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Mobile Websites - Why This Should Be Every Businesses #1 Priority


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With mobile exploding, and mobile searching about to surpass desktop searches, every business should have their mobile friendly version of your website. With 1/2 of all local searches being done from a mobile device, by not having a mobile website you could be missing out on half the customers that visit your site on their mobile device.

We can build you a free mock up of your site so you can see the differences first hand. Just call 855.432.6762 or email LocalBizHelp44(AT)

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Mobile Websites - Why This Should Be Every Businesses #1 Priority

  1. 1. Needs A Mobile Website Why Your Business
  2. 2. There are over 1 Billion Smartphone’s in use today world wide
  3. 3. Smartphone Internet usage will surpass computer Internet usage by 2013
  4. 4. Over 95% of mobile searches are local and 88% of users call or visit the business they find
  5. 5. This is a HUGE opportunity for your business. But there is a problem…
  6. 6. Most websites do not display properly on a Smartphone
  7. 7. Smartphone users will stay on your mobile site longer, and 74% will purchase a product or service based on a mobile search.
  8. 8. Your business is missing out on huge profits by not having a mobile optimized site.
  9. 9. So how do you make a mobile optimized site? Call Us Today @ ?
  10. 10. 855.432.6762