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Article submitter platinum

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  2. 2. If you are reading this message, you understand the SEO Boosting... Traffic-driving...Link-building power of article marketing. And you have also looked for ways to makesubmitting articles faster and easier. That makes you somewhat of an expert,right? Ok, pop quiz Hotshot...“ Ill Bet You Cant Guess Which Marketer Is Submitting Articles To 210 Directories the Fastest?” Marketer A Marketer B Scroll Down To See If You Picked The Winner... Congratulations if you picked Marketer BYes, the guy teeing off is actually submitting his article to over 210 directorieswhile he plays golf!He is letting the new Article Submitter Platinum do all the work. Over 18months in development, it makes article submission easier than ever before.
  3. 3. Check out what Article Submitter Platinum does for you... Submit your article to 210 article directories withONE click of your mouse! And then go golfing while IT does the work! Blast your article to an additional 165 article directories almost as easy. That makes 374 article directories in total! Focus your time on the things that make you the most money so you can make more of it! Blow Article Submitter and Article Submitter Gold away by submitting 97X faster! And you know they blow every other submitter away already!
  4. 4. And Much, Much More!Ok, talk is cheap. Lets see it in action... Youve got to see it to believe it... (Click PLAY below to watch this baby fly at warp speed!)From Brad CallenSunday, January 13, 2013 Saturday, April 05, 2008Dear IMWishlist Member,There are only 3 ways to get targeted traffic.You buy it, borrow it or create it.Its simple. Buying works, but it costs money. Obviously buying traffic is the last thingwe typically want to do. Why pay when you can get it for free? So what aboutborrowing it...Borrowing traffic can work well. This involves joint ventures, exchanging links andother means of trading traffic for something. Again, we have to give something to getthe traffic.What about creating it?
  5. 5. Targeted traffic is created in 2 ways. First, it comes from organic search engine resultsfor your sites. Second, it comes from "good" backlinks to your site from high trafficsites on the web. Article Submitter Is a Traffic Espresso “Double Shot” — It Blasts Your Organic Search Results & Builds Hundreds of Backlinks!But, dont take my word for it. Listen to Mark Flavin of Unorthodox Traffic and a happyArticle Submitter user has to say... “...Drive Buckets of Traffic To My Sites!” Hey Brad, I totally agree. I have hundreds of articles on & and they drive buckets of traffic to my sites everyday. Mark Flavin unorthodoxtraffic.comAnd heres another satisfied Article Submitter user... “...One of the Best FREE Ways To Guarantee Traffic For High PR Sites!” Hey Brad, Article Submitter is nice and simple to use, which is always a plus. Article directories are one of the best free ways to guarantee traffic for high PR sites. Everyone should use this fantastic piece of software. Traffic is the blood which pumps though your website. Article submitter is a powerful (free) route to making money online.
  6. 6. Many thanks for “making web life easier”! Sincerely, John Adams Honest-HomeBusiness.comNow I realize, you probably already know this stuff or you wouldnt be here. In fact, youprobably already use Article Submitter or Article Submitter Gold.But I had to let you know something...Weve been working day and night for the past year and a half to complete the mostpowerful article submission tool available anywhere, period. Article Submitter Platinum Is Finally Here and It Blows the Doors Off Any Other Article Submission Software... Including My Own!You read that right.The brand new Platinum version of Article Submitter takes article marketing to a wholenew level. The key is in the "One-Click" automatic submission functionality.Whats that, Brad?Platinum has been programmed to do EVERYTHING for you at one click of the mouse.You just enter your article and click to submit it to 210 directories. You can work onsomething else... play golf... anything you want! Platinum does the work so youdont have to.Before I show you how awesome the new Platinum version is... Lets Take a Quick Look At How Article Submitter and Article Submitter Gold Work Their Magic...If you currently use Article Submitter Gold or Article Submitter, bear with me a minute,this wont take long.The Standard and Gold versions allow you to click on each article directory locatedinside the software. The software will then display the specific directory in the lowerframe.
  7. 7. It will then auto-fill each of the submission fields required by each directory, eliminatingyou from manually typing in all of these fields yourself.Next, you would simply scroll down and click the submit button. Then move to the nextdirectory and repeat the process.This is an incredible time saver and the reason Article Submitter is used bynearly40,000 users worldwide!
  8. 8. But You Can Do WAY Better With Article Submitter Platinum and Its “One Click Mass Submission”This is where things really start to get exciting...With Article Submitter Platinum, you simply select all of the directories you wouldlike to submit to and then click "submit" ONCE and BAM! Article Submitter Platinumgoes through all of the directories for you, automatically.If youre really bored, you can kick back and watch it autofill the fields, input therequired captche code, and submit your article as it marches through one directory afteranother.Or you can make it to the course in time for 9 holes... Or whatever it is youd rather bedoing other than sitting in front of your computer.This all happens with ONE mouse click!There is no other tool on the planet that can submit to hundreds of article directorieswith ONE mouse click! Just Compare Article Submitter Platinum To Its“Younger Brothers”... Imagine What This Means For Your Site in Traffic! Quickly & Number of Total Article Recieve Auto-Fill Easily “One- Directories You Regular All Submit To Click” Can Submit To Software Submission Article Submission Updates Fields Directories Article
  9. 9. Directories Article Submitter 0 85 Article Submitter 0 374 Gold Article Submitter Platinum 210 374You know the truth.While submitting articles has been made easier than ever with Article Submitter andArticle Submitter Gold... It can still take a long time to submit to hundreds ofdirectories.And we both know what that means?We dont submit as many articles to as many directories as we should. I know Idont.And neither did this guy until he got “the hook up”... “...Submitted More Articles In the Last 2 hours Than I Have All Month!” Hey Brad, This is an incredible too. Ive submitted more articles in the last 2 hours than Ihave all month. Thanks for over delivering.. Brian StephensonandCompany.comThat is why Article Submitter Platinum is essential for any seriousmarketer. And that is why Im doing what I am right now... Im Cutting Your Investment in Article Submitter
  10. 10. Platinum to The Bone... But Not For Long... And Not For Everyone!This deal is for IMWishlist members only! You know I take care of you and giveyou the sweetest deals. This is one of the best Ive ever offered. Do not hestitate tojump all over this one because...This special will be closed without any notice!If you are here now, get it. Its that simple. I am not kidding about closing this withoutnotice. If youve been with me any amount of time, you know I rarely run specials likethis often.And you should realize that, the increase in targeted traffic you get from justusing it once to auto-submit will pay for your entire investment.You know you need this. Your business needs it to drive traffic like this... “Started Using Articles... It Has Made a Huge Difference!” Brad, I have recently started using articles to direct traffic to our website and it has made a huge difference. I am excited to use this software that will make our job so much easier! Thanks for making it available. Keri Just “Ok Brad, Tell Me About the Special...”Absolutely!Article Submitter Platinum sells everyday for $197 and it is worth every nickel ofthe investment. As I said before, depending on your product, you will make yourinvestment back with one "mass submission".But I promised you an awesome deal.I want a deal that will get you the traffic you need to take your sites to the next level...To take your income to the next level.Thats why Im doing this... For a VERY Limited Time... IMWishList Members can Knock $30 OFF and Get
  11. 11. Article Submitter Platinum for only $197 $167!This deal will end soon and the price will go right back to the original $197 thathundreds have already gladly paid. Get it and save $30 and go out to dinner tonight. Click Here To Save $30 and Get Article Submitter Platinum Today! Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.Wishing you all the best,Brad CallenBryxen Software, Inc.