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Mobile Websites...A Must For All Buisnesses


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With 1/2 of all local searches being done on mobile devices - according to Google - it's essential that your business has a mobile friendly website for you customers. Mobile websites will be the norm in a couple years, so by getting yours done now, you'll be miles ahead of you competition

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Mobile Websites...A Must For All Buisnesses

  1. 1. Does Your Business Need A Mobile Website?
  2. 2. They need a local business to call. They need to find directions to a local business. The Two Main Reasons People Visit a Website on Their Smartphone
  3. 3. On A Mobile Site You Can Have a Prominent “Click To Call” Button So Customers Can Call Your Business Right Away! 1 in 5 mobile site visits turn into an immediate call to the business. BUT 63% of customers polled by Google said they will leave a website if it is not mobile friendly. Having a Mobile Website Helps Customers Contact And Visit Your Business.
  4. 4. With your mobile site you can make it easy for customers to go straight to your location as well as links with Google maps and Google local listings to show your phone number again, address, and great reviews! With A Mobile Site Your Can Have Prominent GPS And Maps Directions So Your Business Is Easy To Find.
  5. 5. Pages Load Faster And Seamlessly. No Need To Pinch Or Zoom On Your Smartphone. No Small Links To Click Since Pages Are Displayed As Buttons. Also, Your Mobile Site Is Extremely User Friendly
  6. 6. You make purchases for your business because they do one of three things: BUT As A Business Owner You Don’t Just Buy Things Because They Look Nice… Make You More Money Save You Money Save You Time
  7. 7. A Mobile Site Converts Website Visits Into Paying Customers For Your Business! A Mobile Site Makes You More Money And Keeps Your Current Customers Happier With A More User Friendly Experience!
  8. 8. This Is Why A Mobile Site Is A MUST For Your Business! Contact us today at 855.432.6762 or email