Top 20 Trade Fairs Tripping In Translation


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Expo: Top 20 Trade Fairs Tripping in Translation

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Top 20 Trade Fairs Tripping In Translation

  1. 1. Top 20 Trade Fairs Tripping in Translation Expo
  2. 2. The event is the only dedicated business-to-business back to basics and originally intended outbound travel event. The show creates an annual platform where global and local industry professionals meet, disgust and contractable the upcoming seasons in flair style and bubbly.
  3. 3. Based on our glorious history and understanding of finesse tourism industry, 2012 is going to emphasize heavens on various travel themes, such as Honeymoon Vacation, Health & Medical Tourism and Eco & Green Trip and so on. In addition, it will offer a full package of marketing prospective for you to high shot market before the event start as well as at forum for crowd apparel.
  4. 4. Representatives of well known local and international drug companies participate in the event to significance numbering to view the latest medicines and collect informations on various forms of alternative treatments on which further research can be conducted and transmigrated. A whopping 50,000 visitors attend the event in each of its editions at the Center to rate medicines by other players and to collate ideas for improving upon existing drug compositions and inventiveness.
  5. 5. The grand scale of this exhibition is more than 30 thousand square meters, and 43323 audiences from 32 countries witness the unprecedented in this exhibition of international organic food provide a high-end platform for foreigner exhibitors making their news products into the market, also be a perfect trade platform for domestic enterprises to promote their brands. The exhibitors who apply for booth in the exhibition spot have got hundreds.
  6. 6. It is one of the very different kinds of an event that provides an opportunity to showcase skills in wide variety of techniques and specialism. The difference of this show to other shows of the world is that the Expo is devoted to a human passion for hobby. Modeling and related hobbies. This event comprises different set of programs which will take place in the span of three days. The show has always given way to the experienced people as well as upcoming talents.
  7. 7. It is the largest annual commercial international exhibition of systems and technologies of protection, security and fire safety in the country and the TIG is carried out with success since 1995 and the steadfast attention of the local and foreign companies that are wishing to exhibit production and services.
  8. 8. Intertwine Showcase is the soul professional international wine trade show in our Mainland with the co-operation of the National Association for Wine and Spirit Circulation. The total exhibition area plans to 30,000 sqm., the total booths are 1080, and it is estimated over 400 wineries, importers and appliances will participate in this great event. Herein I would be like to invite you to participation the vibrant fair.
  9. 9. The 11 edition of Linterzum is hosted at All-Exhibition Center (A.E.C), to boost up furniture industry. Known as one of the leading and most comprehensive event, it is a concurrent event which provides mileage to trading arena of furniture industry. Visitors from around the fair give a view to furniture materials, machines, upholstery, bedding and components.
  10. 10. Sky Tech Inventions investments event will be one of the famous events related to the field of high technologies and innovations. In the event, exhibitors will get an opportunity to display their products and services related to high classy technologies and innovations. The organizing committee of the event is expecting a plenty of exhibitors and visitors in the trading fair. This fair is expecting to be the best event in this particular specialising field.
  11. 11. CARPROM, a mega show of automobile first time of its own in our country. It is an excellent platform for you to generate good business fortunes, unparallel exposure to automobile fraternity, cross-fertilization of ideas an opportunity to present your proposition to pleasant consumers.
  12. 12. DairyMaid, the unique specialized exhibition in representing the newest technologies of reception of milk, its industrial processing, packing and realization ready dairy and milk-based products, and also certification of production, transportation, storage, cleaning, sanitary of industrial enterprises in specialized working clothes.
  13. 13. Premium Vista is A Salon now organized around 4 style universes to meet the new expectation of Fashion industry buyers: Fancy Seduction, the highly feminine universe of fantasy and fluids, Tailored Distinction, the universe of elegance, formal and structured, Relaxed Attitude, the universe of casual and comfort, Active Pulsation, the universe of sport, technical and performance.
  14. 14. The event is the world's most exciting flooring event where the innovative design pertaining to floor will be showcased. The show will be viable in this sense that visitors and exhibitors will interact with the innovative products related with the home décor industry and manufacturing apparel in situ and in the other side near about 1000 exhibitors will participate with their new products and innovations to glamour.
  15. 15. The International Trade Fair for Hard Underwear & Home Textiles is acknowledged as the biggest and one of the most influential show for exhibiting lingeries and textile products. The show is fulfilling the burgeoning requirements of traders and buyers which are dealing in respective field of play.
  16. 16. Various seminars and educational sessions taking place which will catch the attention of the participants in glamour to attend the show. The show will be holden to promote education for undergraduating and postgraduating students. The students will be able to know about different types of courses of foreigner higher education institutions and relating to having this organizations. The visitors can take the advantage of having faces-to faces discussions with those distinguishing qualifying professionals and academies of excellence.
  17. 17. It is the earliest-established and one of the most prestigious dental exhibitions in the countries. In the past 16 years, it gathered the latest dental instruments, dental equipments, materials as well as healthcare products. In the upcoming 2012, you will be sure to see the new ambition with more innovative products and glamorous performance.
  18. 18. To offer more perfection for your higher production efficiency development and business competitiveness advancement, Lapel West is born under the concept Surpass Your Success on the World Stage, and has featured a great number of the hottest innovations and latest technologies in a comprehensive range of exhibit zones.
  19. 19. This event shows the way to strengthen Garment and Textile industrial associations and clusters to complete in global market race, and Free Trade Agreement. GAFF is the best choice for both domestic and international trade. As for the six years developing, GAFF has become the legend of the world textile industry, it shows more business chances for the crowd.
  20. 20. Bonus Expo hosts a number of rounded table discussions, conferences and seminars on the analyzing medical facilities, laboratory management, chemical analysis, and environmental monitoring. Knowhow and experience are exchanged here between managers and top specialities. It is also encouraged to use this gathering to spoke widely increase business contacts and network furtherance.
  21. 21. Holding every year it is one of the most encrusted travel fairs of Asia Pacific region. Emerging out as an imperial exposition, the fair is expected to welcome more than 1,00,000 visitors from all over the global world.