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Agile Is Hard (AgileCampSV 2014)


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Almost no one on software teams believes in waterfall any longer. That's what we learned from the surveys we took in the course of authoring The 2013 Study of Product Team Performance.

But that doesn't make agile a magic pill.

Mike Cohn notes, "Becoming agile is hard. It is harder than most other organizational change efforts I've witnessed or been part of [for reasons] including the need to change from the top-down and bottom-up simultaneously, the impossibility of knowing exactly what the end state will look like, the dramatic and pervasive changes caused by Scrum, the difficulty adding more change on top of all that is already occurring, and the need to avoid turning Scrum into a list of best practices."

How do we get beyond that?

Glossing over the reality that agile is hard leads us to ignore the very things we need to address to succeed.

On the other hand, acknowledging that agile is hard lets us focus on the challenges that have been preventing us from becoming high performance teams.

This session combines a presentation, a panel and some shared thinking to move beyond how simple agile seems - to what in fact makes agile transformations hard - to how we can face down those challenges to achieve agile's promise.

Expected Takeaways (outcome) for Audience *
For those just starting agile transformations: a heads-up that implementing practices only goes so far.
For those well into agile but struggling, a sense they're not alone.
For all of us, a window into how to get to where we want to go.

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Agile Is Hard (AgileCampSV 2014)

  1. 1. Agile Is Hard!! ! !Ron Lichty, principal, Ron Lichty Consulting
 author, Managing the Unmanageable!, !
  2. 2. Our Distinguished Panel •  Pollyanna Pixton –  Principal, Accelinnova –  Author • Stand Back & Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility •  The Agile Culture: Leading through Trust & Ownership •  Brian Drummond –  Senior Agile Coach, LinkedIn –  Formerly: Yahoo!, Apple, Adobe, IBM, U.S. Government •  Jason Kline –  Agile Coach, Salesforce –  Formerly held Engineering and Agile Leadership roles at NAVTEQ, Nokia, and Good Technology
  3. 3. Ron Lichty,