos or permanent makeup might cause swelling or burning in the affected areas during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exams. In some cases, tattoo pigments can interfere with the quality of the image — such as when a person who has permanent eyeliner has an MRI of the eye.5. The bible says that you are not allowed to have a tattoo because tattoos, according to bible is only for the dead people. But for me its still your choice whether you still want to have one. “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any mark upon you: I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:28.
  17. 17. -To some people it enhances their self confidence.-Tattoo let’s you reflect on what you really feel
  18. 18. -Some people might judge you based on what tattoo you have gotten.-It’s addicting even though having a tattoo is expensive (the price depends on what size, what part of the body you want the tattoo to be printed and on how hard the design will be)
  19. 19. -Tattoos can make you feel good because it reminds you on things that you hold sacred and true.-Once you appreciate the goodness of having a tattoo, you will now understand why some people have gotten one. Because tattoo for some, symbolizes who they really are and sometimes tattoo reminds them to what they really believe in.
  20. 20. -Encourage them not to judge the people who have tattoo.-Don’t be scared on someone who has a tattoo because it’s their one way of showing how they really feel.
  21. 21. If all people will understand the real meaning of every tattoo on one persons body, people who have tattoos will not be judged immediately. Like as the saying ” Do not judge the book by it’s cover”, in every tattoo that is tattooed on their body, there is always a deeper meaning for them.
  22. 22. P and P Tattoo Sites:
  23. 23. Thank you for listening 