A Broken EconomySeeking Social RecoveryIt is obvious that there is a need for some type of reform as a result of our econo...
simple, Capitalism has replaced Democracy! I am not the first to scream this out loud, and I will not be thelast to mentio...
We must emphasize that this approach to global governance has nothing whatever in common with thepresent aims of an elite ...
I imagine a world where each being is free to act according to his or her inner guidance, provided there isno violation of...
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A broken economy seeking social recovery


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Social change is imminent!

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A broken economy seeking social recovery

  1. 1. A Broken EconomySeeking Social RecoveryIt is obvious that there is a need for some type of reform as a result of our economic downturn. It should beequally understood that this deflation in our economy has been a consistent and progressive one. When wehonestly evaluate this persistence of regression it should be apparent that the current system has failed us. Ithas only been recently, that people have begun to question the validity of a system that does not meet ourbest interests. Unfortunately we all live under a system that we believed at one time would work.This is nota question we ever intended on pursuing. We all grew up together with the idea that if we had enoughambition and worked hard, this land we lived in was full of opportunity. We understood that there was nolimit to how much income we could accumulate through this free enterprise system. There are still manywho feel they have achieved much of this dream, and seldom wish to entertain the reality of those lessunfortunate. The time has come, when no one can ignore the reality that exists. Everyone knows somethingis not right when we compare the technological advances we’ve made, to how little our progress has beento alleviate the suffering that is becoming ever increasing and so obvious to see.As a nation and even aglobal society, we are beginning to wake up and question our mode of living.In America, we are beginning to look towards a solution, but we can also recognize it as a global problemas well. We are finding out that our economic dilemma is not unique to the rest of the world. America hasalways been a leader in the field of democracy, but we have recently discovered our values are inconsistentwith the vision from which our founding fathers used to form this great nation. It appears frustration andblame have replaced our overall unity that divides us to the point, where we find little hope of returning tothe foundations of our heritage. When democracy becomes a questionable substitute for a socialistic orcommunistic society, we must ask ourselves how it could be? There is no doubt that a democracy haswithin it, the necessary elements to implement human dignity and equal rights, so what has happened to thestructure that inhibits its success?The basis of a free enterprise system has a capital nature, on the surface it appears there is nothing wrongwith that, the harder you work at something the more you should be rewarded. So, the large Cooperationswe see today, is nothing more than company’s who make solid business decisions to produce large profits.A Cooperationsresponsibility is nothing other than profit driven, and it is not written in stone that theyshould be responsible for who they choose to employ or if they even have any employees. Free enterprisemeans just that, they are free to choose how they go about their business. We are beginning to realize thereis one problem with this concept; once a company becomes so large that the whole of society is dependantupon that company’s goods or services, society becomes very vulnerable. We have allowed our reliance onparticular means of energy, food production, and transportation. These are just three of our basic needs wehave become reliant on in society.When only a few cooperationsdominate any one of these resources, theybecome very powerful. We demand these goods or services, and they are only happy to supply us in anyway they see fit to do so. As we rely on these commodities we become willing to sacrifice many otherthings to acquire them. This has become the main cause of our dilemma. We want what they provide (orcontrol) and we are willing to sacrifice our working conditions, the price for our labor, and generally ourown self-worth. Laws are passed to enable these company’s to deregulate their pollutants, the taxesimposed on them, and the processes that keep them in place, all for fulfilling what we demand as a society.The problem is clear,but now we find ourselves withoutthe ability to function as a democratic society. Wehave slowly evolved into a society where greed has been able to systematically implement a different set ofrules. Our democratic power is overshadowed by the power of the elite few in big business. Plain and
  2. 2. simple, Capitalism has replaced Democracy! I am not the first to scream this out loud, and I will not be thelast to mention it. This did not happen overnight, but it is the reality of the times. In this day all over theworld the well-being of the majority of lives, rests in the hands of a minority. The majority does not wishto choose poverty, war, and disease! This is a fact, if you choose to ignore this reality and truth, then youare lying to yourself. This is a bad dream that we must wake up from. Social recovery is possible when webegin to question the reason that got us here. There is truly no relevancy in contemplating individual blame,for it is the system that has failed us.Beginning a social recovery begins with each individual. No one can claim immunity from this catastrophicdisplacement we find ourselves in. We will be unable to sustain our culture if things continue as they are.The good news is, there are movements that are already established and more to follow, that will detourfurtherdestructioncaused by this broken system. It is time to reclaim our rights as individuals, by joining inuniversal agreement that our voice does matter. Based on the simple right to the pursuit of happiness, wecan no longer allow a greed based system to dictate what is important any longer. Change is imminent, thesooner we join the solution, the quicker it can occur. First of all we must be educated to the currentcircumstances, and be willing to spread the truth. It is nothing but the truth we need as our guide. It iswithin the compassion of everyone’s heart that will lead us. When we all agree on common dignity and ourright to live in a better world, we will be on our way!I am going to illustrate movements that have already begun. I will trust that anyone willing to help withmaking a better world will take it from there. Do not let anything or anybody discourage your belief thatchange can happen. Remember the powerful people in this world have much to lose, and you may findmany obstacles in your journey. You will find an abundance of help along the way, and learn about themass of people behind you. There is great power in the majority of like minds, and it will not take you longbefore you realize the pursuit is worthwhile. Ask yourself one question; How much is human dignityworth? How much effort are you willing to give, when you are helping in putting people back to work?How much is it worth to live on a healthy planet, with clean energy, clean air, and non-polluted rivers? Donot be a skeptic, be a part of the solution.Here is a list of the movements I know of at this time, you may find others or develop others, but all canwork together on common ground.There aremany videos that can be found relating totheses movementsalso, they are very enlightening and inspiring. The descriptions below are directly taken from eachparticular movements website.The Venus Project; http://www.thevenusproject.com/ there is a video on the main page.Lookup Jacque Fresco: Futurist on www.youtube.comThe Venus Project reflects the culmination of Mr. Frescos life work: the integration of the best of scienceand technology into a comprehensive plan for a new society based on human and environmental concern. Itis a global vision of hope for the future of humankind in our technological age.The Venus Project ideology is based on a Resource Based Economy;A resource-based economy would utilize existing resources from the land and sea, physical equipment,industrial plants, etc. To enhance the lives of the total population. In an economy based on resources ratherthan money, we could easily produce all of the necessities of life and provide a high standard of living forall.
  3. 3. We must emphasize that this approach to global governance has nothing whatever in common with thepresent aims of an elite to form a world government with themselves and large corporations at the helm,and the vast majority of the worlds population subservient to them. Our vision of globalization empowerseach and every person on the planet to be the best they can be, not to live in abject subjugation to acorporate governing body.Democracy at Work; http://www.democracyatwork.info/ video on pageLook up Richard Wolffatwww.youtube.com for an enlightening lecture!Democracy at Work is a project, begun in 2010, that aims to build a social movement. The movement’sgoal is transitioning to a new society whose productive enterprises (offices, factories, and stores) willmostly be Worker Self Directed Enterprises (WSDE’s), a true economic democracy. The WSDEs wouldpartner equally with similarly organized residential communities they interact with at the local, regional,and national levels (and hopefully international as well). That partnership would form the basis of genuineparticipatory democracy. Workers’ Self-Directed Enterprises (WSDE’s): WSDE’s are enterprises in whichall the workers who collaborate to produce its outputs also serve together, collectively as its board ofdirectors. Each worker in any WSDE thus has two job descriptions: (1) a particular task in the enterprise’sdivision of labor, and (2) full participation in the directorial decisions governing what, how and where toproduce and how to use the enterprise’s surplus or profits.The Zeitgeist Movement; http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/ radio cast on the pageLookup, Peter Joseph lectures on www.youtube.comMission StatementFounded in 2008, The Zeitgeist Movement is a Sustainability Advocacy Organization which conductscommunity based activism and awareness actions through a network of Global/Regional Chapters, ProjectTeams, Annual Events, Media and Charity Work.The Movements principle focus includes the recognition that the majority of the social problems whichplague the human species at this time are not the sole result of some institutional corruption, scarcity, apolitical policy, a flaw of "human nature" or other commonly held assumptions of causality. The range ofThe Movements Activism & Awareness Campaigns extend from short to long term, with the model basedexplicitly on non-violent methods of communication. The long term view, which is the transition into anew social system, is a constant pursuit and expression, as stated before. However, in the path to get there,The Movement also recognizes the need for transitional Reform techniques, along with direct CommunitySupport.Thrive Movement; http://www.thrivemovement.com/video on page broadcast in multiple languagesThe solution strategies presented here are based on years of consulting with historians, visionaries, andexperts in all of the 12 Sectors. They offer promising possibilities for creating a world in which nobody’srights are violated and every person has the opportunity to thrive.Because such profound change cannot happen all at once, there are three overlapping stages of thesolution process: Stage One: Bringing integrity and healing to our current condition; Stage Two:limiting government control to the protection of individual rights and the commons; and StageThree: living solely by voluntary cooperation – rules, but no rulers.
  4. 4. I imagine a world where each being is free to act according to his or her inner guidance, provided there isno violation of any other’s person or property. VisionBy Foster GambleTimebankshttp://timebanks.org/ Inspiring videosonYouTube of people who are doing it in America.Time Dollars: The New Currency that Enables Americans to Turn Their Hidden Resource-Time-intoPersonal Security & Community RenewalIn the money economy we take price for granted. We know that when goods are scarce, prices go up andwhen they are plentiful, the prices go back down. Gas prices at the pump are a great example. It is hard forus to think about the economy without thinking about the price. Price is the way that our society uses toinsure that we give and get “fair value” for what we buy, sell and trade.What we forget is that you don’t need to have money with price built into it to have an economy. Aneconomy is really just a place where goods and services are produced, exchanged, and distributed. And,when you think about it, family, neighborhood, community, and civil society do all these things. Theyproduce, exchange and distribute goods and services like home-cooked meals (the real kind!), love for ourchildren, moral values, and a fair society. That is why we call them “the Core Economy.”TimeBank Hours are what you might call a designer currency, almost alarmingly simple: an hour’scontribution will earn one unit of exchange.Give an hour; get a credit. Spend the credit, receive an hour ofservice. This concept has already proven to work, there is a wonderful data based software available foradministration. This idea is growing all across the world! This type of organization brings communitiescloser together, and fills a need that will promote the self-esteem of anyone who gets involved.Anyone canjoin and anyone can contribute, but it is not money that we focus on, it is people!Although most of my concentration is focused on individual awareness and attainment, I am becomingincreasingly involved with social reform. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who wishes tocollaborate on this topic. You may contact me through my websitehttp://reachyourdreams.weebly.com/contact.htmlThose who create harmony in their own lives, can pave the path for the race to follow.Rolley Hurley(c) 2011 - all rights reserved