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IAB eng


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IAB eng

  1. 1. INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING BUREAU 2010-2011 overview & 2012 plans The Interactive Advertising Bureau p1
  2. 2. About company p.3 – IAB world p.4 – IAB Russia p.5 – Philosophy and mission of IAB Russia The Interactive Advertising Bureau p2
  3. 3. IAB WORLD International Assosiation The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Association of digital advertising market participants •Foundation date: 1996 •Company headquarters: New York USA: over 460 leading companies, with share 86% on the market Europe: over 5500 companies, on more then 30 markets Main purpose of IAB activity: • to develop the market of digital advertising • to enlarge a share of investments allocated to the budget • promotion from advertisers Further information you can find: The Interactive Advertising Bureau p3
  4. 4. IAB Russia October, 2009: Official representation of IAB Russia was opened to promote for development of the Russian market of interactive advertising July, 2010: IAB Russia was organized (the legal name of the company: Non-commercial partnership interactive advertising bureau) Mart, 2011: The beginning of operational activity Подробная информация: The Interactive Advertising Bureau p4
  5. 5. PHILOSOPHY of IAB RUSSIA • Transparency and frankness of relations • “Out of politics” atmosphere • Balanced positioning of various market participants • Focus on the industry needs The Interactive Advertising Bureau p5 MISSION of IAB RUSSIA • Integration of Russian market into the world digital advertising market • Two-way exchange of information and experience • Distribution of digital advertising standards to Russia • Provision of infrastructure for communication with foreign counterparts • Launching IAB projects for demonstration of market potential in Russia
  6. 6. 2011, RESULTS of ACTIVITY p.7 – Standards p.10 – Researches p.12 – Knowledge of IAB Russia brand The Interactive Advertising Bureau p6
  7. 7. STANDARDS The Interactive Advertising Bureau p7
  8. 8. STANDARDS (DIGITAL VIDEO & MEASUREMENTS) Adaptation of standards which was developed by IAB Global The Interactive Advertising Bureau p8
  9. 9. STANDARDS (INDASTRIAL GLOSSARY) The glossary was published after it was collected and coordinated with players of the market. The link of the Glossary: The Interactive Advertising Bureau p9
  10. 10. RESEARCHES The Interactive Advertising Bureau p10
  11. 11. RESEARCHES • Integration of the analytical data of Russian market in the IAB global reports • Researches of volumes of the interactive advertising market by international technique of IAB researches Participation in Pan-European research - AdEx 2010. (The data of volumes of the Russian interactive advertising market which has been integrated in the general research NN of the Europe markets making by a uniform technique) Read more about: The Interactive Advertising Bureau p11
  12. 12. KNOWLEDGE of IAB RUSSIA BRAND p.13 – Web site of IAB Russia p.14 – PR p.15 - Events The Interactive Advertising Bureau p12
  13. 13. KNOWLEDGE of IAB RUSSIA BRAND (WEB-SITE of IAB RUSSIA) • Was launched the web-site of IAB Russia • Was created the ecosystem of Russian digital market Read more: The Interactive Advertising Bureau p13
  14. 14. KNOWLEDGE of IAB RUSSIAN BRAND (PR) • Information support of IAB Russia activity (more than 150 publications in mass-media) • Informing of members of IAB and of the public about IAB Russia current activity The Interactive Advertising Bureau p14
  15. 15. KNOWLEDGE of IAB RUSSIA BRAND (EVENTS) p.16 - MIXX 2010 p.17 - MIXX 2011 p.18 – Brand day 2011 The Interactive Advertising Bureau p15
  16. 16. MIXX 2010 About the festival: Red Apple MIXX is the interactive advertising festival, also the largest international conference spending in the most countries of the world. Holding date: September 21th, 2010 Organizers: IAB Russia, Red Apple Festival audience: Representatives of the key interactive agencies, the Internet platforms, and the companies . The Interactive Advertising Bureau p16
  17. 17. MIXX 2011 About the festival: Events held during the festival: International contest of works in digital advertising and marketing field – Red Apple MIXX Awards 2011 (207 works accepted for the competition, a jury formed of IAB Russia experts and market experts) . International conference Red Apple MIXX Conference 2011. Over 80 speakers and about 50 partners Holding date: September 29th , 2011 Organizers: IAB Russia, Red Apple Festival audience: over 800 representatives of key digital agencies, internet area and advertisers The Interactive Advertising Bureau p17
  18. 18. BREND DAY 2011 About the conference: Leading annual conference in the marketing, branding and advertising field (over 50 speakers) IAB Russia was granted by the festival: Named as an Industrial Partner The logo of IAB Russia was put in the POSM, on the festival’s tickets and on the web site of the festival Full information in the information magazines of the festival Holding date: December 1st , 2011 Organizers: RACA, RusBrand Conference audience: over 650 representatives of key digital agencies, internet area, advertisers, tele- and radio- industry, professional ministries of Russian Federation The Interactive Advertising Bureau p18
  19. 19. 2012 PLANS p.20 – Overview p.21 – Education p.24 – Researches p.25 – Standards p.26 – Formats of a dialogue with the industry p.27 – Calendar of digital events The Interactive Advertising Bureau p19
  20. 20. STRATEGIC DERECTIONS FOR THE 2012 Education: •Master-classes •Long-dated courses •Professional standards Researches: •Mediascope Europe •Ad Barometer •ADEX •Consumers Commers Barometer by Google The Interactive Advertising Bureau p20 Standards: •Adaptation of standards which was developed by IAB Global •Certification Knowledge of IAB Russia brand: •Calendar of digital events •Formats of a dialogue with the industry
  21. 21. EDUCATION (MASTER-CLASSES, LONG-DATED COURSES) Purpose: Development and adoption of profession standards of the interactive advertising area Master-classes: Target audients: Employees of companies which works in the interactive advertising area Long-dated courses: Target audients: Young specialists who are getting a professional education The Interactive Advertising Bureau p21
  22. 22. EDUCATION (PROFESSION STANDATDS) Purpose: forming of popular profession standards for the interactive advertising area Potential partners: Experience of industries: • The advertising RACA developed Advertising Industry standards Regulations of activity of players of the market • IT Professional standards of the IT industry was developed in 2006 The Interactive Advertising Bureau p22
  23. 23. EDUCATION (TIME-LIMIT) • December 8th 2011 - Formation of a commission for this project • December 2011 - Negotiations with partners • December 2011 - Formation of a joint working group • January 2012 - Development of project plan and budget calculations • February 2012 - Search for a target financing of the project • IV quarter 2012 - Implementation of the project - in accordance with the plan The Interactive Advertising Bureau p23
  24. 24. RESEARCHES • MediaScope Europe The panel cross-media research of media consumption across European countries. Initiated by EIAA. Purpose: Get the figures of the markets of Russia and Turkey Format of a financing: target financing Participants: Yandex, VCI Artists: IAB Europe • ADEX A comprehensive guide of European online advertising sizes and scales . A comparative research of the digital advertising cost. Purpose: Monitor of market dynamics Format of a financing: clarifying Participants: IAB Russia, RACA Artists: IAB Europe The Interactive Advertising Bureau p24 • Ad Barometer Timely snapshot of current trends and opinions of the advertising industry in Europe Purpose: Following of market trends Format of a financing: clarifying Participants: IAB Russia Artists: IAB Europe • Consumers Commers Barometer by Google Quantitative evaluation of the Internet market. Purpose: Monitor of market dynamics Format of a financing: opened Participants: A. Belyaev, S. Kvon Artists: Google
  25. 25. STANDARDS Industrial purpose: lead the market to the same standards. •Adaptation: Retransmission of standards developed in the IAB Global Mart, 2012 – overviews of the standards with active links for download. •Certification: At the present there is no possibility for a certification Russian Internet-based products in Russia. I quarter of 2012 - to develop a procedure of certification for Russian companies under the auspices of the IAB Russia II quarter of 2012 - IAB Russia - official center of certification The Interactive Advertising Bureau p25
  26. 26. FORMATS OF DIALOGUE WITH THE INDUSTRY • digest: Expert’s content January , 2012 – monitoring of capabilities February, 2012 - choosing of format April, 2012 - development of the service and organization of the work May, 2012 - start of the project • Do you CEE: Key industry events February, 2012 - elaboration of the format March, 2012 - project implementation April, 2012 - launch of the project The Interactive Advertising Bureau p26 •domestic notes: "The Russian market of interactive advertising - 2011" Key market data, figures, key events January, 2012 - elaboration format February, 2012 - collection of content March, 2012 - start of the project
  27. 27. CONTACTS The Interactive Advertising Bureau p27 Official web-site: Boris Omelnitskiy President +7 916 1159349 Valentin Smolyakov CEO +7 916 5846909 Tatyana Shatalova Senior coordinator +7 967 2662333