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Writing II – final assessment


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Guidelines for the final assessment

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Writing II – final assessment

  1. 1. Writing II – Final Assessment Dr. Ron Martinez Universidade Federal do Paraná
  2. 2. How will you be evaluated in this course? • “Portfolio” assessment • e-Portfolio • Checklist of items comprising 50% of total grade • Midterm exam (15%) • Final essay (30%) • Participation (5%)
  3. 3. Your blogs: LET’S CHECK THE CHECKLIST... • This is what you will have on your e-Portfolios: 1. A text about yourself 2. A text about a common misconception (e.g. “milk”) 3. A short text, with hyperlinked sources, about the Curitiba public transportation system 4. A short introduction on “flanelinhas” 5. A “5 things you didn’t know” article 6. The midterm text (“soccer, samba and beaches”) 7. Advantages of Internet shopping 8. “Why ____ is my favorite _____” 9. Final essay (IELTS-type)
  4. 4. Final essay due 22/06 • You will send me one copy of the essay in a Word document by email ( • You will also post the final essay on your e-Portfolios (this will be your final blog post) – you should add an image to the essay for your blog; • June 22nd is also the day when your blog will be graded and so no new posts after this date will be considered for the final assessment; • You final essay can be of any length, but preferably between 4-8 paragraphs (1-2 pages). • You can choose any topic (and questions within the topics) from the list on • You can also use the model essays to help you: • Be sure to write the essay “prompt” (the question) at the top of your essay. You should also give your essay a title.