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How to reach employees with your referral program


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Now you have an interesting blend of rewards, to build a referrals culture, raising awareness is key. The good news is there’s more communication channels than ever to reach employees and many ways to make the messaging completely relevant.
Alerting employees via their work email is a great way to get the message across. Generally we see one email suggesting 3 to 5 relevant roles to each employee is the sweet-spot for engagement via email.
Mobile notifications are another great channel, if you have a dedicated employee referrals app notifying employees every two weeks on a Friday afternoon is a great way to keep referrals front-of-mind.
As part of team meetings reminding employees of hard-to-fill positions and recognising successful referrals is an easy way to emphasize the importance of referrals to the company. If you a large number of people in one location, referral posters and branded items like coffee mugs and top referrer t-shirts can also help generate buzz.
Also ask employees to share content as well as jobs, they are more likely to post an interesting employer branding video out to their contacts than job roles.
A blend of communication channels is the best way to get your message across, always make sure the information whether it’s roles, suggested candidates or content is as relevant as possible to the individual employee.

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