Media evaluation conventions


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Media evaluation conventions

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products? (how does it fit / not fit the genre)
  2. 2. Positive Message... The message the One of the main conventions of the pop lyrics is that bullying genre is that they send out a positive gets you nowhere, we message. This is most commonly done have shown this through the lyrics of the video. message in our video.We have developed this This is shown by the way that the bullied little girl comes out on topconvention by showing the wit the bullies wanting to be herpositive message in our video well as the lyrics. The silly string scene shows the girl coming out on top.
  3. 3. Positive Message...Good messages are in the videos because the targetaudience of many pop songs are teenage or youngadults, who are seen to be influential.By Liv’s strong pose we We emphasised how the girl comes out on top by using a lowshow that she is strong and angle shot to make her lookhasn’t been bothered by the powerful and bigger than thebullying. bullies.
  4. 4. Bright Colours.... A typical convention of pop music videos is that they are bright and colourful. Bright colours give music videos an energetic upbeat atmosphere, which makes them more enjoyable to watch. We wanted people to enjoy watching our video so we used this convention. The song is also an upbeat positive song so making the video colourful suits the song.The Saturdays Ego Niki Manaj Starship We had the bullies all dressed in bright pink, this gives them a bright child innocent look and also makes them seem united.
  5. 5. This layout also gave it a moretraditional typical classroom lookand feel Bright Colours.... To brighten up the classroom and make it look more like a room for younger children, we cleared the room and set it up with big chunky coloured chairs. Jessie J Whos Laughing Now Rihanna RudeBoy
  6. 6. Bright Colours....We brightened up this sceneby using different colouredballoons. We chose to usethe red, yellow, blue andgreen balloons as they standout the most in contrast withthe white background andblack of my costume. Katy Perry Friday Night Lady GaGa Eh Eh
  7. 7. A common setting of a popmusic video is a school. This because the targetaudience of pop videos areteenagers and school issomewhere that all teenagershave experienced and so cantherefore relate to the video.Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time We thought that this created a connection for the audience, we wanted to create this connection for our audience and so used this convention by using our school as the setting for our video. Jessie J Whos Laughing Now
  8. 8. The connection this Setting... creates makes the video feel more personal for the audience Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More TimeA school is seen to be a happy, safe andeducational place. This is appropriate tothe pop genre as it is seen to be happyand send out a good message. Jessie J Whos Laughing Now
  9. 9. Long shot Shot Types...Pop music videos havewide variety of shottypes, they have a mixthroughout them usuallycutting from one to another. This is a convention that we used in our video. We thought that this was something that makes a music video interesting to watch as it is constantly changing. Jessie J Whos Laughing Now
  10. 10. Long shot from behind Shot Types... Lady GaGa Telephone Before filming we did research on other videos to see what shot types they used. We made storyboards so that we Jessie J Whos Laughing Now could plan and ensure that we have used a variation of shots.
  11. 11. Mid shot Shot Types... P!ink This shot was most typically used for performance. Jessie J Whos Laughing Now
  12. 12. Establishing shot Shot Types... An establishing shot is used to set the scene for the narrative from the start of the video. Jessie J Whos Laughing Now This shot is more commonly used in films, which makes the narrative seem more like a story. P!nk Please Don’t Leave Me Lady GaGa Telephone
  13. 13. Multiple people midshot Shot Types... Lady GaGa Telephone P!nk Jessie J Whos Laughing Now
  14. 14. Shot Types...Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More TimeIn our research this is a shot that we came across in the BritneySpears video for Hit Me Baby One More Time. It stood out to usbecause the location of it looks like our school hall. The shot isreally creative and original and because of our resources we couldrecreate it effectively.
  15. 15. Mix of Narrative and Performance...A common feature of pop Performancegenre videos is that theyhave a mix of narrativeand performancethroughout them. Narrative Lady GaGa Paparazzi Performance From the questionnaire that I did on a focus group I found out that they preferred the video to have a story line but also for the focus to beKaty Perry Friday Night Narrative on performance.
  16. 16. Mix of Narrative and Performance...We felt that having amix of narrative andperformance in ourvideo will make itmore interesting towatch as you want tofind out whathappens at the endof the narrative.Also that we can make it look more professional with theresources that we have to have narrative as well rather than justperformance