Smart index survey russia 2011


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What cellphone brands does people recommend to their friends mostly in Russia.

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Smart index survey russia 2011

  1. 1. SMART Index survey resultsRussia 2011 SimplemobileYouth & Mobile © MOBILEYOUTH 2011Anketki Research Advocacy & Recommendation TrackerFLICKR: SARAH REID
  2. 2. What does SMART measure?SMART measures the strength of word-of-mouthrecommendation for handset brands among young people. © MOBILEYOUTH 2011FLICKR: GULLEVEK
  3. 3. RANKING MOBILE HANDSET BRANDS BY SMART INDEX FOR THE RUSSIAN MARKET 80% Nokia is the most recommended 60% handset brand in Russia © MOBILEYOUTH 2011 40% 20%SMART Index 0% Nokia Apple Sony Ericsson Samsung BlackBerry Motorola -20% -40% -60% -80% -100% Source: mobileYouth
  4. 4. Why is recommendation important in Youth Marketing?65% of youth purchase decisions are driven by word-of-mouth;primarily recommendation between peers. © MOBILEYOUTH 2011FLICKR: CHICAGOLAU
  5. 5. Why pay attention to SMART Index?SMART predicts trends in profitability and market share for handset brands. © MOBILEYOUTH 2011FLICKR:JAAKO
  6. 6. RECOMMENDATION DRIVES PROFIT SMART INDEX Nokia © MOBILEYOUTH 2011 Apple Sony Ericsson CHANGE IN Samsung Handset brands that have successfully PROFIT SHARE increased their recommendation scores have also seen an increase in their share of market profit as a % share. With falling SMART score, Nokia has not seen change in in profit share. Apple’s rising SMART score is reflected in its increase of industry profit share in Russia.Source: mobileYouth
  7. 7. How SMART Index helps your marketing?Identify you beachhead segment by demographic traitssuch as age and gender © MOBILEYOUTH 2011FLICKR:REZAVOODY
  8. 8. HANDSET BRANDS SMART INDEX BY AGE GROUP FOR THE RUSSIAN MARKET Sony Ericsson has its most vocal 80% fans in the 20-24 age group © MOBILEYOUTH 2011 60% 40% 20%SMART Index 0% -20% Nokia Apple Sony Ericsson Samsung BlackBerry Motorola -40% -60% -80% -100% 15-19 20-24 25-29 Source: mobileYouth
  9. 9. HANDSET BRANDS SMART INDEX BY AGE GROUP FOR THE RUSSIAN MARKET Sony Ericsson fans are mostly male 80% © MOBILEYOUTH 2011 60% 40% 20%SMART Index 0% -20% Nokia Apple Sony Ericsson Samsung BlackBerry Motorola -40% -60% -80% -100% Male Female Source: mobileYouth
  10. 10. Where else has the SMART Index been done?SMART Index has been carried out in 4 unique markets so far © MOBILEYOUTH 2011FLICKR:KENNETH LU
  11. 11. GLOBAL SMART INDEX BRAND HEAT MAP USA S. Africa Malaysia Russia KEYApple RED HOT High positive © MOBILEYOUTH 2011BlackBerry SMART scores HOTSamsungMotorola WARMNokia COLDSonyEricsson ICE COLDHTC High negative NO DATA SMARTLG scores
  12. 12. Recommendations are the main information source driving purchase decisions. Most of the respondents in our survey say that they have been asked by somebody which phone to buy, and a significant part of their segment say it’s happening “very often” or “all the time”. Young people are asked by their friends (73%), as well as parents (35%) and siblings (24%).Roman Ravve, Anketki Research © MOBILEYOUTH 2011 The validity of SMART Index holds up across global markets. When comparing US and Russia, in both markets, Sony Ericsson has its most vocal and active fans concentrated in the 20-24 age group and they tend to be male. SMART Index has been able to provide us with such market specific actionable insights for all handset brands included in the survey. Freddie Benjamin, mobileYouth The SMART Index was created to measure a fundamental youth behavior : word-of-mouth recommendation. We have found that in all markets, a brand’s SMART Index very closely co- relates to the change in profit share for the brand. This is statistical proof for what we have been saying for the last 10 years : “Recommendations drive profit”.Graham Brown, mobileYouth
  13. 13. Conducted jointly by: © MOBILEYOUTH 2011mobileYouth Research JULIE HIKARI
  14. 14. CONTACTIf you have any questions on the survey content please contact:Josh DhaliwalDirector © MOBILEYOUTH 2011josh.dhaliwal@mobileYouth.org +44 203 286 3635North America: +1 646 867 3635South Africa: +27 11 08 3635 1Asia: +852 8 176 365 0