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5 Steps to Great Meetings


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Produced to explore the capabilities of PowerPoint for infographic design, this poster is suitable for any meeting or conference facility.

Combining basic PowerPoint shapes, a flat design, and subtle shadows, this poster is playful, informal, and inviting, while getting across the important message that some simple preparation and planning can ensure successful and productive meetings.

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5 Steps to Great Meetings

  1. 1. 5 STEPS TO GREAT MEETINGS CONSIDER YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME Before you reserve a room and send out invitations, take a few moments to consider why you want to call your meeting in the first place. CREATE AN AGENDA Once you clearly understand the reasons for your meeting and your intended outcomes, create an agenda. Clear agendas drive successful meetings. IDENTIFY AND INVITE KEY PARTICIPANTS Identify key people you need in the meeting. Include anyone you believe will help you get the information and results you need, no more and no less. PRESENT THE ISSUES AND STAY FOCUSED ON THE GOAL Stick to your agenda. Encourage all meeting participants to contribute to the meeting. Identify topics for escalation and possible off-line discussions for a later time. WRAP-UP THE MEETING Once the agenda has been covered, wrap up the meeting. The wrap-up officially closes the meeting. It confirms, clarifies, and recaps what was discussed--and everyone's understanding of the situation or goals. SOURCES: 5 Steps to Great Meetings – meetings.html Meeting & Businessman Illustrations – Copyright © 2018 - Ron Sepanak HOURS PER WEEK EMPLOYEES SPEND IN MEETINGS PERCENT OF EMPLOYEES REPORTING THESE MEETINGS “AREN’T VERY PRODUCTIVE”