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Introduction to digital marketing strategies


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Implementing Internet marketing tactics, social media

Published in: Marketing
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Introduction to digital marketing strategies

  2. 2. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 2 Rokhaya BARRY Founder of ROKBARRY CREATIONS & SERVICES @RokBarry
  3. 3. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 3 INTERNET IN THE WORLD France ranks at the third place with 43 millions of unique visitors, behind Germany (52.4 million) and ahead of the United Kingdom (39.4)
  4. 4. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 4 Definition E-marketing is the process of marketing a brand via electronic media and more specifically the Internet by using a range of technologies (websites, e-mailing, mailing lists, newsgroups, partnerships, links, online surveys...) to help connect businesses to their customers. WHY E-MARKETING IS IMPORTANT?
  5. 5. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 5 E-MARKETING FOR WHAT PURPOSE? Objectives Visibility Traffic Audience Popularity
  6. 6. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 6 INTRODUCTION TO E-MARKETING TECHNIQUES Email marketing Search Engine marketing Online advertising Affiliate marketing Social Internet Viral marketing Web press release
  7. 7. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 7 EMAIL MARKETING: APPLICATION Steps to executing an email campaign
  8. 8. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 8 EMAIL MARKETING: HOW IT WORKS? Promotional emails aim at an immediate goal from customers. This might be for: Downloading a whitepaper Making a purchase Requesting further information Etc..
  9. 9. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 9 EMAIL MARKETING: HOW IT WORKS? Retention based emails also referred to as newsletters tend to focus on longer term goals. Key performance indicators (KPIs) include: Return on investment Click-through rate Open rate
  10. 10. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 10 EMAIL MARKETING: PROS & CONS Pros Email marketing is cost effective Results highly measurable Cons Possibility for email to be marked as spam Email database relevancy
  11. 11. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 11 SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM) Definition Refers to web content optimization to ensure visibility on the first page of search engine results SEM Search Engine Opitmization (SEO) Pay Per Click (PPC) PROs PROs Long term ROI Quick low cost setup More exposure, branding and awareness Highly measurable and trackable CONs CONs Tough to quantify Tend to be expensive Results can take a while to be seen Constant monitoring required
  12. 12. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 12 SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM) Search engine optimization + Pay per click advertising = Search engine marketing that correspond to the two types of search results
  13. 13. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 13 ONLINE ADVERTISING: FIGURES After the television, Internet is the second largest media in terms of advertising investment followed by news papers. *Source : zenithOptimedia
  14. 14. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 14 ONLINE ADVERTISING: OBJECTIVE Online or offline advertising aims at: Informing consumers Building brand awareness Creating consumer demand Driving response and sales
  15. 15. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 15 ONLINE ADVERTISING: DISADVANTES Constraints include: A lot of display advertising is intrusive which might cause technical obstacles Advertising fatigue: consumers are getting saturated from advertising Ad blockers: most browsers are now equipped of ad blockers which block directly advertising on web pages
  16. 16. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 16 AFFILIATE MARKETING: PROCESS It works in 3 steps: An affiliate refers potential customers to a merchant’s web site Some of those customers perform a desired action. The merchant rewards the affiliate for each desired action resulting from the affiliate’s referral.
  17. 17. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 17 AFFILIATE MARKETING: EXAMPLE The way affiliates promote merchants website: Personal websites and niche site Emailing lists Etc
  18. 18. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 18 SOCIAL INTERNET: MEDIA & SOCIAL NETWORKING Creating and sharing content via social media Connecting with communities of people via social networks
  19. 19. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 19 SOCIAL MEDIA: EXAMPLE OF A BLOG Allow to share opinion, skills, expertise or create an online identity Blog content can be part of the company SEO process
  20. 20. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 20 SOCIAL MEDIA: EXAMPLE OF YOUTUBE Website which allows users to upload, view and share videos with the rest of the connected world.
  21. 21. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 21 SOCIAL NETWORK: EXAMPLE OF TWITTER Define clearly its objective and strategy either for a professional or personal account to: Create a voice for yourself or your company Ensure your business / brand development Gain more visibility & create a community
  22. 22. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 22 SOCIAL NETWORK: EXAMPLE OF LINKEDIN Through that social network users can create their personal profile allowing for: Expand its professional network Interact with its connections Find a job Etc..
  23. 23. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 23 SOCIAL INTERNET: ADVANTAGES Networking without borders by accessing a community with similar interest Opportunity to create an online community for your brand Interaction and engagement with target audience Social media’s potential to go viral
  24. 24. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 24 VIRAL MARKETING: HOW IT WORKS? Definition Marketing techniques that use electronic means (eg: social networks) to increase brand awareness or produce marketing buzz through self-replicating viral processes.
  25. 25. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 25 VIRAL MARKETING: PROCESS Viral marketing contributes to buzz marketing. It can be: Word of mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the internet
  26. 26. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 26 WEB PRESS RELEASE WebPR is used to connect with customers and enhance brand awareness by providing information and valuable content
  27. 27. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 27 WEB PRESS RELEASE: TACTICS Online article syndication is one of WebPR’s principal and most successful tactics. Articles are submitted to online article directories, from where they are picked up and republished on other site. Example of directories: Etc..
  28. 28. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 28 WEB PRESS RELEASE Illustration Anchor text with back link
  29. 29. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 29 E-REPUTATION: ONLINE IMAGE MANAGEMENT Monitor and analyze its brand reputation using tools of the internet
  30. 30. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 30 E-MARKETING STRATEGY: PLAN DEVELOPMENT Know the company landscape allow to set up digital marketing strategies and tactics that fit with customers needs Market analysis determining strengths & weaknesses Identifying & setting up of marketing objectives Generate strategies & tactics for achieving objectives Evaluate strategies following SWOT* method Implement, track, analyze and optimize
  31. 31. 02/11/13 Documents Owner : 31 FINAL WORDS: REFERENCES Always define offline and online strategies which complement each other while focusing a customer-centric approach. More about the subject: Books Internet Marketing: Integrating Online and Offline Strategies 3e édition - M.Roberts et D.Zahay SEO Warrior – J.Jerkovic (edition o'reilly) Sites