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Writing ii – midterm review


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Brief outline for class discussion

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Writing ii – midterm review

  1. 1. Writing II – Midterm Review
  2. 2. How will you be evaluated in this course? • “Portfolio” assessment • e-Portfolio • Checklist of items comprising 50% of total grade • Midterm exam (15%) • Final essay (30%) • Participation (5%)
  3. 3. Midterm Exam FRIDAY (2 hours) 1. Be prepared to be able to identify a text that sounds non-academic. 2. Be prepared to be able to run a lexical profile using LexTutor. 3. Be prepared to be able to use SKELL 4. Be prepared to identify words that many mean something different from their most familiar meaning. 5. Be prepared to correct mistakes with gerunds and infinitives. 6. Be prepared to write a short text using the “academic moves” we practiced in class.
  4. 4. Your blogs: LET’S CHECK THE CHECKLIST... • What you should have written so far: 1. A text about yourself 2. A text about a common misconception (e.g. “milk”) 3. A short text, with hyperlinked sources, about the Curitiba public transportation system 4. A short introduction on “flanelinhas” 5. A “5 things you didn’t know” article