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Introducing Social Referrals


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When companies ask employees for a referral, what they really mean is a recommendation. The number of people you would recommend in your network is relatively small. On average, your employee will be able to recommend 2-3 people off the top of their head. They’ve had a good experience working with them and have a strong relationship. This relies completely on memory and the volume is very low.

The difference today is that our employee’s networks are quite big. The average employee has an average of 634 connections between Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Of those connections, around 10% would be a good fit for a role within your organization. By reframing what we mean when we ask for a referral, and positioning it as an “introduction” to the most relevant connections in your employee’s network, we’re helping to drive pipeline and increase engagement. This is what we call “The Social Referral.” If your organization is not leveraging your employee’s ever-growing social reach, then you’re missing out on tons of untapped talent at your fingertips.

There are 3 levels of referrals: someone I know and recommend, someone I know of by reputation, and someone I’m connected with. RolePoint’s technology allows your organization to keep getting traditional referrals, or recommendations, while opening up the top of the funnel to what we call “The Social Referral.”

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