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Enhancing the Content ~ Expanding the Reach - The theme of this year's conference was collaboration. As Dave Calhoun, the Chief Executive Office of Nielsen, put it "...we will focus on the significant role that our mutual collaboration plays in developing products, services, and business models that help you better serve your customers' ever-changing needs."

Many great speakers gave their insights on the importance of collaboration, whether it is internally or externally. Representatives from Wal-Mart, Kraft, Univision, NBCUniversal, and several others expressed the necessity of drawing up value for the consumers.

This year, we added online streaming for Nielsen employees that could not attend the conference. This feature gave them the opportunity to learn more about these upcoming trends and to give them motivation to move forward and act upon them. During breaks several interviews took place with Nielsen moderators and experts that were also streamed to enhance the viewer’s experience.

A social media wall, located in the general session foyer, kept the conference attendees informed through social media newsfeeds, news stations, and the conference agenda. Trending topics regarding the speakers or conference were instantly posted on large plasma screens, helping individuals connect and network. Key strategic allies of Nielsen were at the Live Chat area to speak with clients and answer any questions. A new feature, the Innovation Expo, enabled Nielsen to express their findings on consumers’ behaviors within the home, office, and store where interactive displays clearly outlined this information.

I have produced this conference for fifteen years and without a doubt, this is the most technologically advanced and innovative meeting yet. Taking advantage of all the foyer and meeting space and using social media outlets greatly enhanced the production of this event and the audience experience.

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Nielsen Consumer 360 Conference 2012 Case Study

  1. 1. NielsenConsumer C360Conference 2012 Case Study
  2. 2. June 25-27, 2012
  3. 3. Enhancing Content ~ Expanding Reach• For marketing, media and retail executives to explore how collaboration between partners and consumers can strengthen connections with both• Industry leaders addressed the challenges of connecting to today’s digital environment comprised of diverse consumers• Through better collaboration, better solutions can evolve
  4. 4. Backstage video production included fifteen technicians and thirty-fivemonitors to be able to switch to a variety of graphics and videos to any one of our six high-definition screens
  5. 5. John Lewis,President and CEO of ConsumerNorth America, atNielsen opens the conference
  6. 6. Dave Calhoun, the CEO at Nielsen, thanks the audience for their participation in this yearsconference and emphasizes the collaboration between Nielsen & all their customers
  7. 7. The opening keynote by Noel Wallace, the President of ColgatePalmolive North America, set the theme of collaboration through his emphasis of working together internally and externally
  8. 8. The Senior VP ofMarketing Strategy and Communications at Kraft, DanaAnderson, creativelyexpresses her thoughts on collaboration
  9. 9. Cesar Conde, the President of Univision, captures the audience while discussing theNew American Reality and Hispanic consumers
  10. 10. Lauren Zalaznick, Chairman of Entertainment & DigitalNetworks and Integrated Media at NBCUniversal, talkswith Adam Lashinsky, Senior Editor of Fortune
  11. 11. Streaming video of the general session speakers was available to a worldwide Nielsen audience
  12. 12. Moderators from Nielsen interviewed category experts which wasshown through online streaming, as well as out in the ballroom foyer
  13. 13. The innovation expo featured interactive displays demonstrating how Nielsen measures what consumers watch & buy in three areas: your home, your store, & your office
  14. 14. Attendees visited theLive Chat area, rightoutside the GeneralSession, to networkwith key strategicallies of Nielsen
  15. 15. The Social Media Wall continuously displayed social medianewsfeeds, including Twitter. News stations, such as CNN andFox News, were exhibited as well as the conference agenda
  16. 16. The breakout sessions, renamed insight sessions, wereredesigned in look and feel for this year’s conference andallowed for more audience engagement and interactivity
  17. 17. Nielsen Consumer C360 Conference 2012 Case StudyFor more information contact Ron Springer at 877-577-2153 or