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The Social Difference


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Understanding your employee network to optimize social recruiting.

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The Social Difference

  1. 1. THE Understanding Your Employee Network DIFFERENCE SOCIAL
  2. 2. “It’s easy to see why the best referral you are going to get is when the referred candidate is known by the employee and they have worked together.”
  3. 3. Over the last three years, social networks have experienced exponential growth. The Social Network
  4. 4. Employee networks have grown accordingly, offering access to: structured career data through sites like LinkedIn The Employee Network unstructured data through networks like Facebook.
  5. 5. Employees are continually adding new contacts and growing personal networks. Encouraging employees to share jobs into their networks offers the potential to reach these connections, but it is only a chance. A direct message is always going to prove to be more effective.
  6. 6. All networks consist of an inner and outer circle. The inner circle includes those connections where an offline relationship exists based on work interactions and personal knowledge. The outer circle consists of those connections who have connected online . This offers access to data for mining and matching, and reach for personal messaging via an established connection. The Network
  7. 7. “When you consider the potential reach offered by the combined population of all of your employees, it’s easy to recognize the potential of operating your Employee Referral Program around social connections.”
  8. 8. The key here is to enable employees to weight the referrals they make, giving priority to those in their inner circle whilst leaving the way open to search all connections however distant for a skills and experience match. The use of data mining technology enables recruiters to identify potential candidates based on skills and experience of any employee who permits access by signing up for the Employee Referral Program. Optimizing Your Network
  9. 9. “Social referrals create pipelines, provided the matching algorithm is good, and the messaging relevant.”