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LeaseWeb API Architecture @ APINL Meetup


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Slides of the talk given by Jeroen Visser and Elias Gomes at APINL Meetup

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LeaseWeb API Architecture @ APINL Meetup

  1. 1. API Architecture Elias Gomes Jeroen Visser
  2. 2. History
  3. 3. Spaghetti architecture Talking in their own language
  4. 4. One big team
  5. 5. “Simplifying our architecture will result in less complexity and dependencies and will give us more insight in communication.”
  6. 6. Client layer Gateway layer Process layer Service layer
  7. 7. Separation of products CDN CDN BareMetal BareMetal Domains Domains Cloud Cloud
  8. 8. Introduction of Developer Platform team
  9. 9. API Standards Github RAML API Designer
  10. 10. Gateway Elastic Kibana Apps Request Validation Headers The Gateway
  11. 11. Gateway Gateway Correlating requests
  12. 12. Central Logging Provide real-time insight of API usage, response times and errors.
  13. 13. Developer Portal Documentation for customers on how to use the APIʼs. - CDN, Cloud, BareMetal, domains, etc. - Code samples Continuous deployment in 1 minute after pull request approvals.
  14. 14. Questions?