Presentazione di Andrea Contino, Direttore Microsoft Digital trends


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"Il Marketing Digitale e la comunicazione on line per Uscire dalla Crisi e cogliere le nuove opportunità di crescita" il 21 marzo a Roma si discute delle nuove frontiere della comunicazione

Per reagire con successo alla crisi, l’esperienza e la tenacia da sole non bastano più. Il fattore chiave per il successo di ogni attività di impresa oggi come oggi non può prescindere dalle nuove tecnologie e dalla presenza on line. Promuovere i propri prodotti e servizi, ma più in generale la propria immagine on line non è una cosa che s’ improvvisa.
Andrea Contino: Marketing Manager Trade di Microsoft Italia
Andrea Contino è un professionista di Comunicazione Digitale. Ha iniziato la sua esperienza lavorativa nel 2006 presso Microsoft Italia come PR Specialist. Prima di ritornare in Microsoft nel dicembre 2012 si è occupato di Social Media e Communty inMoleskine e Responsabile dell’agenzia dital Coffee Grinder. Fin dai tempi universitari scrive e collabora con importanti riviste del mondo video-ludico, passione che mantiene viva firmando ora recensioni per Nel tempo libero prova a condividere le sue opinioni con il mondo attraverso il suo blog, AC:

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Presentazione di Andrea Contino, Direttore Microsoft Digital trends

  1. 1. What if… …intelligent packaging dynamically responded to its contents, so that you could instantly see which items at home, were nearing their sell-by date? …you could control your home from your mobile … or your finances
  2. 2. “How is your relationship with technology changing?” “What do you want now?” “What will you want tomorrow?” We asked : 45 early adopters 8,000 online consumers A collaboration between Microsoft, The Future Laboratory & IPG Mediabrands
  3. 3. Value Me Creator CultureIntelligentlyON Age of Serendipity Enhancing the Real My Analytics Right to Anonymity Niche Networks 8
  4. 4. The Right to Anonymity What this means for brands Brands will need to offer greater transparency over privacy controls and terms of use, featuring them prominently and making them easy to use. Greater transparency will give greater trust. If you allow us to update our privacy settings, 65%of us are more likely to buy from you. No longer will we blindly allow brands to track and profit from our information without knowing where it goes. No longer will we post private content thoughtlessly to the web.
  5. 5. The Right to Anonymity Snapchat and allow photos, video and text to self destruct after a users determined time. – a service that helps you manage your digital footprint.
  6. 6. Value Me What does this mean for brands? Increased Consumer Expectation 44% expect all brands to reward them for sharing information. An Equal Party Reward us for our digital information and 59% of us are more likely to buy. Expected Value Exchange 36% are happy for brands to track and analyse their data in exchange for an optimised experience.
  7. 7. Value Me Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the "Klout Score“ a destination for users to keep tabs on their profiles are launching a “consumer data vault”.
  8. 8. Value Me Xbox Live Rewards Bing Rewards
  9. 9. IntelligentlyON What this means for brands? Relevance The future will see brands knowing when to appear and disappear. Earned Relationships Consumers will take control, and only allow services that are truly useful to then. Understand individuals not demographics. Intimate Significance 54% of us expect brands to know the right moment to talk to us.
  10. 10. Creator Culture What does this mean for brands? Collaborative Experimentation Brands must develop collaborative relationships with consumers opening themselves to consumers’ experimentation. Creative Involvement Brands should find ways to encourage consumers in creating new products or services, whether tweaks of their own or entirely new experiences. Hacking Openness 49% expect brands to be open and allow them to create a new product or service by using the brands original design and features.
  11. 11. Creator Culture Arduino
  12. 12. 19 ‘Creator Culture’ Leading the way with 3D printing • 3D print drivers bundled in Windows 8.1 • 3D printers on demonstration and on sale in Windows Stores
  13. 13. Age of Serendipity What this means for brands Be the brand that delivers pleasantly surprising experiences outside the usual product portfolio. Deliver us a pleasantly surprising experience and 61% of us are more likely to buy from you. Relevance & timing is everything. Build serendipity into loyalty programs to build longer term engagement.
  14. 14. Age of Serendipity Osito – intelligent digital personal assistant creates magic e.g.wakes you early if there are delays on your commute. Interflora – follows twitter and offered users a bouquet if they were unwell.
  15. 15. When advertisments is NOT OK When advertisments is OK • Do not interrupt a state-of-mind • Creepy tracking • Pop-ups • It’s not relevant • Unreliable messaging When is advertising OK? when serendipitous • When I initiate • Relevance (time) • Relevance (subject matter) • During my dead time/browsing time • Be true to being an advertisement • I want to discover, be surprised
  16. 16. Serenditious advertising “This is more art than advertising” “I like this its more entertainment than advertising” “This is really cool” “I would buy this car”
  17. 17. Enhancing The Real What this means for brands Digital experiences will shift more to enhancements of the real world. Consumers will expect to experience a diverse range of offline products in a highly developed, digitally alive physical context. 61% of us are more likely to buy from a brand that allows us to touch and feel their products wherever we are: in a store or on the Internet 47% already expect brands to heighten everyday experiences by engaging more of their senses. This offers an opportunity for advertisers to stand out by appealing to other senses and connecting in novel ways
  18. 18. Enhancing the Real Scentee – release a scent of your choice with touch or text. Microsoft IllumiRoom – projected visualisations surrounding TV (floors & walls) to enhance entertainment experience. Goertz – Virtual shoe fitting
  19. 19. Enhancing the Real Scentee – release a scent of your choice with touch or text. Microsoft IllumiRoom – projected visualisations surrounding TV (floors & walls) to enhance entertainment experience. Goertz – Virtual shoe fitting
  20. 20. Enhancing The Real New sensor technology • Control content and advertising with controller hand or voice. • Identifies individuals as the enter room. • Measures heart rate which can control content and gameplay.
  21. 21. Niche Networks What this means for brands Once they are granted access, brands have an opportunity to develop more meaningful relationships with their audience. Users on niche networks are more deeply engaged Make genuine connections with our interests and needs and 53% of us are more likely to interact with you This presents a big opportunity for brands looking to build closer and more rewarding relationships with consumers. Maintain credibility and avoid aligning with networks outside your niche.
  22. 22. Niche Networks WhatsApp exploding in use already bigger than Twitter. Nextdoor – private network to discuss local community matters. Path – app only social network restricted to 150 friends grown 163% in the last year.
  23. 23. Base: Skype user study Europe: N=2,517 Niche Networks Niche networks drive Skype usage • 75% have between 1 and 20 contacts • 70% not actively seeking new contacts • 68% introduced through family or close friend
  24. 24. My Analytics What does this mean for brands? Focusing on aspirational elements of the trend and not on practical is key to drive deeper engagement Naturally, health and beauty industries suit the trend, nevertheless most consumers expect all brands to help them to make improvements to their lives 55% of us are more likely to buy a product or service from a brand that helps us to identify how we can make improvements to our lives
  25. 25. What does this mean? • Put your consumers, their data and their privacy first. • Get to know them intimately not just a demographic. • Make every interaction necessary. • Create magic moments. • Nurture your consumers growth and self-development. • Find the perfect partner in technology but move quickly.