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world-class software solutions that solve com-           Nielsen Media Research                              plex problems...
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SAP Innovation Presents New Opportunities


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Making Way for New Innovations
Companies realize they need to incorporate new technologies into their core enterprise offerings, but are not always sure how. And customers are now asking SAP for help to address these needs. SAP, as a customer-centric organization, is engaging with these customers and providing them with the technologies and platforms they need to help their customers run more effectively and efficiently.

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SAP Innovation Presents New Opportunities

  1. 1. Innovations SPOTLIGHT ARTICLE This article appeared in the Oct Nov Dec 2012 issue of n n SAPinsider ( and appears here with permission from the publisher, WIS Publishing. Opening New Doors: SAP Innovation Presents New Opportunities How SAP’s Embedded Solutions and OEM Platforms Can Enhance Your Business and Product Offerings by Kevin Ichhpurani, SAP A revolution is underway. It is a consumer revo- We help our customers turn innovation into lution that is reshaping the entire landscape, and practical solutions designed to enable them and it is being led by billions of individuals and busi- their respective customers to run better. SAP ness consumers everywhere, including both the enhances our customers’ and partners’ businesses world’s established and just-emerging purchasing with unprecedented access to our technology and earning classes. Right now: and solution platforms. As a strategic platform enabler, SAP is opening new doors of opportu- ■■ More people own mobile phones than nity for our customers and partners so enterprises toothbrushes. can capitalize on big data, business analytics, the ■■ If you are 18 to 24, you are far more likely to cloud, social computing, mobility, and machine- have a smartphone than a job. to-machine solutions.Kevin Ichhpurani (kevin. ■■ There are already 3 billion social media isSenior Vice President of files online, soon to surpass the number Making Way for New InnovationsGlobal Ecosystem and Market of email accounts. Companies realize they need to incorporateDevelopment where he is new technologies into their core enterpriseresponsible for leading SAP’s ■■ In the US alone, companies store enough dataecosystem innovation and offerings, but are not always sure how. And cus- each year to fill 10,000 Libraries of development and tomers are now asking SAP for help to addressOEM sales globally. Previously, Cycles of innovation are also telescoping. Inno- these needs. SAP, as a customer-centric organi-Kevin was Senior Vice Presi-dent of Corporate Business vation cycles that used to take five years have zation, is engaging with these customers andDevelopment at SAP where now telescoped to 15-month cycles. The trends providing them with the technologies and plat-he led the development of all of mobility and consumerization are hitting forms they need to help their customers runstrategic partnerships and theSAP NetWeaver equity fund. enterprises hard and fast. Inspired executives more effectively and efficiently. For 40 years,Prior to SAP, Kevin spent and enterprises are reinventing their business SAP has helped businesses run better through15 years in the technology models and rethinking their consumer experi-sector in executive roles span-ning sales management in ences. Most are using technology to accelerateenterprise software, mergers their competitive gains, creating tremendousand acquisitions, corporatefinance and investment value for their customers. In these times of seis- SAP is at the epicenter of today’sbanking, and venture capital. mic change, there is also a huge opportunity forKevin also holds an MBA technology-driven revolution, helping us all: the opportunity to power the economyfrom the Kellogg School ofManagement. while empowering society. Leading businesses our customers turn innovation into have the chance to spur widespread productivity practical solutions to enable them and and growth, far beyond the boundaries of the tra- ditional enterprise. And SAP is at the epicenter of their respective customers to run better. today’s technology-driven revolution. Subscribe today. Visit
  2. 2. world-class software solutions that solve com- Nielsen Media Research plex problems to help invent, commercialize, Nielsen Media Research considers data a high and mainstream the products and services of priority. The data this company collects governs the global economy. From modest beginnings, the $65 billion TV advertising industry. When we have grown into the world’s largest pro- demand grew for more timely and detailed infor- vider of business software. Our solutions help mation, Nielsen partnered with SAP to build an customers optimize the use of resources, inno- online data warehouse so clients could rapidly vate for growth, and inspire people to be their access and query its vast data store on an ad hoc best. For SAP and its customers, the future is basis. “Our clients want more powerful analytical one of continual reinvention, relentless innova- applications and ever more detailed amounts of tion, and unlimited opportunity. information. For our audience data warehouse, Today, companies across a wide range of SAP Sybase IQ is the right technology,” says Kim industries — not just software vendors — are Ross, CIO of Nielsen Media Research. taking advantage of these opportunities by embedding the latest SAP technologies within Ventyx (Mincom) their own offerings. High-tech companies, con- Ventyx (Mincom) provides enterprise asset man- sumer products manufacturers, medical device agement solutions and services to customers in a manufacturers, and machine-to-machine solu- variety of asset-intensive industries. Embedding tion providers are leveraging new and innova- SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) tive ways to grow their businesses and deliver solutions into Ventyx (Mincom) offerings has additional value to their end customers. Let’s given its customers the ability to further optimize look at some examples. their asset performance for improved efficiency and reduced asset downtimes. Real-World Examples of How SAP’s Embedded Solutions and Logica OEM Platforms Enable Innovation Billing is a hot topic right now as clients in tele- Every company is different and each must deal communications, utilities, transportation, and with unique operating and customer require- logistics organizations struggle to solve their bill- ments. SAP is positioned to give customers the ing and compensation challenges involving mass flexibility they seek in leveraging their embed- data collection (via machine-to-machine data ded solutions and original equipment manufac- transfers), transactional volumes, and varying tar- turer (OEM) platforms — in iffs. Logica — a business and technology service the way that makes the most company employing 41,000 people — teamedFor SAP and its customers, the sense for their business. up with SAP, Software AG, and DigitalRoute to embed SAP Convergent Charging and develop afuture is one of continual McLaren Racing mass data billing system to support its customers.reinvention, relentless innovation, McLaren Racing has been Available via a multi-tenant, software-as-a-service using the SAP HANA plat- (SaaS) platform, the system removes the need forand unlimited opportunity. form to increase the speed multiple billing systems while delivering the flex- with which it can aggregate ibility necessary for organizations to develop new and analyze data from the various components revenue streams without incurring painful over- on its race cars to make better decisions during hauls to legacy IT landscapes. races. As McLaren diversifies its business, its elec- tronic systems — which include telemetry, mod- CSC eling, and real-time simulation capabilities — are To simplify the legal billing process, reduce being used widely in other areas, such as helping litigation costs, and improve return on invest- Olympic athletes hone their performance and ment, IT consulting firm CSC offers the end-to- optimizing the traffic flow in rapid transit systems end legal process management tool, CSC Legal in the US. The company plans to use SAP inno- Solution Suite (LSS). And to bolster the suite’s vations to augment the competitive advantage it reporting functionality, CSC added embedded provides across these various areas. SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions. Subscribe today. Visit
  3. 3. Quorum Intelligent Hospital Systems Quorum, a leading provider of business and infor- Developed by Intelligent Hospital Systems, mation technology solutions for the oil, gas, and Robotic Intravenous Automation (RIVA), is the renewable energy industry, has given oil and gas first combination of software, robotics, and engi- companies the ability to get a consolidated view neering to reduce errors made during manual IV of their business information, from anywhere at preparation processes in hospitals. Powered by any time. By leveraging SAP BusinessObjects BI SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, RIVA combats the ris- solutions, Quorum was able to bring innovative ing rate of medication errors and reduces the great dashboards and mobile solutions to the oil and potential for patient harm through the use of gas market. The company’s new solution, Quo- cutting-edge technology. “Intelligent Hospital Sys- rum Insight, gives clients visibility into their busi- tems chose SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere because ness activities and key performance indicators, it is ideally suited for an embedded application while meeting their demand for mobility. due to its low overhead and small footprint,” says SAP Is Your Partner for Business Innovation: Executive Views SAP firmly believes the convergence of big data, mobility, cloud computing, machine-to- machine communications, and social data represents unprecedented opportunity for our customers. That belief starts at the very top of our organization. Here are some examples of how SAP executives see these opportunities.Today, companies “Social media, big data, cloud, and mobility are disrupting businesses today and fun-across a wide range damentally changing how we communicate and how businesses interact. As the needof industries — not for change is increasing, innovation cycles are decreasing from years to mere months. In response, our customers, and their customers, need to quickly innovate existing busi-just software vendors ness models and rethink consumer experiences. Simply said: You must run better. SAP is— are embedding the extremely well-positioned to lead you — and your customers — through this transforma- tion journey. We are your partner for business innovation and can help you turn theselatest SAP technolo- disruptions into massive opportunities.”gies within their own — Robert Enslin, President, Global Customer Operations and Globalofferings. Managing Board, SAP “Mobility is sweeping across the enterprise. The emergence of machine-to-machine com- munications — also known as the “Internet of Things” — requires security, messaging plat- forms, applications, integration, analytics, and more. SAP is out in front of these trends and is delivering the industry’s most comprehensive set of mobile platforms and solutions, enabling you to secure and transform your customer’s mobile enterprise.” — Sanjay Poonen, President, Corporate Officer, Technology Solutions and Mobile Division, SAP “Everyone’s talking about the explosion of big data, but SAP is getting past all the hype to help your customers respond to the signals in that data to capture real business value. Game-changing innovations like SAP HANA are not just faster, better, and cheaper — they can give your customers a platform to innovate and understand their end customers’ full social context. With SAP big data technology, you can help your customers truly know their end customers across all channels and interaction points to understand buying behaviors, spend, key influencers, and revenue opportunities.” — Steve Lucas, Global Executive Vice President and General Manager, Database and Technology, SAP Subscribe today. Visit
  4. 4. What’s Available to You SAP’s embedded solutions and OEM platforms can help you deliver new customer value across the following areas: Applications Analytics Cloud Mobile Database and Technology Thom Doherty, Chief Technical Officer at Intel- the lives of millions of people around the world ligent Hospital Systems. “Partnering with Sybase who are eager to join the innovation revolution.SAP’s embedded (an SAP company) has allowed us to focus on pro- Partners and the ecosystem have long beensolutions and OEM viding our customers with an exceptional solution. an integral part of SAP’s strategy. That’s why we SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere provides the reliability team up with thousands of partners and millionsplatforms provide SAP and high availability that RIVA requires.” of community members to bring unrivaled valuecustomers and partners to our 200,000 customers around the world. This Flexible Options, Extraordinary Results level of flexibility, simplicity, and reliability allowswith the flexibility to SAP’s embedded solutions and OEM platforms our customers to focus more on their own uniqueengage with SAP in the provide SAP customers and partners with the offerings and innovations and worry less aboutbest way possible, with flexibility to engage with SAP in the best way developing the solutions required to deliver possible, with the most convenient go-to-market those innovations.the most convenient strategy that makes the most sense for them. To learn more about how to take advantagego-to-market strategy In fact, to make it even easier for companies of the SAP program for OEM partners, visit to work with us, we have streamlined the licens- makes the most ing and contracting process and enabled com- partnership/development.epx, or reach out tosense for them. panies to access our best-in-class solutions both any of the contacts below. on site and in the cloud. As one of the top 100 brands in the world, SAP is truly focused on North America: enabling customers to leverage our technology Roy Satterthwaite ( and brand to help our partners and customers +1 877-727-1127 ext. 10104 run better. In a better-run world, the best-run enterprises Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA): are delivering not only business value but also Edgar Jager ( generative value — expanding opportunities for themselves while also improving the lives of their customers and communities. They are agile, Latin America and Caribbean: adaptable, and fully engaged with their custom- Robson Delfiol ( ers, employees, and business partners. They are ready to adapt to change through new business Asia, Pacific, and Japan (APJ): models and employee empowerment. John Stark ( Embedding SAP’s solutions and technology means that we can all be more confident than ever that by working together, we can not only help your company run better, but can improve n Subscribe today. Visit