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Solution for Dematerialization Digitization of documents management of documents Electronic Signature and process improvement optimization.

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Digidemat general presentation

  1. 1. January 2014 Document Management Solutions General presentation 35 strada Dionisie Lupu | Sector 2 | Bucuresti Page 1
  2. 2. Document Management Solutions >> Digitech and Digidemat >> DIGITECH - WHO ARE WE? DIGITECH is a French company set up in Switzerland and Romania. DIGITECH is an editor and integrator of solutions for the whole chain of document processing. We have 20 years of experience & 50 engineers specialists in content management. Business know-how and proven expertise in project implementation >> DIGIDEMAT - WHO ARE WE? DIGIDEMAT is the Romanian platform of DIGITECH for Eastern Europe since 2010. Digidemat's team in Romania ensures implementation and monitoring of the Document Management System projects (developers / integrators, testers, project managers). France | Switzerland | Romania Project management 35 strada Dionisie Lupu | Sector 2 | Bucuresti Development & test Support & maintenance Page 2
  3. 3. Document Management Solutions >> Solutions >> WHICH ARE OUR AREAS OF EXPERTISE? We provide consultancy to help companies to organize their document flow. We have solutions for digitizing the document lifecycle: Digitization process Electronic signature Content Management ADR OCR INDEX Paper document Scanning Indexation Holographic Proof Cryptography signature certificate Classify and search Sharing platform Archiving Specialist in paperless solutions ! 35 strada Dionisie Lupu | Sector 2 | Bucuresti Page 3
  4. 4. Document Management Solutions >> Digitization process >> WHAT IS OUR DIGITIZATION PROCESS SOLUTION? AIRS Capture is the DIGITECH software which, through ADR (Automated Document Recognition) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), allows you to recognize and to extract easily the information and to link it to your business meta-data. >> Process example Extraction of the meta data (Name, date, ID number…) Automatic recognition of document types (invoice, contract, mail etc.) 35 strada Dionisie Lupu | Sector 2 | Bucuresti Direct guidance of the document to appropriate department (Accounting, HR, Marketing…) Page 4
  5. 5. Document Management Solutions >> Electronic signature >> WHAT IS OUR ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE SOLUTION? QuickSign our french partner offers innovative solutions based on the customer file digitization and acceleration of the subscription process. QuickSign portal is the platform regulating the subscription process. >> Process example FACE‐TO‐FACE SELLING PROCESS Integrity QS platform Agreement 35 strada Dionisie Lupu | Sector 2 | Bucuresti DISTANCE SELLING PROCESS Integrity QS platform Agreement Page 5
  6. 6. Document Management Solutions >> Document management system >> WHAT IS OUR DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SOLUTION? AIRS DOSSIER is the DIGITECH software solution allowing for the classification, managing and archiving of corporate documents. We developed specific products for the following business areas: Accounting, Sales & After sales and Human Resources. >> Process example Back Office Server Input of documents (electronic or paper) Database Documents + Meta Data User Interface Organized documents Front Office Retrieve / Check / Compare Share / Approve Workflow Archiving 35 strada Dionisie Lupu | Sector 2 | Bucuresti Classifying Managing Page 6
  7. 7. Document Management Solutions >> Main advantages >> WHICH ARE THE BENEFITS OF OUR SOLUTIONS? • PROCESS EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT : • Save time in the product / contract subscription process with the electronic signature; • Improve the day to day operations of all business roles thanks to the DMS; • Improve the business processes using the electronic workflow between departments (less error with the electronic process, improved speed in the file exchange); • OVERHEADS REDUCTION: • Decrease in paper cost; • Decrease in logistic cost; • Decrease in archive cost; • QUALITY, CONTROL & SECURITY IMPROVEMENT : • Avoid the risk of document loss; • Control evolution of documents thanks to the versioning module (DMS); • Increase the security: documents are only available according to the user rights; 35 strada Dionisie Lupu | Sector 2 | Bucuresti Page 7
  8. 8. Document Management Solutions >> Contact Digitech - Digidemat Romain Couderc Business Manager - Romania romain.couderc@digidemat.ro Dionisie Lupu nr. 35, et. 2 sector 2, cod 020021 Bucharest Phone : 021 311 34 00 www.digitech.fr www.quicksign.com/en www.digidemat.ro http://dematerializare.wordpress.com 35 strada Dionisie Lupu | Sector 2 | Bucuresti Page 8