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The 5 Step Risk Management


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Learn how to set-up a risk management process in your company.
A suitable training or lecturing program for Businesses (CEO), Procurement (CPO) and Supply Chain Managers (SCM), Buyers and Logistic people.

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The 5 Step Risk Management

  1. 1. Roland D’Aubioul © Copyright SLIM 1 The 5 Step Risk Management for Procurement and Supply Chain Roland D’Aubioul SLIM – Senior and Lean Interim Management ltd
  2. 2. “You can manage and limit the consequences of risk not remove…” 2Roland D’Aubioul © Copyright SLIM
  3. 3. 3 Agenda (AM) Draft Morning Session 9h>12h30 (Tea break: 20min) Introduction A look at Global Risks What is Risk & Risk Management ? (Definitions) What are the most optimum costs to redcue Risks? How can we respond (act) to a Risk? How to limit/reduce Risks to “Stay in Business”? The top-10 Business Risks (survey and most underestimated) How the Risk Management process should be run? What are the Business Risks Factors? Case study of A-company Contingency planning and view of “A-company”. Strategy they applied for the individual items of Risk? The 5 Step Risk Management Process Lunchtime : 12h30 till 13h30 Roland D’Aubioul © Copyright SLIM
  4. 4. 4 Agenda (PM) Draft Afternoon Session 13h30>17h30 (Tea break of 20min) The 5 Step Risk Management Process (Cont’d) How to define the Risk Matrix and assign a Risk Rating? What kind of response strategy to apply for each Risk Category? Successful Risk Management, what does it contain? Specific Supplier Risk Management and Assessment tools. Case study: From B Company The “Supplier Risk Assessment” Tool (SRA) What are the different Criteria they focuses on How to use this SRA tool? Review example of an SRA tool completely worked-out. Q&A Roland D’Aubioul © Copyright SLIM
  5. 5. Procurement Risk map Source: Survey Risk management in Procurement (Brainnet) Roland D’Aubioul © Copyright SLIM 5
  6. 6. 6 Procurement’s 3th major skill  Generate Value and Profit  Buying of Innovations  Manage Risks Roland D’Aubioul © Copyright SLIM
  7. 7. The 5 step Risk Management process 7 1. Identify risks Step 1 3. Identify countermeasures Step 3 4. Implement countermeasures Step 4 5. Monitor and Review Step 5 2. Quantify risks Step 2 (Likelihood + Impact) 1 – 5 Risk Assessment & Formal Audits Roland D’Aubioul © Copyright SLIM
  8. 8. 9 “A good risk management process is an essential part of being in business." Roland D’Aubioul © Copyright SLIM
  9. 9. Thank You for your attention See you soon! Strategic Purchasing and Supply Outsourcing and Operations Efficiency and Cost Improvements Consultancy and Trainings Roland D’Aubioul 10Roland D’Aubioul © Copyright SLIM