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Bodasc Newsletter Summer 09

  1. 1. Summer 2009 Bridge of Don President’s piece Welcome to the “Summer nise the time and effort pacity, and currently have a Special” edition of our that Graham Bruno put in waiting list for new swim- newsletter. As always to deliver this enhancement mers wishing to join the there’s been lots happening to such an essential com- club. This is not an ideal since our last newsletter, so munication tool. position for the club and we we will try to give you some continue to pursue various Inside this issue: There are a many changes of the edited highlights. options to obtain increased happening at local authority pool time to accommodate The Club AGM was held in level with control of sport in Coaches Reports 2-5 the numbers of swimmers April, I am delighted that we Aberdeen passing from the we are attracting to the appointed volunteers to all council to a Sports Trust, the Committee Roles, I am Swimming will be included club. COAST in Sunderland 6 hugely indebted to all par- in this transition from the Finally I continue to be im- ents who have committed beginning of July. This pressed with the numbers BETA league results 6 their time thereby ensuring should provide a level of of our older swimmers who our club continues to grow financial security for the are continuing to support News from Swim Shop 7 from strength to strength. sport within Aberdeen that the club through poolside So a big thank you to all the has not been available pre- helping, teaching , coaching “old timers”, and a special viously. The plans for a and as committee mem- Swimmers of the Month 7 thank you to the new mem- 50m competition/training bers. It is satisfying to see bers who have stepped pool facility are well ad- these individuals choosing Ellis bows out at Ythan meet 7 forward to get more in- vanced and due for comple- to put something back into volved, already you are tion by 2012. In addition, the sport that they have making a difference. The changes within the COAST enjoyed participating in Success at Elgin Mini Meet 8 club always needs new structure are providing over the years, many faces coming along as the greater support and clarity thanks to you all. new and fresh ideas that for our performance swim- I hope you all have a great are brought to the table mers progressing through summer holiday, enjoy your keep the club vibrant. If all levels of competitive break from training, and YOU want to become more swimming. In summary, this come back after the break actively involved, through is an exciting time to be coaching, teaching or or- involved with Swimming in refreshed and raring to go. ganisation please make Aberdeen. Thank you for representing contact via any coach, Com- and supporting Bridge of Saturday 12th Sept. At club level our Learn to mittee member or the club Don ASC 2009 Swim scheme continues to website: feed on its previous suc- cess, a high percentage of Ron Fundraising Event Our newly designed website our swimmers progressing Ron Smith has been very well re- through into the Competi- Bag packing @ ceived, with new features tive squads within the club. President like club records, minutes Regretfully, ongoing council of meetings, and a coaches constraints mean we are Sainsbury’s, Berryden area. I would like to recog operating at maximum ca
  2. 2. Page 2 Bridge of Don Coaches Report: JT1 & JT 1A I took over the LTS classes the children in JT1 are During the summer holi- “Keep up the at Linksfield at the start of growing in confidence each days I would encourage all hard work the block and it has been a week and progressing well. my young swimmers to keep practising their newly and have a pleasure teaching all the acquired skills in prepara- children on a Monday and The JT1A classes are focus- tion for the new block. lovely Wednesday evening. ing on core skills and basic summer!” technique. My only JT2 class are becoming really Jessica Many of the children are competent swimmers who very new to the club so it is are focusing on stroke de- always nice to welcome velopment and technique. new faces to the class. All “Don’t miss the Coaches Report: JT2 & JT2a Swimming It’s been a pleasure to be I’ve also been very grateful As we near the end of this World working as part of the for the in the water help block of lessons I’d like to Championships teaching team this block. provided by Stevie Brands extend my best wishes to I’ve seen many of the kids for my Saturday morning everyone this summer holi- in Rome, I’ve taught before trying classes. I’m also aware day – take care and keep new skills and plenty of that Danielle Dewsbury’s swimming! new faces also joining the help with classes taking 17July - classes. We now have a place in the second tank Graham team of teachers who are has also made a real dif- 2 August” taking JT2 and JT2a ference. Seeing someone classes at both Bridge of in the water demonstrate a Don and Linksfield includ- skill can really help a swim- ing myself, Ellis Paterson, mer understand what is Michael MacDonald and being looked for. Jessica Smith. Coaches Report: JT2 Lots of hard work this term pool at Bridge of Don can worked hard and got used from everybody! We've cov- be a bit different, and it can to it, then that deserves an ered a lot of things take a while to get used to even bigger well done. this term, so thanks for the new, deeper pool. Some listening and trying hard. of you weren't sure whether It's not always easy to you could manage in the Michael remember all the different deeper water at first. But things I tell you to think now, you're swimming width about each week! after width with no prob- Watch out for Hannah Miley in Rome. lems. Moving from the smaller If you started off nervous in pool at Linksfield up to the the deeper water, but
  3. 3. Summer 2009 Page 3 Coaches Report: JT3 & 4 Well done to everyone in Well, it's that time again Keep up the good work eve- JT3, you have all worked where you are off on your holi- ryone and good luck to really hard and I have seen a days, but I would like to think those of you who move on big improvement in every still keeping up with the swim- to JT5. one of the squad. I hope that ming! You have all listened you have enjoyed your time well (most of the time!) and Thanks to Dani for her help with me, as I have had lots really tried hard this term to too. Enjoy the holidays and of fun with you. improve. I hope you have had look forward to seeing some fun too as that's what swim- old and new faces after the Hope you all have a great ming is about, as well as summer hols. holiday with lots and lots of learning to swim properly and swimming. be able to keep yourself safe Lorraine in the water. Karen Some of the older boys at Ythan Coaches report: JT4 We have had a very suc- summer, and are very much cessful time since the last looking forward to working newsletter, with our num- with them. bers swelling to a very Hope you have a very good Craig & rest “There are things healthy level. It will be sad to see people move on after summer. And I hope it is of the JT4 actually summery. Take we like doing and summer, but we wish them care, and see you soon. team the very best of luck. And things we find we will see you all again soon. hard and don't We are also very happy to like doing. receive the swimmers mov- Remember, it's the ing into the squad after hard things that need most Coaches report: JT5 Well done to everyone for breaststroke and in our hard things that need most practise!” plenty of hard work this streamlining off the wall. practise! term! Ellis and myself Oh, and our backstroke been giving you quite a lot starts don't look like ad- Well done, please keep up of work, especially on the verts for the Centre Park the good work. Friday length flumes anymore, so good session, so well done for job! keeping up the enthusiasm. Have a good summer. There are always things we I think the biggest improve- like doing and things we ments from everyone have find hard and don't like Michael come in front crawl, doing. Remember, it's the
  4. 4. Page 4 Bridge of Don Coaches Report: JC1 have put you through, so August. Remember to Congratulations to every well done! cheer on our local swim- single person who has mers. There have been some been in the squad through- amazing performances Before then, have an amaz- out the year, everyone has from the squad as a whole ing summer so that you’re improved and I am so and this attitude and deter- all rested and rejuvenated proud of you all. The tran- mination needs to carry on for when you come back to sition between JT5 and JC1 so that all can grow up to training. is huge, its the point where be as good as you can be. JC1&JC2 girls enjoy the Elgin mini meet you have been taught how Have a great time, to swim and are now ready I also urge you all to watch to train and become a the Swimming World Cham- “Everyone has competitive swimmer. All pionships in Rome starting Debbie of you have grasped this on the 17th July to get you improved, I am so concept well and got on into the swimming mood proud of you all” with all the hard sets I when you come back in Coaches Report : JC2 Summer is here already. JC2 has been a big squad So give yourselves a pat on Its been a great first six this year with lots of work the back and keep up the months So keep up the on technique and distance, good work. good work. with some great improve- I would like also to con- And continue to work hard. ments in both. gratulate all those who Hope you have a great sum- During competitions JC2 have got moved up to JC3. mer and see you all in Au- swimmers have done really well done. gust. well with medals and PB's. And thanks to all my pool- You have been a great Take Care. side helpers. credit to your squad and club. This shows that all the Also to the coaches that Kevin & Emma hard work pays off. have covered for me on my away days. Hi Everyone, Thank you also for all her new career. We the help you have would also like to wel- I would like to take given me since I took come back Jessica and this opportunity to on the role of coaches’ welcome Laura Mills to thank all the coaches rep. the club. for their hard work and all the encour- We would like to say Hope you all have a agement they have farewell to Claire and nice relaxing holiday. given the young swim- thank her for all her Yvonne L JC1&JC2 girls enjoy the Elgin mini meet mers in the club. hard work and wish her all the very best in Coaches’ rep.
  5. 5. Summer 2009 Page 5 Coaches Report :JC3 Speaking from experience, I mally able to come but have a coach the Elites and he know how hard it can be to Thursday where you can you coaches JC3. During these summon the enthusiasm to are still very welcome and sessions we’ll start with a com- attend morning training ses- entitled to attend. I try to inject mon plan which is then sions. They can however prove variety into the sets I write to adapted to appropriately chal- to be amongst the most of make them as interesting but lenge the range of swimmers rewarding of sessions. Swim- also as worthwhile swimming present. I hope you all have a mers have developed their as I can. Swimmers; I welcome great summer. technique on all four strokes your constructive feedback to and have had a chance to help me provide you with bet- Graham work on sets ranging from ter sessions. short intense 25m sprints through to a timed 1500 set in March. I understand that at- On Mondays this block I’ve tending the early morning ses- been pleased to work with sions is not practical for all Michael MacDonald, we’ve “Whether you swimmers, if you are not nor- come to arrangement where I plan to go abroad or stay at home do stay active this summer so that you are in a good Coaches Report :JC3/Elite/Associates position when you We have said it before but time we have available dur- help evolve both squads. return to the kids in these squads ing each training session. training in the are fantastic! It is always a We have a lot of coaches Have a fantastic holiday, autumn.” pleasure to come on pool- on poolside with each enjoy the typical Aberdeen side and work with them squad but all sessions are weather and if you are go- week in, week out. We real- co-ordinated and there is ing away suffice to say we ise that is difficult for swim- consistency throughout. are insanely jealous. Get in mers to summon the enthu- Saying that the plan at the a pool at some point and siasm for another test set start of the session does keep your fitness up. See or to get up at stupid change very regularly you after the summer holi- o’clock in the morning. But throughout. The sessions we need to make sure we are varied and complex. The days! are summoning this enthu- The number of coaches at Coaching siasm as we get into the this level gives a fantastic pool, so we can get the ab- range of experience and team solute best out of the short coaching styles which really Coaches Report: Development Squad For the past few months, small change in technique from Liz, back in COAST has run a Develop- can make. The improve- our own sessions ment Squad, held every two ment in everyone's stroke at Bridge of Don. weeks at Cults pool, which technique, and streamlin- I learned a lot in a short a group of our JC3 swim- ing, was quite something. space of time, and I'm mers attended. The ses- Well done to our swimmers happy to see the sessions sions were coached by Liz who attended these ses- continuing. They're now on Kemp, and were of huge sions. I was always im- a Monday at Dyce pool. help to all of us. They often pressed with your attitude, Some of the squad at the Ythan meet took a 'back to basics' ap- and it's obvious that you proach, and showed the continue to think about the huge difference that a things you have learned Michael
  6. 6. Page 6 Bridge of Don Inside Story Headline COAST swimmers at first Sunderland Long Course meet among a strong COAST team to Four BODASC swimmers were both the 200 back and the to Sunderland. I couldn’t compete in the first City team to among a strong COAST of 100 butterfly in times of 2.45 believe how long the pool was. Sunderland longfirst City open compete in the course of and 1.24. The main 50m pool had ten meet on 30 & 31 course open Sunderland long May. Alex lanes and there was even a Coldwells, Callum Fowler, Zoe meet on 30 & 31 May. Alex separate seven lane 25m Grant and Grant Murray were Coldwells, Callum Fowler, Zoe swim down pool. When I was all partandthe team that won Grant of Grant Murray were doing my swims I sometimes the part Club award at the all Top of the team that won thought that I would never meet. Club award at the the Top reach the wall”. meet. Alex (12) was placed 4th in the Alex added: The new Sunderland Aquatic Centre 200 front was placed 4th in the Alex (12) crawl with a 2.22; “I really liked the new pool in Callum (13) was with a 2.22; in 200 front crawl placed third Sunderland, it was a great the 200(13) was placed third in Callum i.m. with a 2.35; experience swimming in a Grant (13) was placed fifth in the 200 i.m. with a 2.35; 50m pool and it was right next the 100 breast with a 1.25; in Grant (13) was placed fifth Zoe Grant commented: to the Stadium of Light, Zoe (12) was placed a 1.25; the 100 breast with 5th in Sunderland’s football ground”. both (12)200 back and the “ I really enjoyed my trip down Zoe the was placed 5th in Beta League Results BODASC narrowly lost the Beta Thanks go to all family and coaches who have managed “The League home match against friends who came along to to drive through these superb BODASC Aberdeen Dolphins on 31 May. support the team and really performances. cheered everyone on. relay teams The final result was: Congratulations and well done The final result was: to the following swimmers who were simply BoD 4 points Bon Accord Thistle 2 points recently all took part their first outstanding” Dolphins 6 points meet: BoD 8 points The following week, an away Kirsty Pratt, Tiernan Humphrey match against Aberdeen Bon Accord Thistle saw an out- Cameron Moore, Eilidth Webster The successes achieved standing performance from Yasmin Perry, Bethany Jane throughout the Beta League the 30 strong squad which Taylor, Lisa Morgan, season have been consistently culminated in a fantastic se- good and a credit to our swim- Fraser Emslie and Owen Duffus. ries of relays in which the mers and also the squad really excelled. FINAL BETA LEAGUE MATCH RESULT Scores Points Bon Acc BOD Bon Acc BOD Section 1 – FLY 57 55 2 0 Section 2 – BACK 52 65 0 2 Section 3 – BREAST 50 69 0 2 Section 4 - FREE 44 72 0 2 Section 5 – RELAYS 6 16 0 2 Some of the squad after the Elgin mini meet. TOTAL 209 277 2 8
  7. 7. Summer 2009 Page 7 Contact Mary at the News from the Swim Shop following email: I never realised how much transition time from Lesley and shopping for better work went into organising Beveridge to me Mary deals on swimwear. the swim shop for the club Mitchell as all the stock had equipmentconvenor I will also be holding a sale but in saying that, it is all to get handed over and all at the September Splash so very rewarding to see the the existing orders had to look out for the rails! kids that you have ordered be fulfilled and finished. shirts or hoodies for, jump If anyone has any sugges- Currently I am organising for joy at their own special tions or are willing to help Club Towels and Club Mad- clothing with the club logo in any way, please get in wave swimwear and both with their name on it. Well touch. these notices for orders are worth all the running about up on the notice board. Have a good summer. to keep our kids happy and Please be quick as it is first feel part of something good come first served basis. and worthwhile. Future projects include Mary It has been a very busy white officials polo shirts “Congratulations Swimmers of the Month on your awards and keep up the January March May hard work in JC1 Meggie Williams JC1 Kirsty Cruickshank training” JC1 Ellie Downie JC2 no award JC2 Caroline McIntosh JC2 Tim Ovall JC3 Gemma Morgan JC3 Yvonne Lindie JC3 Hannah Coldwells Elite no award Elite no award Elite Gemma Esslemont February April JCI Carly Main JC1 no award JC2 Rebeka Forzis JC2 Heather Preston JC3 Lauren McIsaac JC3 David Scott Elite Iain Macdonald Elite Stevie Brands Ellis bows out of competition at Ythan meet Ellis Patterson took part in her best performance at Ellis is now turning her her last gala as a competi- this gala, of two gold med- hand to coaching, having tor at the Ythan meet on 16 als in 2008, but was still completed her level 1 May 2009. smiling at the end. coaching certificate in Feb (in the snow) and will take Ellis has swum competi- Over the years, Ellis has her level one teaching cer- tively with the club since enjoyed considerable suc- tificate in October. the age of 9 and so as she cess with the club, being Ellis (centre) turns her attention to coaching approaches her 16th birth- promoted to the JC4 squad Ellis will still swim as an day she decided that this and also was a key member Associate club and can still one would be her last. of the last BOD BETA be seen in her p.j.s arriving league winning team. for 6.00am training on a She was unable to repeat Thursday morning.
  8. 8. Based at Bridge of Don Swimming Pool, a 25 metre pool located at Bridge of Don Academy and Community Educa- tion Centre, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, Scotland. The Club has approximately 100 children, aged from 5 to 20 and takes swimmers from learning to swim stages to com- peting at North District Level. We also feed swimmers in to the City of Aberdeen Swim Team (COAST) which takes swim- mers through to competing at National level. V ISIT OUR WEBSITE: Swimmers with the club have the opportunity to :  Develop their swimming skills  Improve their fitness  Make new friends  Meet friends at regular training sessions Dates for your diary  Swim in friendly local competitions JT Squad training starts again: week com- mencing 10th August 2009  Enjoy organised swimming trips in Scotland, mainly in the North East BODASC September Splash 2009 5th September Bridge of Don Swimming Pool Stop Press: Congratulations to Yvonne Lindie, Cor- Bag Packing - 12th September rine Beveridge, Lauren McIsaac and Paul Esslemont on your winning performances at the North District Development Meet in Banff on 20/21 June and well done to all the other swimmers who got some amaz- ing p.b.s! Success at the Elgin Mini Meet A young squad took part in Throughout the past 6 months the Elgin mini meet (held in we have seen some great indi- Buckie) on 13 June and had vidual swimming performances, some really outstanding of special mention, however, is successes. the success of the BoD Relay In the individual events Paul Teams. Esslemont (3 golds) led the At the Elgin meet the mixed way for the boys, Finlay relay teams really pulled out Deans (1 gold, 3 bronze) amazing performances, with the and Michael Millar (2 silver, 8-9 year olds winning gold in the 1 bronze) also had a good 50 medley and bronze in the 50 day. free relays. The 10-11 year olds were also in two exciting finals For the girls, the younger finishing with a silver in both the members of the squad were brilliant, with Caroline 50 medley and 50 free events. McIntosh (1 silver), Meg Paterson (1 bronze) and “Team Bridge of Don has be- Yasmin Perry (1 bronze). come the team to beat. Well Corrine Beveridge (1 done to all swimmers who have bronze) was also a medal competed throughout the sea- winner. son”.