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Dendistry Stehekin school


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Dendistry Stehekin school

Published in: Education
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Dendistry Stehekin school

  1. 1. The Stehekin School: A Unique Place A Unique Message “The Stehekin School’s educational program attempts to meet all students with a dynamic, developmentally appropriate curriculum that actively engages each child’s physical development, sense of artistic growth, and intellectual vitality” Stehekin School Curriculum Building a culture of success through hard work
  2. 2. The Tools: Elegantly Simple Watercolor Paint Jump Ropes Scissors Juggling Balls Yarn Calligraphy Pens Recorders Colored Pencils Color Crayons Bouncing Balls Juggling Scarves Embroidery Compass Watercolor Brushes Photos By Forest Woodward Grade 7 These tools support the mylination process of the brain directly, intensely and economically. These “simple” tools, however, demand a child’s concentration and develop physical stamina. Physical activity in childhood provides the foundation for the future intellectual activity in adult life. The limbs learn to concentrate during this stage of development. The minds of active children will be sharp—capable of unique intellectual production in the future. Children who have been raised completing focused, productive activity will be able use any tools in the future (even those not yet imagined) with the greatest power and purpose. Physical activity leads to intellectual strength.
  3. 3. Form Drawing Roger Barnhart Grade 6 Equilateral Triangle Form
  4. 4. Maple Seed Curved Forms Maple Seed Logan Courtney 2nd grade