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Employee referrals in the staffing industry


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Contractors’ are more interconnected than ever before and many rely on these connections to find new opportunities. Social and professional networks make it easy for them to keep in touch and are fast becoming the primary way for them to find their next contract. Staffing firms have good relationships with these contractors but find it difficult to encourage them to proactively make introductions to suitable contacts in their network.

What if you could engage your entire contractor base and make it easy for them to refer their talented contacts to help you fill more requisitions?

This is where the right combination of incentives and social matching technology can help. By not only using success-based financial rewards, instead introducing micro-rewards and charity donations you can motivate a much larger population within your contractor base to participate in your referral program. Social matching technology help contractors locate which of their contacts would be most suitable and helps them track who they’ve referred. Transparency is also increased as they can see where their candidates are in the referral process.

A contractor base can be a staffing firms largest asset if engaged in the right way. Get in touch to find out more about how you can leverage social to expand the reach of your staffing organization.

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