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The home stretch


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Putting the final touches on the semester

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The home stretch

  1. 1. The home stretch W R I T I N G I V (HE285) Prof. Dr. Ron Martinez
  2. 2. What happens next? • Rest of semester will be mostly centered on writing conferences; • Individual students will meet with me every class day (about 20 minutes) to go over their blogs (3 students per day). Your scheduled day is the only day you can meet with me for feedback specifically about your blogs; • While I am consulting on individual blogs, the rest of the class can be working on their final papers.
  3. 3. How will you be evaluated in this course? • “Portfolio” assessment • e-Portfolio • Checklist of items comprising 50% of total grade • Midterm exam (15%) • Final essay (30%) • Participation (5%) – includes feedback (and commenting on others’ blogs)
  4. 4. Your blogs • 1.A text about yourself (this is just a brief intro on the landing page) • 2.The “money is happiness” text • 3.The “5 things” text • 4. Your midterm text • 5. A 'naysayer-in-the-text' short text that practices epistemic modality (see Week 12, “Writing for the Reader in the Text”) • 6. Your final post-graduate proposal papers The final assessment of your blogs will be based on the quality of the text, but also on other features relevant to the medium, such as hypertexting and images.
  5. 5. Blog consultation appointments 20/07 Carol Marena Rebeca Daniele 26/7 Milena Diego 27/07 Bianca Sabrina Leandro Fernanda