Staffing Agencies: 4 Surefire Ways to Increase Referrals for Independent Contract Hires


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With more and more independent contractors on the horizon, it’s important for your staffing agency to understand how to connect employer to employee -- and why referrals are the best way to do it.

Take a look at this presentation to discover some surefire ways to increase referrals for independent contractor hires.

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Staffing Agencies: 4 Surefire Ways to Increase Referrals for Independent Contract Hires

  2. 2. 1FORMALIZE YOUR EMPLOYEE REFERRAL SYSTEM When you’re getting started with employee referrals, it helps to have an actual system in place. This system can assist your staffing agency to stay organized and on track, as well as understand which people or teams are bringing in the most employee referrals.
  3. 3. It’s important to understand what you want out of your employee referral program. For example, if the goal is to increase referrals for independent contractors, your staffing agency should be able to use a system that’s tailored towards that need. This may mean utilizing a program that allows you to list a more detailed job description or pulls an employee who has a network of independent contractors. ! FORMALIZED SYSTEM CONTINUED
  4. 4. 2MAKE THE MOVE TO MOBILE When you don’t make the move to mobile, you’re essentially limiting the types of referrals you receive. For example, if a member of your staffing agency were at an independent contractor career fair and wanted to refer a quality candidate, they would have to wait until they’re either in-house or by a standing computer. This wastes time when you could have enabled certain mobile technologies within your referral system. ! !
  5. 5. ! Mobile capabilities helps people to refer independent contractors whenever, wherever. Here are a few ways to make the move to mobile: ! ● Mobile career sites are a place referrers can point members of their network to, ensuring a smoother candidate experience ● Mobile referral applications allow employees to access the referral program from their mobile devices, not just through an office computer or in-house operational system like an intranet ● Text and push notifications are key drivers that can assist referrers to stay active and engaged in the referral process ! The combination of these allows more people to be involved in a referral program, which is particularly helpful to those who are remote, on-the-go, or would like to make a quick referral from a professional event. ! ! MOVE TO MOBILE CONTINUED
  6. 6. 3SOCIALIZE YOUR REFERRALS The power of social recruiting is undeniable. Not only can it improve candidate quality, but also it can bring you to those candidates with faster turnaround. When you consider the potential reach offered by the combined population of all members of your staffing agency who are willing to sign on to a social referral program, there are a multitude of benefits. !
  7. 7. For example, socializing your referrals allows you to tap into multiple networks, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Additionally, access to the social networks of your staffing agency - and the organization you’re assisting - permits you to reach first, second, and third degree connections, opening up your referrals to more candidates. ! If your staffing agency has 100 members and each of those members has 300 friends on a social network like Facebook, you’re opening yourself up to 30,000 potential referrals. Clearly, not all of those connections will be qualified for the job. However, it does give you access to more people, with the potential of finding the right independent contractor for the job. ! SOCIALIZING REFERRALS CONTINUED
  8. 8. 4REWARD EFFORT You should reward referrers at every step of the referral process, not just for the hire itself. For example, if someone referred a few quality independent contractors, they should receive some sort of reward for going through the process. If a candidate gets a second interview, another reward can be given. Finally, if the candidate is hired, an even better prize should be waiting. This not only motivates referrers to suggest quality independent contractors, but also it can increase participation and engagement. ! !
  9. 9. You don’t have to hand out wads of dollar bills, either. On the contrary, cash rewards aren’t always the way to go since they may pose tax problems, involve due diligence, and are a complicated process overall. You don’t want to create a system that results in more trouble and costs more money. The point of a referral system is to cut down on cost and minimize time to hire -complicated cash rewards can elongate this process. ! Instead, offer smaller employee and team rewards. Smaller rewards allow you to offer more, while still keeping your wallet in check. Among others, here are some great rewards you can offer to your staffing agency, as well as anyone involved in the process: ! ● Professional development ● Social recognition ● Extra paid-time-off ● Subscriptions to industry publications ● Parking space ● Gift cards ● Movie tickets REWARD EFFORT CONTINUED