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Academic writing connecting ideas


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Some pointers on using synonymy, lexical chaining, adding, defining

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Academic writing connecting ideas

  1. 1. Academic Writing: Connecting Ideas
  2. 2. How does this sound? Friend 1: How was your weekend? Friend 2: It was nice. The weather was nice so we went for a nice walk and had a very nice conversation. Unfortunately, we got lost – which wasn’t very nice – but we met this nice man who helped us and even recommended a nice restaurant nearby. So we had some nice Italian food and later we saw a nice movie. And you? Did you have a nice weekend?
  3. 3. Using different words helps avoid sounding repetitive for example similarly furthermore as long as however despite important
  4. 4. term synonym for example similarly furthermore as long as however despite therefore important for instance likewise moreover provided that nonetheless in spite of hence significant, key Using different words helps avoid sounding repetitive
  5. 5. ‘research’
  6. 6. Saying what you mean: defining
  7. 7. Saying what you mean: defining
  8. 8. How are these concepts defined? entrepreneurship market orientation
  9. 9. Defining your constructs
  10. 10. apposition (defining within commas)
  11. 11. Quoting
  12. 12. Saying what you mean: rephrasing
  13. 13. Rephrasing
  14. 14. Adding and emphasizing
  15. 15. So what? Saying what your point is
  16. 16. Adding and emphasizing