Explore the Art of the Possible - Light Machinery Manufacturers


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Learn how you can add new services and software to your portfolio with embedding technologies from SAP. Provide additional services for your customers and drive incremental revenues.

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Explore the Art of the Possible - Light Machinery Manufacturers

  1. 1. Explore the Art of the Possible Discover how your company can create new business value through a co-innovation partnership with SAP
  2. 2. Innovate to Differentiate How SAP technology innovations can help your company develop new business models and new revenue streams Powerful forces are driving change across the manufacturing industry. The “Internet of Things” – where smart devices, smart assets, machines and people are all interconnected – is generating massive volumes of potentially valuable data. The ability to establish ecosystem networks on a standard business platform is creating new customer value and new sources of competitive advantage. The development of new business models and revenue streams is accelerating the trend from ownership to consumption of machines, equipment, and components. And the rise of the millennial generation in the workforce is speeding the consumerization of information technology. Together these forces are defining the technology of a future rich with business opportunities. With the latest SAP innovations in analytics, mobile, and databases – powered by the SAP HANA® platform – you can embed exciting new ready-made functionality in your products to: • Increase product revenue • Develop new service-based business models • Enhance software development efficiency • Create greater competitive differentiation • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty 50 billion Connected devices globally by 2020 Source: Economist Intelligence Unit: Rise of the Machines, 2012 Browse this e-book to discover how a co-innovation partnership with SAP could help you redefine, rethink and reinvent your business and create new value in ways you never thought possible.
  3. 3. Seize New Opportunities How co-innovating with SAP can help your company take advantage of emerging business opportunities Technology innovations from SAP can help your company: As the pressure on manufacturers’ margins builds and competition intensifies, it’s getting tougher for companies to squeeze more cost efficiencies out of the business. Instead, the focus should switch to innovation and growth. You need to find new ways to unlock business value for your customers, develop new and more profitable revenue streams, and create new business models – and be able to take advantage of these emerging business opportunities quicker than your competitors. Sense, Predict and Act Leverage massive volumes of machine-generated data (Big Data) to deliver sophisticated insights and real-time decisions and enable new service-based business models to enhance customer service and drive incremental revenue.
  4. 4. Sense, Predict, and Act Leverage the power of your company’s Big Data to increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve service The exponential growth of equipment-generated data presents a massive opportunity for manufacturers of all types of industrial machinery and components. The key to success is the ability to turn Big Data into real-time insights – yet traditional technologies simply cannot handle these large data volumes at the speed you need. Innovative SAP technologies, such as in-memory processing, enable you to capture, manage, access, and analyze data at unprecedented levels and speeds. As a result, you can move to a more proactive “sense, predict, and act” approach that enables you to predict possible events and outcomes and act in real time or ahead of potential problems. Embedding advanced SAP technology enables you to add value to your products and services in a number of ways: Predictive maintenance Upgrading your monitoring or telemetry systems with SAP HANA enables you to analyze a continuous stream of machine data and predict when the performance of machinery is degrading to undertake preventive maintenance and avoid potential downtime or machine failure. Asset tracking Track your high-value assets and identify abnormal behavior that may put the assets at risk of loss, or identify inefficient usage patterns that may be costing your customer money. Field service mobility Develop a portfolio of mobile apps and make them available anywhere, anytime and on any type of mobile device to empower your field force and enhance productivity and employee safety. New service models Accurate monitoring and powerful analytics enable you to anticipate a machine’s maintenance requirements and act swiftly, enhancing your service quality to boost customer loyalty and increase profitability.
  5. 5. Innovate with SAP The key SAP technologies that can help your company leverage Big Data to drive product and service improvements Real-Time Data Platform SAP HANA, an in-memory computing platform, enables large volumes of nonaggregated data from monitoring and telemetry systems and other sources to be analyzed in real time at unprecedented speeds to deliver rapid insights and support more effective decision making. Mobile Giving maintenance technicians and other employees anytime, anywhere access to the information they need to do their jobs can increase productivity and improve safety – as well as prolong the life of valuable assets by improving their reliability and performance. Analytics Analytics applications from SAP can help you unleash the power of your Big Data by delivering instant insights, agile visualizations, and advanced predictive analytics to users on any device or platform, from virtually any database. Cloud The SAP Cloud portfolio delivers flexibility, choice, and control. You can extend your existing environment to unlock new levels of agility and performance by leveraging the right mix of secure, high-performance cloud, hosted, and on- premise technology for your business. Solutions in scope – helping you innovate and grow • SAP HANA • SAP® InfiniteInsight® software • SAP® BusinessObjects™ business intelligence solutions • SAP Data Integrator software • SAP SQL Anywhere® solutions • SAP IQ software • SAP Adaptive Server® Enterprise • SAP Replication Server® • SAP Event Stream Processor
  6. 6. Turn Your Big Data into Big Business How SAP technology can help you harness the power of your Big Data to increase revenues and reduce costs View solution brief › Sense, Predict, and Act The benefits at a glance of leveraging your Big Data to create new business value View infographic › Innovation in Action Find out more about how your company can turn Big Data into new business value
  7. 7. Sense, Predict, and Act Innovative SAP technologies can help your company turn Big Data into real-time insights to enable: • Increased product and software revenues • Greater competitive differentiation • New service business models • Higher machine efficiency and availability • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty • More efficient software development Benefits at a Glance How your company could benefit from a co-innovation partnership with SAP for Big Data Why co-innovate with SAP? SAP is at the heart of today’s technology driven revolution, turning innovation into practical solutions designed to help our digitally connected and socially networked world run better. Here are just a few reasons why SAP is the right choice as a co-innovation partner for your organization: • Strong position as an industry leader and innovator • Breakthrough innovation without disruption • Reinvention of the cloud and database markets • Local and global support and services • Extensive global partner ecosystem
  8. 8. Imagine. Create. Innovate. Explore the art of the possible with SAP Design Thinking Workshop Go beyond discussing systems, corporate goals and processes and focus instead on what really matters: understanding your customers. Design thinking with SAP can help your company: • Rethink existing problems to identify innovation opportunities • Prioritize initiative objectives and budgets based on customer value • Visualize the benefits new technologies can bring to your business Explore the art of the possible with SAP and apply for a Design Thinking workshop today. Apply today › Innovation Workshop If your company is already developing initiatives to leverage Big Data captured by sensors, we can organize an Innovation Workshop to help you understand how SAP solutions could add value to your strategy. A typical Innovation Workshop would cover: • Articulating your Internet of Things or machine-to- machine (M2M) strategy • Showing real life examples of how SAP is already helping partners and customers innovate in this area • Participating in a brainstorming discussion Accelerate your Big Data projects with SAP and apply for an Innovation Workshop today. Apply today ›
  9. 9. Email us › Visit our Web site › Read our blogs › Watch our YouTube channel › Join our LinkedIn group › Follow us on Twitter › Experience SAP HANA › Get In Touch Contact us today Next Steps Partner with SAP I hope this e-book has given you a taste of how a co-innovation partnership with SAP could help your company leverage the power of Big Data to unlock business value for your customers, develop new and more profitable revenue streams, and create new business models. If you would like any further information, please visit our Web site or get in touch.
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