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Product owners - how to get your development team to love you (product tank, 11.15)


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Product managers and product owners can engage and motivate their teams to delight customers - or they can distract and dishearten their teams. 

Ron Lichty has been a product manager, a CTO, and a VP leading both development organizations and product teams. As a development leader, he regards product managers who "get it" as key partners. 

Here are 16 ways to engage and motivate product teams - and together delight customers!

Ron Lichty has, for 30-plus years, championed delighting customers. He believes that strong product/engineering collaboration is essential to achieving that goal. Ron co-authored the Addison-Wesley book Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams ( and annually coauthors the Study of Product Team Performance (

Ron spent seven years as a programmer, two years as a product manager, and 25 years managing product and development organizations at all levels - to VP of engineering, VP of product and CTO - at companies ranging in size from tiny startups to Charles Schwab, Stanford and Apple. He now consults across that realm, taking on fractional interim VP Engineering and acting CTO roles; training teams in agile; training managers in managing software people and teams; and coaching development teams and executives in making software development hum. (

Ron has long been a popular speaker at product, development and agile meetups and conferences.

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Product owners - how to get your development team to love you (product tank, 11.15)

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