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Ukraine, new vision

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  1. 1. ‘New Country’ Vision Project Vision of the inspiring future
  2. 2. Aim of the Project • We won’t be satisfied by the change of faces of power •We wish to change the country • New Country is a citizens’ dream and requirement of the civil society Common vision of the future Ukraine, attractive for the majority of citizens
  3. 3. Tasks of the Project • Integration of the nation’s intellectual resource • Shaping clear picture of the future • Development of the pointer for the future government of reforms • Beginning of the national dialogue as the first step towards national understanding
  4. 4. Participants of the Project • Experts-scientists • Community activists • Opinion leaders • Entrepreneurs • Politicians – just being equal with everybody, and only spotless • All regions, whole range of views
  5. 5. Areas of Work • Constitution and political system • Law and order • Economy and entrepreneurship • Education and science • Social policy and health care • Infrastructure and energetics • National security • Foreign policy • Spirituality and culture • Ecology and nature
  6. 6. Results of the Project • Document ‘New Country Vision’ • Pointer for the government of reforms • Cohesive working groups for cooperation with the future government
  7. 7. Who Will Use the Results • Open results • All of society • All politicians, primarily new ones • A new social reality appeared in which such work won’t be wasted
  8. 8. Principles of the Project • Vision of Ukraine in a world context • A 7-year time horizon: Ukraine 2022 • The paradigm of understanding, agreement and harmony instead of contest, winning and competition • Expert rank is not as important as the essence: ‘experts’ have already built the country in which we are living
  9. 9. Summary of the Project • Unites people • Brings meaning to their work • Directs energy toward transformation • Gives hope and inspires confidence Clear Picture of the Future
  10. 10. Summary of the Project Principles and Values of New Country
  11. 11. More than 1900 experts from all regions of Ukraine took part in the project New Country
  12. 12. Geography of Participants Kyiv 1262 Lviv 62 Kharkiv 60 Odesa 29 Donetsk 27 Dnipropetrovsk 21 Ivano-Frankivsk 18 Vinnytsia 17 Kyivs’ka oblast’ 15 Chernihiv 13 Rivne 12 Chernivtsi 11 Cherkasy 9 Zaporizhia 9 Ternopil 7 Uzhhorod 7 Mykolaiv 6 Zhytomyr 6 Crimea 6 Kherson 6 Khmelnytsky 6 Kremenchuk 5 Lutsk 4 Luhansk 4
  13. 13. Participants of the Project 0 200 400 600 800 1000 Public figure Political leader Researcher, scientist Governance specialist Entrepreneur, manager in the area … Journalist, blogger Lawyer, attorney Artist, culture leader Religion leader Educator Student, postgraduate
  14. 14. Motto of New Country Ukraine 2022 Country that breathes freely
  15. 15. Principles of New Country • Equal and responsible participation of citizens in country governance • Personal readiness to make decisions, act and respond • Respect for freedom and personal values of everyone • Justice and equality before the law Responsibility Respect
  16. 16. Principles of New Country • Integrity and balance in interaction of a human, society and nature • Steady increase in the quality of life • Creation of opportunities for opening the potential of every person Unity Opportunities Development
  17. 17. National Idea UKRAINIAN HAPPINESS Motto with mind and heart
  18. 18. 2014 2022 Integral country
  19. 19. 2014 2022 Country of welfare and justice Integral country
  20. 20. New Country – a Country of Happiness 2014 2022 Country of welfare and justice Integral country
  21. 21. National Idea UKRAINIAN HAPPINESS TOP-20 according to the Happy Planet Index
  22. 22. National Idea • Hosts • Creators • Diplomats • Warriors • Worthy • Responsible • Freedom-loving • Open (tolerant, sincere) Who are we, Ukrainians? What are we like?
  23. 23. Parameter 2014 2022 Happy Planet Index 100 TOP-20 Ease of doing business index 112 TOP-10 Rule of Law Index 68 TOP-20 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 144 TOP-30 HDI – Human Development Index 78 TOP-20 Democracy Index (Economist Intelligence Unit) 5.9 (hybrid mode) 9 (total democracy) Key Indicators
  24. 24. Experts by Groups 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 Ecology and nature Economy and entrepreneurship Law and order Foreign policy Infrastructure and energetics Constitution and political system Spirituality and culture National security Education&science Social policy and health care
  25. 25. Spirituality and Culture Group coordinator Serhiy Opria
  26. 26. «UKRAINIAN CULTURAL MIRACLE» Creating with mind, heart and hands! CREATING WITH OUR OWN HANDS! National Idea
  27. 27. Spirituality Culture Material world FAITH RELIGION TEMPLES State and process of the permanent Cognition and Transformation of Self and the World through spiritual practice Channel through which spirituality is transmitted in actions, works into the material world and, thus, awakens spirituality of a new order Surrounding world that we perceive by organs of sensation in nature, in something created, in actions and words Manifestations: Spirituality, Culture and the Material World
  28. 28. Ukraine in 2022: Vision of Private, Personality  Formation of personal Faith as a conscious choice  Freedom of choice in education, creativity, self-expression  Presumption of innocence  Personal responsibility for one’s own life in all its manifestations  Search, incipience, development of personal talent and its further realization, development of Spiritual and Ecological thinking
  29. 29. Ukraine in 2022: • Family culture is based on respect and relationship of generations • Family for every child! • Healthy living — important part of Ukrainians’ culture Vision of Private/Family
  30. 30. Ukraine in 2022: Vision of Community and Society • Culture of dialogue (‘vichevist’) – as a basis for community development, provides effective interaction of large groups of people for the common good of society and high quality of life • Activity of communities provides sustainable development of Ukraine
  31. 31. Ukraine in 2022: • Culture of entrepreneurship and doing business is based on personal and public responsibility Vision of Economy
  32. 32. Ukraine in 2022: • Love for a Human is the spiritual basis of politics • Happiness, Love, Truth, Good, Beauty are the spiritual basis of a new Ukrainian Nation • Economy develops based on the concept of sustainable development • Ukraine is a space, ground for birth of new world trends and nurturing unique forms of social life Vision of State and Nation
  33. 33. Ukraine in 2022: • Ukrainian Diaspora is an active Guide to Ukrainian Spirituality and Culture in the World! • Ukraine is an example of Diplomacy Culture • Ukraine is a Bridge between Peoples and way to a new civilized platform • Attractiveness of Ukrainian traditions and hospitality of the Country provide the incessant flow of tourists Vision of State and Nation
  34. 34. Identity of State and Nation • a Generator of ideas and common values • a Consolidator of positively thinking people • an Effective Moderator of perspective initiatives • a Granary of talents • a Space of the good and hospitality • a New World Center of a Spiritual Reboot Ukraine is
  36. 36. Parameter 2014 2022 Happy Planet Index 100 TOP-20 Penetration ratio of the ‘Ukrainianan’ into the world space (to develop) absent !!! Area ‘Spirituality and Culture’ in GDP structure of Ukraine less than 1% 5% Amount of patronage, milliard $ no data $5 milliard Level of support of the national idea in the social consciousness no data 95% Key Indicators ‘Spirituality and Culture’
  37. 37. Mystery of the Ukrainian Spirit SPIRITUALITY is LOVE of the Soul with the Universe Ukrasutra
  38. 38. Constitution and Political System
  39. 39. Management of the common — responsible synergy CITIZENS OF UKRAINE People are the only source of power Form government authorities Control and withdraw their representatives in authorities Participate in shaping decisions at all levels of governance Manage common resource in commu- nities Have the right of legislative initiative
  40. 40. Management of the common — responsible synergy GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES Act in the interests of citizens Adopt and effectively implement responsible decisions Accountable to and controlled by citizens through the system of electronic government May be removed by citizens in case of ineffective activity or violations
  41. 41. Principles of Building the Political System • ability of government authorities to make and implement decisions that coincide with the interests of people • decisions are made and implemented by government authorities in a transparent way • Ability to achieve maximum results using minimal (but sufficient) amount of resources • any person, group of people or social institute can not usurp the power • effective interrelation between all elements of the governance system; no unnecessary elements in the governance system • in the efficient governance • adequate and fair punishment for illegal actions of government authorities Functionality Efficiency Balance Transparency System Involvement of citizens Responsibility
  42. 42. Responsible Municipality Local authorities Governor Mayor E.C. E.C. E.C. E.C. District head District council Council Head of the community City councilRegional council
  43. 43. Responsible Municipality • Can set the size of the required payments independently, decide on the use of additional languages​​, the choice of magistrates, etc. • Decides and implements anything that does not deny the Ukrainian legislation and can be financed at the community level Community
  44. 44. Responsible Democracy • City is divided into communities. Several villages can unite into one community • Head of community or settlement is elected by general vote • In large villages, associations of small villages and cities boards of communities and settlements are created • Boards of large villages are elected by the general general vote of residents. Boards in rural communities (associations of small villages) include heads of villages. City boards include elected community representatives. • Boards form executive committees that carry out delegated powers under current legislation Community
  45. 45. Responsible Democracy People of Ukraine have the right to revolt enshrined in the Constitution
  46. 46. Responsible Democracy • Referendums are held twice a year (e.g., May 01 and November 07) • The referendums’ dates are set by the constitution, no additional decisions on such dates are required • Each citizen can submit an opinion at the local or national referendum • The list of questions, which are prohibited to be submitted at the referendum are delineated by the special law on referendums Referendum — citizens’ direct declaration of rights
  47. 47. • Government to Citizens (G2C): Electronic communication system between citizens and government. 24/7 requests and help operating mode • Government to Business (G2B): The interaction of the business and the state. Automation of tax payments, execution of electronic tendering, e-registration of companies Responsible Democracy e.Government 24/7 • Government to Government (G2G): Automation of record- keeping between administration bodies • e.budget: Controlling budget execution online!
  48. 48. • All citizens, NGOs, political parties and administration bodies at all levels have an equal right of legislative initiative • Each legislative initiative is subject to mandatory professional and public review Legislative initiative right Responsible Democracy
  49. 49. • The constitution guarantees publicity, openness and transparency of all actions other than those reasonably constituting a state secret • Freedom of speech, inability of external interference in the work of editorial, news agencies, Internet websites and prohibition of interference with the work of media professionals are embodied in the constitution • Simple and free registration for parties and NGOs Control of governance bodies Responsible Democracy
  50. 50. Central governance bodies Responsible Democracy President Control Supreme Court Control Elections Re-elections Citizens Parliament Cabinet of ministers Central election committee
  51. 51. Key indicators Parameter 2014 2022 Democracy Exclusively through representatives The right to revolt is embodied in the constitution General right of legislative initiative. E-Government Referendum The question of territory change. Upon state discretion Wide list of questions are tacked upon. Initiated by the citizens. Can be executed automaticaly Number of government officials 0.6% 0.3% Level of confidence in public institutions: Parliament 15% 60% Government 21% 60% President 20% 60% Local governing bodies 35% 75% Budget expenditures for state governance 1% 0,7% Democracy Index (Economist Intelligence Unit) 5.9 (hybrid level) 9 (full democracy)
  52. 52. Wealthy community! Happy Ukraine!
  53. 53. Law and Order Victoria Ptashnyk Group coordinator
  54. 54. Law-governed state • Human rights - the highest priority • Openness and transparency in the relationship between man and the state • Equality and fairness • Mutual responsibility of man and a state • Hiring government officials using professionals standards • Quality legislation • Culture of law compliance • Trust in law enforcement • Impartiality and objectivity of the court • Control of society over the government Key principles Components:
  55. 55. Quality legislation • Stability • Clarity, internal logic • Normative, rather than declarative • Fundamental human rights • The lack of controversy • Timely correction of non-performing acts
  56. 56. Confidence in law enforcement system • Equal rights of the investigator and the suspect • Criminal liability for violation of the attorney’s rights • Crimes against the State and national security • Prosecution in the court on behalf of the state • Defending public interests in court (within reasonable terms) • Municipal police (investigation of administrative offenses and criminal offenses) • Regional Police (criminal investigations) • National Bureau of Investigation (fighting organized crime and corruption in the highest state bodies) Advocacy National Security Service Public prosecution department Ministry of Internal Affairs
  57. 57. Just courts • Good will and independence of judges • Judge - a referee in the process • Competitive nature of parties in the process • Transparency of court decisions • The mechanism for appointment of judges complies with the interests of society • Availability of quality criteria corresponding to the judge title • Legitimate alternative dispute resolution
  58. 58. Control over state Державні службовці - відповідальні професіонали завдяки: Громадський контроль за їхньою діяльністю Вільний доступ до інформації про майно, доходи, в итрати держслужбовця і пов'язаних осіб Презумпція винуватості державних службовців Civil servants – responsible professionals due to: Public control over their activity Free access to information on civil servant and Civil servant’s presumption of guilt
  59. 59. Culture of law abidance My rights are limitless, until they are not violating the rights of others Respecting law – is cool Respectable people follow the law The law is one for all Responsibility is inevitable and adequate
  60. 60. Key indicators of quality change Category Clarification 2014 2022 Rule of law index (WJP) Limiting the powers of government institutions; Absence of corruption; Order and security; Protection of fundamental rights; Transparency of governmental institutions; Compliance with Laws; Civil justice; Criminal justice 68 of 99 count ries 20 Law enforce- ment system Trust index (%) 15,7 90 Number of offenses in Unified register of pre-trial investigation per 1 thousand people. The crime rate 12,2 5 Judiciary power Trust index (%) 13,3 90 Contacting ECHR per 10 thousand people 2,9 0,5
  61. 61. Ukraine – Abiding by Law. Inspiring! Guided by quality and understandable laws We use our rights We trust law enforcement Getting actively involved in decision- making and implementation
  62. 62. National Security Ruslan Olkhovskiyй Group coordinator
  63. 63. National security Protection of vital interests of man, society, and the state, timely detection, prevention and neutralization of real and potential threats to national interests in all spheres of state administration.
  64. 64. National Idea human state society nature Ecology friendly country Sovereign, United, Multinational, Organized, Member of the global security system, Energy- independent, Innovation hub, Patriot, law- abiding, subject to military service, information warrior, conscious citizen Self-governance, control over the state actions, member of national security National security 2022
  65. 65. Main theses • Ukraine - a sovereign, united, multinational, organized state, member of the global security system, makes power usurpation impossible • A citizen of Ukraine is a patriot, feeling his national identity • There is one national idea, which is perceived by the whole society • Society and the state dynamically form national interests based on national idea and the state of current threats
  66. 66. Man and society - passive objects of protection Man is the active subject enforcing national security of himself, society, state and environment NS 2014 NS 2022 “Transparent” border of state State border demarcated and reinforced along the entire length "Weak" army consisting of untrained draft reserve The professional military and "cyber" army with high potential of draft reserve (people = army) Corrupt. Number 144 in the corruption index(CPI) Uncorrupted. Top 30 in corruption index(CPI) Energy-dependant Energy-independent There are environmentally dangerous objects on the territory of Ukraine There are NO environmentally dangerous objects on the territory of Ukraine Man is a susceptible subject of information wars Every citizen is conscious, critically appraising recipient of information Key Indicators
  67. 67. State (internal security) • The professional military and "cyber" army with high potential of draft reserve (people = army) • The state secures information policy and guarantees the freedom of public media in accordance with national interests • State initiates and supports public monitoring and control of its own actions • The state guarantees the technical functioning of the country's information space
  68. 68. State (external security) • Ukraine - the leader of the region, the innovative hub (node​​) "Europe - Asia“ • The state border, including the Crimea, is demarcated and strengthened. Military security zone is formed around the border. Issues with the adjacent zones are resolved • “Ukrainian Club” is created, network of influencing agents is formed on its base • Ukraine is an integrated and active member of the international programs for combatting terrorism, illegal traffic of people, arms and drugs
  69. 69. State (eco-security) • National Bank of natural resources is formed • The state utilizes its own chemical, toxic, and radioactive waste • There are no environmentally hazardous facilities in Ukraine • There is an effective program of ecological security of Water Resources of Ukraine (primarily the whole Dnieper basin) • The state has formed a "zone of ecological safety" around its borders
  70. 70. Market (economical safety) • Ukraine energy-independent: energy resources are interchangeable and diversified by type, country of origin and are supplied on a competitive basis • Ukraine is in the top 30 of corruption index CPI (2013 - #144) • The state ensures control and prevention of economic interference of foreign countries, groups and corporations that threaten national security
  71. 71. Private life (man) • Ukrainian – Law-abiding Citizen • Citizen consciously takes care of his physical and mental health for longevity • All citizens are secured free access to a comfortable life • Every citizen is conscious, critically appraising recipient of information • Every adult citizen is subject to military service and undergoes military training • Ukrainian family consciously chooses to raise more than 2 children • A citizen consciously chooses to realize his creative and intellectual potential in Ukraine • A citizen of Ukraine is the owner of natural resources of the country and responsibly uses, maintains, and increases them for descendants
  72. 72. Society • There is an extensive and interconnected network of civil society initiatives to monitor and interact with all aspects of national security • Society has effective mechanisms for the removal of officers and members of parliament • Active cultural exchange between communities of different regions is introduced • Municipal police is formed following the principles of elected leadership • Each community plans and ensure implementation of the Civil Defense actions (CD) • Each community is responsible for the disposal and recycling of its waste • Each community is involved in an effective state program of savings and energy efficiency • There is an effective state demographic policy aimed at growth and rejuvenation of the population
  73. 73. None of my business – but the first to encounter an enemy
  74. 74. Natalia Lymonova Education and Science
  75. 75. Top mission • Full realization of the potential of each person throughout life, creating society of conscious individuals, which are the foundation of world leadership in Ukraine. Education and Science in New Country promote:
  76. 76. Principles of Education and Science • Culture of dialogue, peace and harmony • Interaction on the team-building principle • Serving, volunteering • Network communities DISCLOSURE OF POTENTIAL OF EACH INDIVIDUAL THROUGH: SOCIETY IS FILLED WITH: • Focus on thorough integral development of each individual • Freedom of choice for individual agencies, places, programs, methods, means of education, teachers and mentors • Building a culture of life-long education, ability and willingness to self- realization • Continuous perception of the self and the world
  77. 77. • Raising free thinking active citizens of the Country • Ability to think critically, to understand the world, to make decisions responsibly • 100% responsibility for one’s own life • balance between national identity and multiculturalism, openness to the world • Delivering the national idea in the educational environment Principles of Education and Science Conscious individuals:
  78. 78. Science of the New Country serves as the education’s medium and is the catalyst for social development New mechanisms and instruments of innovative development - techno, technology parks, business incubators, clusters, technology platforms. BUSINESSSTATE EDUCATION INNOVATIONS Intellectual production, new technologies development Ensures effective use of new knowledge and applications of developments and inventions
  79. 79. Education and Science Values People strive to reveal their talent, their potential through the development and interaction of family and community Respectable individual in a respected country FAMILY INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT TALENT INTERACTION AIM COMMUNITY
  80. 80. Principles of Education and Science • appropriate to current needs of the individual and society, accordingly suitable education content and the relevant state standards • education, science and business work closely to aid each other. • introduction of new technology , including communicational as well as educational games , etc • use and the possibility of combining different forms of education ( full-time , evening , distance or remote, external studies , network , family , self- studying, etc.) RELEVANCE: MODERN:
  81. 81. Principles of Education and Science • free development of education and science • academic freedom • autonomy of educational and science institutions • incorporation of ethno-cultural characteristics, values and traditions of various Ukraine's nationalities • State partnership in education and science , Non-governmental organisations and Civil Society associations along with public authorities • Private and State educational, scientific and investment partnerships, Philanthropy projects • National educational system and Science integration into the global and European educational and and science environment on an equal and mutually beneficial basis FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND FREEDOM OF DEVELOPMENT: PARTNERSHIP:
  82. 82. Desired future 2022 MANSTATE Now Educational Contents Formed by the State Formed and maintained by social and professional expert institutions Inclusive education Residual principle of financing. The institutions is the master player People with disabilities are integrated into the overall process of education Globalization Has a status of Civic-Professional individual certification. which provide educational services to be carried out by civic and professional institutions accordingly. Carried out by educational authorities Science Prioritized target financing. The main aim is a Scientist. Individual Talent Priority of academic talent recognition Recognition and dignified approach to any human talent. People with disabilities are isolated in educational reservations Integrated into the global, educational, and scientific areas on the basis of equality and mutual benefit; educational outcomes in line with international requirements for quality education. Obsolete, irrelevant education and research ; relevant international practices are not used, or used without adaptation for domestic cultural and economic characteristics. Certification and ACCREDITATION Educational model Passively-observed, learning from lectures Problem-focused, learning- based on the tutor approach The Role of pre- school education. The place where children stay while parents work. Environment of emotional and social development (EQ + SQ) Education subject
  83. 83. Pupil/ StudentStudent is an OBJECT of education but does not have the ability of choosing the form of education; its right to choose education is limited. Subject and Major education Recipient has the right to choose shapes, locations , directions , methods and means of education, the right to choose the teacher /professor or a mentor. . Family Does not have the authority to supply or choose the form of education. Limited capabilities required to participate in the management of education. The high level of Paternalism. Subjects and main Recipients of education of their children, have the right to choose the form of education and parenting. Partnership of the State and Society in the formulation and implementation of public policy in education and take active part in public governing. Teacher Has low level of academic freedom. Low level skills to implement educational reforms. Limited opportunities to participate in educatjonal management . Low social status and low level of financial support. The high level of paternalism. Both individual, Society as well as the state take part in the formulation and implementation of public policy in education. Have a high level of academic freedom, have a variety of methods to choose the shape, academically sound methods and means of education; academic creativity, means of identifying educational initiatives , the introduction of copyright education programs , projects , methods , techniques and methods 2022 MAN STATE Now Desired Future Education subject
  84. 84. 2022 MAN STATE Now The employer, Business Restricted from participating in educational management. Participation substituted by charity. Suffering from a lack of personnel with sufficient quality training and qualifications. Re-training candidates for the office positions , organizing further re-qualifications that is mostly well needed. Subjects and Suppliers of education that are getting enough staff with the requisite qualifications. Individual's Partners, society and the state Partners in the formulation and implementation of public policy in education. They use different forms of Social and Civic Engagement in the organization and management of education and actively participate in community governance . Investors in Education. Territorial Communities Local Governments completely subordinate to the central authorities , have no real autonomy in the management of the educational sector on their own territory . They are just formally owned educational institutions that demonstrate a high level of Paternalism. . Subjects and Suppliers of education in accordance to the needs of the local community. Individual's Partner, Partners of Society and the State in the formulation and implementation of public policy in education. Local governments have the rights of real autonomy in the management of the educational sector on its own territory ,hence is the effective owner of educational institutions in their constituencies. Investors in education. Desired Future Education subject
  85. 85. Desired future 2022 MANSTATE Now State Centralized management of educational system with low levels of development of local governments, public authorities, only the formal involvement of public in the formulation and implementation of public policy in education CUSTOMER of education is to meet the needs of the State. Individual's Partner and Society in the formulation and implementation of public policy in education. The state creates opportunities , conditions (legal, financial, material , etc.). Educational Investor, in particular, is providing government funding of public demand on education. State government is the Subject of education. The Main Features of Education Funding Calculated on the basis of the costs of the previous period in order to maintain existing infrastructure and teaching staff. Violation of the constitutional principle of the budget of the educational system on a fair and equitable distribution of wealth with guaranteed maximum approximation educational services directly to their customers. The lack of mechanisms for Investment in education. Based on the sufficient supply to fulfill the needs On the principle of " costs follow the apprentice / student "; fair and equitable distribution of wealth with guaranteed maximum approximation educational services directly to their customers. ( Perhaps the introduction of educational vouchers) a mechanism for investing in education with appropriate rights of investors to participate in educational management. Recognition of the types and forms of education Recognized by law, all types and forms of education , possibly a combination of different forms of education. Do not have a completed legal regulation : individual, external studies , distance , network . Not found : the whole field of non-formal education informal education. Education subject
  86. 86. Key indicators Parameters 2014 2022 h-index (Hirsch Index) Ukraine in 2008: 85 Ukraine: 255 PISA – International program for assessing students’ educational achievements Ukraine absent. Average in OECD, 2012: Reading comprehension: 504 Math: 494 Natural sciences: 501 Ukraine : Reading comprehension: 525 Math: 530 Natural sciences: 540 Satisfaction with the quality of education N/A More than 60% of the population 25 years old The number of universities in the world rankings (top 500) 3 10
  87. 87. Social policy and healthcare Oleksandr Zhyginas
  88. 88. Ukraine in 2022 is A country where healthy and happy people live in friendly and wealthy communities Parameters 2014 2022 Human Potential Development Index, UNDP Ranked 78 among 187 countries TOP-30 Life expectancy at birth WHO (2012) / CIA (2014) 71 / 69 74
  89. 89. Key theses • Healthcare Improving society health through economic factor. Great to be healthy! • Social protection The state is guaranteed to support those who do not have other sources of support • Social responsibility Equal access to social capital • Community development Community – provides environment for human development
  90. 90. Private sphere (I, mine) Ukrainians - not dependents, but creators •Paradigm shift: from paternalism and indifference to self-sufficiency and mutual support. •Health is seen as a renewable resource, the investment in which is economically viable. •Increased fertility is derived from economic growth. •Active social stance is a mechanism of social lift in the community.
  91. 91. Public sector (we, ours) Social partnership medium •Communities on guard of social protection of their members. •Shift from institutional care to providing services in the community. •Civil society organizations meet the needs of everyone to be in the society. •Horizontal relationships are the movers of community development.
  92. 92. Market Business- socially responsible •The private sector provides access of people to social and medical services beyond the minimum guaranteed package of services in the public sector. •Competition in this market generate a proposal for every budget, from which the client chooses the best. •Social partnership between business and civil society. •Social entrepreneurship - the transformation of social reality, creating new values
  93. 93. State Creating the rules, helping the needy, non- interference in the lives of independent people •Fair aid distribution. Dedication and case management in social work. •An efficient and client-oriented healthcare system in the public sector. •Accessibility of environment, absence of social and physical barriers. •State awareness of legal and financial subjectivity of the communities.
  94. 94. Key differences 2014 2022 Paternalism, indifference, secrecy of information, lack of choice Individualism, personal responsibility for conscious informed decision making The principle of distribution of social benefits - equality The principle of distribution of social assistance - justice Centralization, control, Top-bottom decision making process Subsidiarity, the autonomy, the problem resolved at the level of its origin Institutional care Public care State - the key agent of social assistance State - one of the agents of social assistance (social security), having equal rights with community and business
  95. 95. Fishing rod instead of fish But no so :)
  96. 96. Economy and Business Pavlo Illyashenko
  97. 97. Ukraine - 2022 • The most attractive place in Europe for investments, doing business, innovations and personal development • Innovative and Infrastructural hub (node) ‘Europe – Asia’
  98. 98. Key Indicators Parameter Now New Country goals GDP per capita - nominal $3 861 $13 000 Індекс розвитку людського потенціалу 78 39 means Рейтинг в легкості ведення бізнесу 112 TOP-10 Інвестиційна привабливость 67 TOP-20 Global Innovation Index 71 TOP-20 Державні видатки до ВВП 45.6% <25% Податкове навантаження до ВВП 38% <18% Ease of doing business index Tax burden % of GDP Public expenditure as % of GDP Investment attractiveness Human Development Index
  99. 99. Main Principles • Ownership rights are protected • Transparency of state actions and rules of the game • Deregulation, restriction of state intervention • Freedom of entrepreneurship • Equal access to opportunities • Innovation • Competitiveness in the global scale • Integration into the international financial system • Systematic approach and sustainability of legislation
  100. 100. Economic Priorities • Creation of cost, mainly high- technological final products • Formation of the system of national and regional clusters. For example: agricultural complex and processing, tourism, transport and infrastructure, ІТ • International integration of financial system. Free foreign exchange market • Availability of capital for business (banking, investment, venture capital, mortgage)
  101. 101. Economic Priorities • Priority is non-governmental investments into economy. High percent of internal, including private investors • Demonopolisation, free development of entrepreneurship • Developed system of techno parks, business-incubators and other forms of cooperation (education + science + business) • Stimulating investments in the Ukrainian innovations
  102. 102. State State does not conduct economic activity, has no means of production. The government gets income as taxes and rent for the use of mineral and other resources rather than dividends from SOEs Person -conditions for self- realization -freedom of entrepreneurship and investments Society -security and defense -equal access to opportunities -adherence to the principles of law Economy and entrepreneurship -sets the rules of the game at the market - antimonopoly, monetary policy -technical and legislative regulation -ownership rights protection State provides:
  103. 103. Human Development • Person is a main part of capital of the country. Maximum opportunities for self-realization • Self-employment is the most popular form of work • Development of entrepreneurship skills in family, educational system • High financial literacy, Ukrainians invest their own savings into innovation sphere of the country • Poverty exists only as a person’s own choice
  104. 104. Society of Creation • Socio-value lifts are created, that exist due to family,modern forms of education, entrepreneurship, citizen initiatives, social projects • Integration of educational system with business-opportunities for the development of creative potential and ideas at any age in any region of Ukraine at any stage of idea development • Social control of government authorities • ‘Maidan-effect’ – model based on horizontal connections of initiative and creative people that unite for changing rules of the game and creation of ‘plosive’ products
  105. 105. Yulia Struk Infrastructure and Energetics
  106. 106. Unity • Infrastructure provides integrity of the country and integration with the world Information, Transportation and Energy systems. Ukraine – Infrastructural Hub of the world meaning and level
  107. 107. Principles of Development Adoptability Safety (including ecology) Harmony Efficiency Manageability Customer orientation Independence (including alternatives) Transparency Quality == by means of innovations ==
  108. 108. Infrastructure is Efficient Efficient infrastructure provides free movement of resources, information, goods and services, supports economical development and helps to reach social goals, such as rising the level of quality of life, level of education, in harmony with ecosystem. Infrastructure and Energetics supports country development strategy in the world context, is based on principles of sustainable development: Economical Development Social Progress Responsibility for the environment
  109. 109. Social Progress (Respect and Development) Infrastructure is a platform for value creation and its delivery to the consumer: • Considers consumer interests optimally: a person, business and state. • Satisfies consumer needs as to necessary amount and quality. • Transparent at all levels with open information. • Guarantees high-quality level of life, self-realization in large and small localities. Is governed by territorial and functional, network community. New: working places, types and levels of education.
  110. 110. Economic Development (Opportunities) Infrastructure and Energetics set world standards: • All elements are standardized, have a set of balanced scorecards. • United information system is implemented (Е-governance…) Infrastructure is developed based on: • diversification of opportunities, • unification of its maintenance, • far perspectives of society development, • attracting investments and conversion of subsidized industry into profitable one. Ukraine 2022 in Energetics: Reduced use of hydrocarbons, Energy Efficient, Energy Independent and Can export.
  111. 111. Responsibility for Environment Infrastructure is built according to the principle of ‘resources economy’. Supports: • locked up principle of natural resources use, • optimal connections, • energy efficiency, • self-sufficiency - uses the necessary and sufficient amount of resources and increases them. Ukrainians consume with responsibility: collect and recycle all waste, use ‘easy’ and ecological transport, restore polluted spaces, develop recreations and parks, ‘green roofs’, build ‘a city of the future’ based on principles of visions, and not only this…
  112. 112. Parameter 2014 2022 Share of tourism in GDP 1,5 – 2,5 % 4,5% Energy efficiency rating by regions, compared to EU 0,4-0,64 0,9-1,1 NRI 3,87 5,5-6,0 Ukraine in the Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T no yes Ukraine has highways 0 more than 8000 km Passenger traffic 6620,0 mln. 13000 mln. System of hubs from international airports 0 5 Key Indicators
  113. 113. Key Indicators Parameter 2014 2022 % of housing infrastructure restored 0% 80% % of waste recycled 8% 100% Renewable energy 0,7% 12-20 % % of population which has access to the worldwide information network 50% of population is older than 16 years 100% High transportation ‘connection’ of regions Country indicator: 0,03 km/square km Unevenly by regions. Country indicator : >1 km/square km Evenly by regions. Depends on indicator of people/ square km
  114. 114. Key Indicators 2014 2022 The chain of priority doesn’t work: a person, business, state. Free movement of people, information, goods, services and resources. Infrastructure doesn’t unite. Infrastructure unites and develops the country. ІЕ doesn’t take care of future generations, often is an obstacle for sustainable development. ІЕ helps to take care of future generations. Energy-inefficiency. There is no energy independence and security. Energy efficiency, independence, security. Society owns resources. ІЕ gives opportunities, it doesn’t restrict them
  115. 115. Holistic, well-off and developed Infra - structural Hub in the world 2022
  116. 116. Ecology and Nature Svitlana Kazanchuk
  117. 117. Eco-VISION • Space of harmonic coexistence and development of a human being and all other biological species • Healthy environment that complies with the European norms according to the key quality indicators • Environmental Code: legislation and executive system coincide with the ecological focus of sustainable development. • United information-coordanation ecoportal and network of authorities on ecosecurity control, integrated with the system of civil protection, combating and prevention of disasters • Image of Ukraine as an eco-country, attractive for life and collaboration, and active participant of global processes of sustainable development Country of harmonic social-natural development
  118. 118. Development Dynamics of Healthy Country Complex of THINKING, ACTIONS and RESULTS that allows to save the best, revive lost, support development ECO– APPROACH to all areas of life 2014 2022
  119. 119. Finding balance between satisfaction of modern needs of humankind and protection of interests of future generations including their need in secure and healthy environment Sustainable Development Concept
  120. 120. Eco-approach to all areas Efficient social institutes of ecological development that have influence on the state politics, power authorities, business and population Development of the ecology-economic system as a whole, where business development doesn’t harm the environment and is directed at the increase of economical as well as natural capital Development of ecothinking and ecoconsciousness of citizens as a basis for their joint and harmonic life in nature and society STATE SOCIALLIFE BUSINESS ECO APPROACH Goals of sustainable development are a basis of state policy and public control HUMAN
  121. 121. Key Indicators Parameter 2014 2022 Human Development Index 78 39 Environment Index 95 from 178 40 from 178 (Latvia level) Level of tension and ecology situation 1<Ке<2 (critical situation) Ке<0,3 (safe situation) Level of ecology democracy development (Aarhus convention implementation) Isn’t implemented by Ukraine Implementation of the convention is supported on the legislative level and in practice Stable development indicators Absent Satisfactory level
  122. 122. Key Indicators Parameter 2014 2022 Natural Capital Index 31,7% in 2002 compared to 1995 100% provided sustainability of natural capital Indicators of quality of natural environment, levels of harmful physical and biological influences on it Indicators are not used Within the established standards Area of the nature reserve fund No compliance with ecologically necessary standards especially in terms of complete extraction from households use Compliance with European indices and ecologically required standards GDP Ecological capacity; Specific ecological expenditures in GDP 16,53% (2002) 0,5% (2005) 5% 5%
  123. 123. Foreign Policy
  124. 124. The goal to which we are going • Independent country with a new system of efficient interaction with the world: Which is based on national values and is worth of support and respect of global community • Built on the principles of dignity, dialogue and effectiveness • Is defined entirely by the people of Ukraine • Personifies national interests of Ukraine as a state and protects the interests of each Ukrainian • Steadily integrated into the world economy • Complies with conditions and challenges of modernity Ukraine - an active subject of foreign policy
  125. 125. What Is Ukraine’s Mission in the World? Freedom of states from geopolitical manipulations and backroom conspiracy Promoting national interests, protection of citizens’ rights and the Ukrainian diaspora abroad
  126. 126. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Provides Realization of Ukraine’s Mission in the World Infostrategy Professional diplomatic service National interests Visa freedom Society involvement Innovation Aesthetics of relations
  127. 127. Economy Consciousness Diplomacy  Reliable partner  Own projects  Network business  Values  Partnership  Horizontal connections  Openness  Professionalism  Aesthetics  Responding to the global challenges of the world
  128. 128. State • Ukraine is initiator of formation of a new foreign world order, namely is the guarantor of subjectivity of small states • Professionalism of diplomatic service is essential for the successful implementation of foreign policy • Involvement of people in the state governance Economy Society Positive trade balance GDP growth Ukrainian companies at NASDAQ Human Development Index (UN) Human rights Social standards Level of education Criminality level
  129. 129. Market (Economy and Business) • Ukraine is a reliable partner • Ukrainian network business • Own international projects • Share of small and medium business 60% • GDP via state – 25% • GDP per capita – $13000 • Taxes 18% Internal business and financial environment • Transparency Index -> Top 30 • Doing Business Index -> Top 10 • Investment Attractiveness Index -> Top 20 • Human Development Index – 78->39 Business reputation Economyof dynamic development
  130. 130. Civil Society • Open dialogue between diplomatic service and civil society • Deepening relations with and support of the Ukrainian diaspora • Deepening horizontal connections between Ukrainians and representatives of other cultures • Підтримка діаспори Independent trade unions People’s diplomacy Self-government and making decisions Support of diaspora Participation in international projects Self-governing communities Public control еMaidan Charity Expert councils The Community Prosperity Index
  131. 131. Criteria of Vision Implementation • Visa-free regime with all countries • Successful functioning of the online- platform for citizens’ communication with diplomatic service • A well-established mechanism of information strategy implementation • Implementation of a clear foreign policy strategy in accordance with the mission
  132. 132. Love U Ukraine - the country of your unlimited opportunities. Ukraine - get exсited! Democracy Culture Security State TrustNation Future Freedom Respect Language Tradition LifeFamily Spirituality Openness
  133. 133. What next
  134. 134. New Country: what next? We need: 1. To prepare text description of vision in each group: expanded with annexes and one-page essay (format will be sent) 2. To prepare expanded presentations (according to the template) 3. Organizational committee should create graphics and prepare the final general document. Translate the full document into Russian and brief document should be translated into English. Distribute the documents. 4. Make presentations and hold discussions of Vision in different communities and cities of Ukraine (we’re asking all active participants of the project to get involved) Vision Project ‘New Country’: second phase
  135. 135. What next 1. Formation of the project groups on reforms strategy creation 2. Development of Civil platform 3. Development of Liquid Democracy 4. Employment of politicians of New Country 5. Vision of regions, cities
  136. 136. New Country Strategy 1. Coordination center of the New Country Strategy 2. Project groups • Economic strategy • Tax reform • Education reform / Professional standards • other projects – waiting for proposals
  137. 137. ‘Laboratory of Ideas’ Platform ‘Tax Code of New Country’ Project Taras Kozak
  138. 138. Aim of the ‘Laboratory of Ideas’ To create a platform for the Vision of ‘New Country’ implementation To unite the potential of New Country activists and involve initiative groups with developments on the selected topic To receive texts of bills agreed with public To be a smithy of the staff of new Ukrainian elite
  139. 139. “Tax Code of New Country” Project Mission of the project: A brick in the New Country basement Aim of the project: Creating tax system concept (minimal program) Creating the new Tax Code of Ukraine according to the principles of Vision(maximum program)
  140. 140.  Building platform for presentations discussion defense popularization of the new tax system ideas Creating the team of specialists  Realization of the agreed concept in the final document – the Tax Code “Tax Code of New Country” Project
  141. 141. Forming a Project Team Conformity with ideas and principles of Maidan Access for everybody willing to get involved including people from regions Availability of results Publicity of decision making Only constructive criticism Proposals of ‘creators’ are evaluated, not their authority or merits Team of coordinators is out of ‘battle’, doesn’t influence the choice
  142. 142. Project Contacts Facebook: Group ‘Taxes–New Country-Economy’ Web: Reporter: Taras Kozak
  143. 143. Liquid Democracy
  144. 144. Civil Platform Coordination of community activists’ efforts, project initiatives Oleksandr Starodubtsev Vladyslav Olenchenko
  145. 145. Employment of Politicians 1. President of New Country will accept the vision of New Country as a task 2. Political powers of New Country
  146. 146. Let’s together build the country that breathes freely! See you!