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  1. 1. MITA-2000 E 1.8kWatt/Channel, Rack or Stack Amplifier The MITA-2000E is our new state-of-the-art professional 1800W/channel (4 Ω) stereo audio amplifier featuring built-in 32-bit SHARC® DSP and extensive digital network control management (NCM) with real-time system monitoring. This slim-line 1U unit uses Class-D design and customized PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology, yielding outstanding efficiency and stability. A proprietary Taiwan-built main-board and dedicated memory provide an unprecedented array of sound management tools allowing quick setup of the most complex or basic music venues with equal simplic- ity. Included PC GUI software seamlessly integrates Ethernet connection to as many as 99 individual or grouped devices, and multiple setting recall provides for virtually instant configuration for sound pros on the move. Precision CNC chassis fittings, digital temperature sensors and quad-fan cooling make for rock-solid reliability during your most critical performances. Brand-ready, pre-approved CE/FCC safety certification make this today’s no-compromise amp for nearly any installation. World-class design should deliver astounding flexibility. Indeed, one “MT-2000E” can be controlled as easily as a stadium full of them thanks to intuitive, DSP features and powerful real-time monitoring. We even include dual Ether- net ports, allowing users to daisy-chain all units via one network access point. Uncommon innovation, ease of use and value – it’s common here. FLEXIBLE, POWERFUL, INTUITIVE. MADE JUST FOR YOU – ONLY BY FORMOSA. Power without control is irresponsible. But thanks to our engineers (some of whom are musicians too) you don’t needconvolutedmulti-lingualmanualstotrainyourcrews, or customers. Whether using our single-knob feature- controller and its gorgeous OLED display, or a plug-and- play Ethernet connection with comprehensive PC-GUI, you have control. And while some brands make you spend more for all this, our comprehensive software is included free of charge, with every amp. We’re sound professionals who care about your bottom line. DESIGNED BY PROFESSIONALS WHO CARE. 3600WATT DSP – Network Control Pro-Sound Stereo Amp 14LB/6.3KG Easy Setup-Easy to Move “Made in Taiwan Audio” means gear designed, built, and supported like little else. Every fabrication step is taken with ultimate performance and durability as the goal. Automated and hand-built processes, plus the best materials and components available, result in nuanced sound with unsurpassed fidelity. The fact many of our neighbors are leaders in the PC industry might explain the incredible quality of our own robust motherboards. – MADE IN TAIWAN AUDIO. DATA SHEET KEY FEATURES FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS • Flexible I/O – AES3 digital, plus XLR inputs. Neutrik SpeakON outputs. Twin Ethernet jacks allow 99 unit control loops. • Integrated DSP - 40 multi-slope PEQ’s, high and low-pass delays (up to 1.3 sec. each), XO with industry standard filters. • 4-Channel Input Mixer – Industry-leading DSP mixing with 500MB dedicated RAM. Full pro toolkit, Windows 10® ready. • Universal Power Supply – Auto-switching, high-tolerance 100 ~ 240V/50 ~ 60Hz CE certified. Neutrik PowerCON sockets. • High Efficiency – LLC power supply and amp subsystems combine for 83% efficiency with Power Factor Correction (PFC). • Network Management– Venue presets and DSP control via Ethernet: Multi-amp FR, thermal monitoring, and fault tracing. • Intuitive Front Panel – 2 channel LED status indicators, 128 x 64 OLED display with rotary controller and easy to use PC GUI.
  2. 2. Digital-NCM. It’s arrived, and is as powerful as it is affordable at Formosa Audiomate. Full pro-class I/O controls just one, or up to 99 amps just as easily via our incredibly easy to use PC-GUI, software included. Direct Ethernet networking or front panel access means you have the power over your own wall of sound, no matter where you or your gear is located. DIGITAL NETWORK CONTROL MANAGEMENT (NCM) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Formosa Audiomate, Ltd. • 653 Bannan Road, 12th Floor, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 235 Tel: 886-2-32341012 • USA 719-339-4148 Output Power Per Channel Frequency Response THD+N Inputs Digital Input Outputs AC Mains Display Amp/Power Supply Control Interface Dimensions Weight 8 Ω 4 Ω 8 Ω Sensitivity Impedance Type AUX/Spkr 1100. RMS x 2 Ch. 1800. RMS x 2 Ch. 20~20KHz (± 0.3dB) <1% @ 1KHz, Rated Power 3Vms 10K Ω XLR3 (x2) AES3 x1 w/Aux Out XLR3 (x2) / Speaker-On (x2) 100~230V AC 50/60Hz 128x64 OLED Dot Matrix Class-D / SMPS with PFC 10/100M Ethernet 482(W) x 44(H) x 320(D) mm 6.3Kg (approx. 14lbs) High-contrastOLEDdisplay andintuitive frontpanel controls CNC’d5mmthickALfaceplate andcustomTWmadechassis. SOTAheavy-dutymainboard Board-controlledintelligent thermalmonitoring. Two-channel pro-gradeheat-sinks andoptimized componentairflow Fullarrayofpro-quality digital&analoginputsand digitallymanagedoutputs. DualEthernetportsallow “daisy-chain”LANconfig. andPC-GUIcontrolofupto 99ampsfromasingle network port! Quad-rotar,dualvariable bearinglessspeedfans keepthingscool. WE HAVE THE MITA® YOU WANT! Pro-audio“BasicBlack”with1Urackearsandmatchinghandles,ventscreens, controlknobsandbuttons. MITA-2000E-BB Pro-audio“SilverEdition”with1Urackearsandmatchinghandles,vent screens,controlknobandbuttons. MITA-2000E-SE Home-audio“SilverEdition”withmachinedsilverfootpads,vent screens,controlknobandbuttons. MITA-2000H-SE Home-audio“BasicBlack”withblackanodizedfootpads,matching vents,controlknobandbuttons. MITA-2000H-BB SPECIFICATIONS • 28-/56-bit,50MIPS • HPF,LPFupto48dB/oct. • 20multi-slopePEQsbands/ch. • 4x4inputmatrixmixer • Compressor/Limiter • Up1300msalignmentdelay