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UNDP Proposal of the UAE Government for an Innovation Pavilion


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UNDP Proposal of the UAE Government for an Innovation Pavilion at the Government Summit

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UNDP Proposal of the UAE Government for an Innovation Pavilion

 “not a goal, but a journey” His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai *
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES of “My Amazing Innovation Journey” are to: • Experiential - plays on themes of a maze and a journey and adds creativity, imagination and movement to the global event • Substantive - expose Explorers to a variety of innovations for development (showcasing UNDP’s experiences), giving a sense of the breadth of applications and inspiring them to think more broadly about what's possible in their own situations. • Connection - complements other aspects of the pavilion and the rest of the Summit. For example, having the invited youth act as guides for Explorers and feeding the collected information back into the Summit. 1. INTRODUCTION & OBJECTIVES MY AMAZING INNOVATION JOURNEY We invite Explorers to be amazed by the journey:
 informed about what innovation for development can offer them; inspired to be more innovative; and enabled to take action when they return to their home countries.
  3. 3. 1. MAZE - Explorers make their way through an interactive maze 2. METHODOLOGIES - maze has 4-5 sections, each presenting highly visual information (videos, photos, infographics, etc) about different innovation methodologies and their application; and each with an interactive component that encourages dialogue between and among visitors and docents 3. BRANDING - each section is branded in a way that reflects the essence of the methodology; Foresighting is futuristic. Gamification is fun, etc 4. KEEPSAKE - Explorers will be provided with an object to use while in the maze and keep afterwards, that provides them with key pieces of information, including UNDP contact details 5. COMMUNICATION - The event will be live streamed and feature on social media. 1. COMPONENTS OF THE JOURNEY MY AMAZING INNOVATION JOURNEY
  4. 4. 1. MAZE MY AMAZING INNOVATION JOURNEY The maze shows that there are many paths to take, some lead to other paths, some lead to dead ends and some lead to success. The design of each section reflects what that methodology "feels" like. For example, the Human Centred Design section requires you to step outside your comfort zone; here the walls of the maze will become narrower and obstacles will be introduced, causing the Explorer to duck and weave. Descriptive text will outline all experiences and guides will be present for assistance. The concept of the maze can scale according to the available resources. The maze can also be set-up in a limited space; if necessary, the floor can contain the route of the path and various pull-up banners along the way would display relevant information.
  5. 5. 2. METHODOLOGIES MY AMAZING INNOVATION JOURNEY The maze has 4-5 sections, which reflect different innovation methodologies. Each section has: 1. information about the methodology - mostly in print format 2. case studies that showcase how UNDP has applied the methodology - mostly in multimedia format 3. content capture areas - a place where Explorers are engaged to submit content to instantly contribute to a visual display of all collected content 4. interactive displays - objects that Explorers must interact with to reveal further information 5. chamber - an area where the Explorers discovers a major, high energy multimedia display, possibly by Jason Silva Methodologies and examples would be selected from: • Behavioural Insight • Big Data • Citizen Feedback Loops • Crowdfunding • Foresighting • Gamification • Hackathon • Human Centred Design • Innovation Challenge • Innovation Lab • Mobile App Jason Silva is a media artist, futurist, philosopher, keynote speaker and TV personality.
  6. 6. 2. METHODOLOGIES (continued) MY AMAZING INNOVATION JOURNEY CONTENT IN EACH METHODOLOGY SECTION Gamification Foresighting Innovation Lab Human Centred Design BRANDING Candy shop Spaceship Laboratory Music concert METHODOLOGY INFORMATION STYLE board game spaceship schematic scientific equipment sheet music and instruments UNDP CASE STUDIES Egypt (recycling) Rwanda (development planning) Armenia (open data) Moldova (police services) CONTENT CAPTURE bar graph pie chart bar graph pie chart INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS THAT REVEAL INFORMATION hop-scotch court viewfinder periodic table musical instrument cases SUMMIT THEMES Summit Themes (Education, Health, Future, Technology, Leadership and Government Service Improvement) will be reflected in the maze CHAMBER Multimedia presentation by futurist and philosopher Jason Silva, relating to the methodology FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY fyi, these are really fun & exciting!
  7. 7. 3. BRANDING MY AMAZING INNOVATION JOURNEY gamification foresighting Innovation Lab
  8. 8. 4. KEEPSAKE MY AMAZING INNOVATION JOURNEY Explorers will be provided with a stylised object to use while in the maze and keep afterwards. For example, a: • life boat • life jacket • field guide • survival kit, or • toolbox with tools
  9. 9. 5. COMMUNICATION MY AMAZING INNOVATION JOURNEY A communication campaign will surround the maze building on the popular hashtag #inno4dev. Some of the elements of the campaign involve: • The maze itself will be be video recorded in the 1st person point of view so that it can be experienced virtually from smart phones and computers. • The maze will feature a video station where Explorers will be interviewed about their key take-aways. With the Explorer’s permission, these videos will be shared through social media, along with general photos and videos of Explorers engaging with the maze and each other. • A screen(s) will feature the relevant social media hashtags to encourage Explorers to talk about their experience in realtime and share their photographs online.
  10. 10. lab·oratory maze 1.5m 1.0 m