Assessment Instrument


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Method to assess your skills and competencies

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Assessment Instrument

  1. 1. Example of EDD Dept – EUSF Posting SUBJECT: What Engages You? A self assessment tool to evaluate your professional possibilities Greetings to EUSF Members: I want to share with EUSF Members an assessment instrument that I located recently. The questionnaire - which I placed in the Files section of this Group site - is called "What-Engages-You_(PDF document). Look for this questionnaire - as an easy download - with the description - "Self Assessment Tool to evaluate your professional possibilities". The date this tool was posted is: Feb 5, 2009 I recommend this easy-to-use tool for the evaluation of your professional (work) possibilities - to see what interests you the most in a job (for your line of work) ! I personally found this instrument to be very insightful and I know I would fill it out differently during different times of my career. Filling it out gave me deep thought and gave me a very surprising answer to questions like these: • I like performing tasks when ... • I like work that ... • In my life, work ... • It is important to me to work for an organization that ... • I feel I am successful in my work if .. The answers to the tool will result in you being in one (or more) of these categories: A. Expressive legacy: Work is about creating something of lasting value. Individuals consider themselves leaders and love to assume responsibility. B. Secure progress: Work is about predictable upward mobility—a secure path to success. These individuals pride themselves on their reliability and have long tenures with one employer. C. Individual expertise and team victory: Work is an opportunity to contribute, to be a valuable part of a winning team. These individuals enjoy a cooperative atmosphere; express less need for flexible work arrangements, and are loyal and reliable. D. Risk with reward: Work is an opportunity for challenge, change, learning, and, maybe, wealth. These individuals seek lives filled with change and adventure and are likely to want flexible workplaces and schedules. E. Flexible support: Work is a livelihood but not currently a priority. These individuals are trying to create balance in their lives; they value environments that are congenial and fun.
  2. 2. F. Limited obligations: Work’s value is largely its near-term economic gain. These individuals prefer work that provides the traditional compensation and benefits packages. Source of questionnaire: EricksonTools; Author: Julie Gallagher If you take time to assess this questionnaire I hope you will find it useful / insightful to you, as I have. Best regards for a successful job search in 2009! Ron Proctor EU Member since January, 2009