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Презентация компании "ИнтехЦентр". Inteh centr prezentasion.


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Презентация компании "ИнтехЦентр". Inteh centr prezentasion.Изготовлено Агентством Бизнес Презентаций «ROMANOFF»
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Презентация компании "ИнтехЦентр". Inteh centr prezentasion.

  2. 2. 1 PROBLEM FOR 1,000 BRANCHES 02 In any economy there are hundreds of industries that face the challenge of preserving raw materials, components, manufactured products as well as process equipment. After all, violation of terms of structures operation in various environments may result in million rubles losses for a company. This problem imposes the need for a comprehensive approach to protection of industrial facilities against corrosion, fire, biological hazards, damage, unscheduled repairs and accidents.
  3. 3. IS YOUR COMPANY'S ACTIVITY ASSOCIATED WITH 03 Extraction of raw materials Production Storage Transportation of industrial and agricultural products? Do you want to decrease company costs only by means of competent construction and operation of an industrial facility? ?
  4. 4. WHAT OBJECTS DO YOU OPERATE? 04 Weatherproof coatings Coatings resistant to oil products and static discharges Waterproof coatings Chemically resistant coatings Coatings for food industry Coatings for underground structures Biologically resistant coating systems Fire retardant coating systems Special coatings Depending on the answer, the following are used: We know how to make all of this work better, longer and safer!
  5. 5. INTECHCENTR LLC PROLONGS SERVICE LIFE OF YOUR FACILITIES 05 + VANISH-AND-PAI NT PROTECTIVE COATINGS SYSTEMS (VPPS) INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES FOR USE OF VPPS Your facilities: Operate longer; Have lower operation cost; Protected against corrosion during long service life.
  6. 6. HOW DOES IT WORK? 06 You specify your tasks, and INTECHCENTR LLC offers a comprehensive solution. During preparation for protection, over 24 parameters of your facility are considered, such as: Characteristics of the facility; Coating operation conditions; Environment that influences the coating; State of the surface to be protected; Planned conditions for painting works; Requirements for protective coating. Only professional is able to consider so many parameters and define correct type of protective coating and method of its application.
  7. 7. DO YOU NEED HELP 07 to determine necessity, scope, procedure and cost of protective measures? At INTECHCENTR LLC we will perform "turnkey" set of works: we will study and assess initial state of metal, concrete and wood surfaces and structures; we will define corrosion protection method; we will choose cleaning and painting methods; we will perform repair works; we will prepare surface for painting; we will perform painting works; we will apply fire-retardant coating; we will perform waterproofing work.
  8. 8. EACH TYPE OF WORKS REQUIRES SPECIAL EQUIPMENT 08 painting, sandblasting, hydroblasting. INTECHCENTR LLC uses the following process equipment: Qualified specialists have necessary skills and experience in the field of applying vanish-and-paint coatings made according to requirements of standards for training specialists in the field of protectionagainst corrosion. Each type of object requires special type of protective system.
  9. 9. HOW TO PROTECT CONTAINERS FROM CORROSIVE ENVIRONMENTS 09 Outer surface of process equipment, as well as storage containers for crude oil and oil products Hydraulic works, tanks for storing technical, river, sea water, hot water, hot condensate, etc. Tanks for storing chemical environments (solutions of salts, acids, alkalis, aggressive gases and vapors), rail mineral wagons Resistant to atmospheric corrosion Water-resistant Resistant to chemical environments Texkor-121 TR 2310-009-42968112-2003 Texkor-412 TR 2312-010-42968112-2004 Texkor-712 TR 2312-001-42968112-01
  10. 10. METHODS OF PROTECTING TANKS FOR OIL PRODUCTS 10 Tanks for storing light oil products (jet fuel, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene) Tanks for storing oil and dark oil products (black oil) Containers for alternating storage of dark and light oil products Fuel-resistant, anti-static, electrically and intrinsically safe Texkor-612 TR 2312-002-42968112-01 PAKoil-6 TR 2312-42968112-2004 PAKoil-6/0 TR 2312-42968112-2004
  11. 11. METHODS OF PROTECTING UNDERGROUND TANKS 11 Outer surface of pipelines, containers and other buried underground constructions Electrically-insulating systems resistant to underground corrosion and sneak currents PAKoil-6/4 TR 2312-012-42968112-2004
  12. 12. METHODS OF PROTECTING TANKS FOR FOOD PRODUCTS 12 Containers for free-running food products (corn, flour, sugar, etc.) Containers for storing liquid food products (oil, water, alcohol) Acceptable Sanitary Regulations and Norms for contacts with free-running food products Acceptable Sanitary Regulations and Norms Biotex-41 TR 2312-003-42968112-2001 Biotex-41/2 TR 2312-003-42968112-2001
  13. 13. 13 METHODS OF PROTECTING TANKS FOR FOOD PRODUCTS A properly chosen protection system An accurately calculated technology Qualified specialists of INTECHCENTR LLC EXTENDS SERVICE LIFE OF THE FACILITY REDUCES YOUR COSTS SAVE YOUR EFFORTS
  14. 14. WHY IS INTECHCENTR LLC A RELIABLE AND PROFITABLE PARTNER? 14 REASON NO. 1: EXPERIENCE REASON NO. 2: PRINCIPLES REASON NO. 3. QUALITY Since 1996, the company has been specializing in development, production and deployment of special coating systems for protection of metal and concrete surfaces used in various corrosive environments against corrosion. We do not just apply certain types of paints and vanishes, but we offer a COMPREHENSIVE PROCESS SOLUTION -PROTECTIVE SYSTEM OF PAINT-AND-VANISH COATINGS taking into account all conditions and factors. High level of anti-corrosion protection systems under proprietary trademarks: Texkor, PAKoil, Biotex In-house production of paint-and-vanish protection systems Supply of raw materials from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers
  15. 15. 15 WHY IS INTECHCENTR LLC A RELIABLE AND PROFITABLE PARTNER? REASON NO. 4: COMPETENCE REASON NO. 5: RESPONSIBILITY REASON NO. 6: RECOGNITION INTECHCENTR LLC was created on the basis of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific-Research Institute for Storage Problems at the Federal State Reserve Agency. INTECHCENTR LLC is a member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce. INTECHCENTR LLC, together with Airport Activities Directorate of General Aviation State Service of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research Institute of Aviation, is one of the developers of the "Requirements to corrosion-resistant coatings for containers for storing jet fuels and lubricants". INTECHCENTR LLC is engaged in research of aggressive environments influence on protective coatings with proof of application via conclusions of leading accredited testing centers/ Gold Medal "GUARANTEE OF QUALITY AND SAFETY" at the International "NATIONAL SECURITY" Competition for development of electro-statically and intrinsically safe paint-and vanish protective systems. Diploma for participation in forming civilized consumer market by the Russian and the Moscow Consumer Rights Protection Fund.
  16. 16. THE MOST SIGNIFICANT RECOGNITIONIS SHOWN IN REVIEWS AND THANKS FROM OUR CLIENTS 16 Over the years of its operation, INTECHCENTR LLC has received officially expressed gratitude from such companies as: Bazovyy Aviatoplivny Operator LLC (Base Jet-Fuel Operator), Sochi, 2013; Branch of Komos Group Krylatsky Refueling Complex, Izhevsk, 2011 LLC Severstal Airline, 2011 LLC Siberian Anti-Corrosion Systems, Nizhnevartovsk, 2008 LLC Lukoil-AERO-Volgograd, 2008 Airport Tashkent GIP, 2006 “KuibyshevAzot” OJSC, 2003 JSC "Fueling Company", Chelyabinsk, 1989 And many other companies in Russia and the CIS after 5 years of using facilities treated with protective systems offered by INTECHCENTR LLC
  17. 17. INTECHCENTR LLC WILL HELP YOU WHEREVER YOU ARE 17 Geography of facilities treated with protective systems from INTECHCENTR LLC AstrakhanKrasnodar Grozny Volgograd Bryansk Brest Almaty Barnaul Karaganda Irkutsk Yekaterinburg Izhevsk Perm The Vankor field Frantz Josef Land Archipelago Krasnoyarsk Minsk Magnitogorsk Moscow Mineralnye Vody Neftekamsk Nizhnekamsk Novorossiysk Omsk Orsk Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Petropavlovsk Ryazan Samara St. Petersburg Saransk Saratov Sochi Syzran Tashkent Tbilisi Tver Togliatti Tyumen Urengoy Ufa Chelyabinsk Cherepovets
  18. 18. YOUR FACILITIES NEED MAXIMUM PROTECTION AND YOU NEED MINIMUM RISKS? 18 Shorter delivery terms compared to imported paints; Manufacturing of paint-and vanish materials for a specific facility; Professional team familiar with the specifics of INTECHCENTR LLC protection systems; Through cooperation with INTECHCENTR LLC you are guaranteed to get:
  19. 19. CONTACTS To avoid fakes of protective systems, contact directly the patents owner at INTECHCENTR LLC. Tel. / fax: +7 (499) 191-71-94 E-mail:;