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Standups and High Performance Teams


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I’ve facilitated teams to hold standups for a decade and a half. But two years ago, it occurred to me to see if there might be a correlation between the holding of standups and the level of performance that teams experience.

Thousands of people on product teams all over the world respond to our survey for the Study of Product Team Performance. We asked them.

Here's what the data shows.

Presented November 2017 to Silicon Valley Agile Trends & Leadership.

Ron Lichty

In addition to training teams in agile, Ron Lichty has spent years coaching managers about how their roles change with agile. While his recent Addison Wesley book, Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams ( didn’t zero in on agile, both the book and the classes that he and his coauthor give current and prospective managers espouse a deeply agile mindset for managers. He also coauthors the annual Study of Product Team Performance (

The primary focus of his consulting practice, these last five years, has mirrored what he did as a manager: untangling the knots in software development. His career has spanned web applications, system software, entertainment, shrinkwrap products, ecommerce, interface development, embedded devices, professional services and IT - and grew from first level managing to VP Engineering, VP Product and CTO roles.

As Ron Lichty Consulting, he takes on fractional Interim VP Engineering and Acting CTO roles, trains teams in scrum, transitions teams to agile, trains managers in managing software people and teams, and advises organizations and coaches teams to make their software development “hum.”

His book was recently released as video training - LiveLessons: Managing Software People and Teams - both from Pearson and on O’Reilly’s Safari Network (

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Standups and High Performance Teams

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