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My Brother's Peculiar chicken

My Brother's Peculiar chicken
by Alejandro Roces
Story Board/ Story Telling
Elements of a short story
Philippine Literature

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My Brother's Peculiar chicken

  1. 1. Short Story
  2. 2. Unlocking Difficulties peculiar unusual, strange or unique crowed to give the loud shrill cry of a rooster an enclosed place where cockfights are held cockpit quiver a tremble or tremor A rooster bred for fighting gamecock squawked to utter a loud, harsh cry; As to when frightened
  3. 3. My Brother’s Peculiar Chicken Alejandro R. Roces 1950
  4. 4. CHARACTERS Father Mother Kiko Alejandro Village Chief Mr. Cruz
  5. 5. My brother Kiko once had a very peculiar chicken….
  6. 6. AlejandroKiko
  7. 7. When and where it all started…
  8. 8. SHOO!!! One early morning at the cornfield
  9. 9. Look at the rooster fight. Why, If I had a rooster like that I could get rich in cockpits. Let’s go catch it
  10. 10. Tiktilaoook!!
  11. 11. Binab ae It is a hen It is not a hen It is not It is
  12. 12. Binal ake
  13. 13. I know who can settle this question.
  14. 14. Chief of the village Oldest Man of the Village
  15. 15. Chief No, that could not be a chicken. I have never seen a chicken like that. It must a be a bird of some other kind.
  16. 16. Well, what should we do now? I know what
  17. 17. Studied Poultry Raising in UP The Poultry Owner Mr. Eduardo Cruz
  18. 18. Mr. Cruz I couldn’t tell in one look. I have never run across a chicken like this before
  19. 19. I know how I can prove to you that this is a rooster.…
  20. 20. Cockpit
  21. 21. Something warm and round…
  22. 22. Elements of Fiction
  23. 23. 1. SETTING Time: Early morning Place: Village
  24. 24. 2. CHARACTERS Kiko – Alejandro's brother. (Protagonist) Alejandro - Speaker and Kiko's brother (Protagonist) Mother - Mother of Kiko and Alejandro (Flat Character) Father - Father of Kiko and Alejandro (Flat Character) Chief of the Village - Oldest man / (Flat Character) Mr. Eduardo Cruz - Poultry owner (Flat Character)
  25. 25. 3. PLOT Parts of the Plot: a. Exposition – Kiko and Alejandro went to the cornfield. As they were driving the chickens away they suddenly heard a rapid flapping of wings. They turned in the direction of the sound and saw two chickens fighting at the far end of the field. Kiko went to catch the chickens but he only caught one.
  26. 26. 3. PLOT b. Complication They couldn’t tell whether the chicken is a hen or a rooster. c. Crisis They began to ask their mother and father, even the people on their village like the chief of the village and Mr. Cruz. But all of them couldn't tell whether it's a hen or a rooster. In the end Kiko and Alejandro resolved to take the chicken to the cockpit.
  27. 27. d. Climax They had decided to test the chicken in a cockfight and matched it with the red rooster, which is known to be a killer. Alejandro expected their chicken to die of fright. When the match began, a lovesick expression came into the red rooster’s eyes then it did a love dance. The chicken eventually stabbed the red rooster with the spurs. 3. PLOT
  28. 28. 3. PLOT e. Denouement The fight was over; their chicken won and a riot began among people. Alejandro was already convinced that the chicken is a rooster. After a while, the chicken began to quiver then something round and warm dropped on to his hand. It was an egg.
  29. 29. 4. POINT OF VIEW FIRST PERSON - The one who is telling story is Alejandro, the writer himself.
  30. 30. 5. THEME  Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceive many You can’t always expect others to agree with you, because they also have their own views.
  31. 31. 6. IMAGES  They were lunging on each other on the whirlwind of feather and dust.  We heard the rapid flapping of wings.  A lovesick expression came into the red rooster’s eye.  It rushed at the red rooster with its neck feathers flaring.  The chicken began to quiver. It stood up in my arms and cackled with laughter.  Something warm and round dropped in my hand.
  32. 32. 7. SYMBOLS  Texas Chicken vs. Native Chicken- Shows the mind-set of our people about the inferiority of our race from the other races

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My Brother's Peculiar chicken by Alejandro Roces Story Board/ Story Telling Elements of a short story Philippine Literature


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